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What I've Gone Through
Don’t you ever feel insecure? Don’t you ever feel like your worthless? Will I ever find some sort of cure? Will I survive this feeling of hopelessness? There are ghosts in the shadows You got me with your many blows Felt low, but want to feel high again Blissfully, I count to ten One, two, three Gleefully, I flee Four, five, six My heart needs a fix Seven, eight, nine Your words are like sugar and wine And lastly, ten… Here it goes again and again and again Ah, believe it or not, I’m not convinced by anything you say to me You are the one I sought Now, I don’t even know anymore, you see? Consumed by the flames of yesterday It’s amazing how you move me today But, you can’t love the unlovable Either can you fix the unbreakable Take a deep breath and dive into me Purge out the wretched sorrow Break away from the thoughts of set me free Fighting the urge to let go of tomorrow Building the courage to say goodbye Don’t cry for my absence and everything in between Promises of your arrival got me happy I can’t deny Don’t fly away from my grasp…how come you’re so mean? I can’t save you from yourself for long I will not be your rescuer You’ve wronged me…now, I long to belong I will not be here forever You keep on yearning for my attention You keep on clinging on to me like some insect I have nothing to do with your intervention What about you start earning back my respect? It was a mistake to leave you behind I’m fed up with the thought of losing you once more You’re a treasure that I cannot find I’m bred with the muse of nevermore…nevermore… I don’t care if it burns me so I want you and I need you somewhat I don’t mind if you steal the show I’m going to still go by my gut Stop corrupting my headstrong mindset with your hatred You leave blemishes of shackled glory upon my head Breathless and speechless, but I got to let you know That you got me hypnotized by the rhythm and tune of reaping what you sow Am I the only one that is trapped in temptation’s hold? Am I the only one that must stand up and be bold? Why do you love the hated and hate the loved? I thought you were called the precious beloved? The comfort zone you find so comforting is now gone You’re all alone, but not on your own…you’ll be honed The ringing phone in your hand has been ignored and so on I bet this future date we’re having is going to be post-poned Did you notice me, echoing your name of empathy? Did you hear me, hiding my shame of unspoken vanity? I guess you’ll move on like the rest of them did I suppose I have more farewells and see-ya-laters to bid Still, I can’t hide from the truth behind the lies Will you support me, even though hardships take its toll? My soul lifts from the ground below me – I still hear its cries Adoring you is killing me, but I feel alive in your arms as a whole I’m unprepared to meet my fate The future is bringing up the past Practically, I feel like I’m too late Hey, at least our hopes are vast Ten, nine, eight Weighed down by this woeful weight Seven, six, five I will survive…I’m alive…like bees in a hive Four, three, two Who knew you’d be out of reach too One, zero, negative one I am not going to be led astray by no one Someone like you… Somebody that is of rue… You haven’t a clue… Of a single thing I’ve gone through!
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