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Long For teens Poems

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Premium Member Chapter 83 -- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY: Teenager invaders misbehavior
Late evening March 2045

The Teenagers were adventurous 
They were venturing.  DJ and 
Damali Trech were both 18 years 
Old. The Copy Cat Club was the
Place to  be for teens.  It mostly 

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Categories: for teens, confidence, courage, emotions, father daughter, father son,
Form: Alliteration

Territory Trample

Headlights messaged through midnight windows 
Curtainless glass unable to subdue the urgency 
Car obtained in street nearby was theirs temporarily
Three hour drive to ship leaving island next morning

Two sixteen year old girls barely registered surprise...

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Categories: 11th grade, change, conflict, for teens, journey,
Form: Bio
Premium Member I Barely Know These People
We carry our phones now.
We call them I-phones.
Not sure if this is because we are Internet-aware
Or simply I’s instead of We’s now.
It’s time to exchange mine for a newer model;
Happens every two years.
How many contacts...

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Categories: for teens, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Narrative
by Michael R. Burch

The hazy, smoke-filled skies of summer I remember well;
farewell was on my mind, and the thoughts that I can't tell
rang bells within (the din was in) my mind, and I can't say

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Categories: boy, boyfriend, first love, for teens, teen,
Form: Verse
As a child I knew life wasn’t perfect, 
 had to survive most day 
a lot of things I went through I didn’t deserve it!

Held a lot of people down when it wasn’t even worth...

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Categories: abuse, anger, emotions, family, for teens,
Form: Rhyme

Affect Of Breakup In Relations And Children's Life- Christen Kuikoua
In life Relationship, 
Useless Battle Between Couples 
Must be avoided
Because there is no need for negative energy 
In the midst of Love
My Bible say love cares
Love protects, Love put a smile on faces
Love forgives &...

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Categories: anger, confusion, divorce, for teens, future, inspiration,
Form: Free verse
My Final Echo
My Final Echo

I am letting go, I am giving up on you, us, the future…
I hope you won’t feel like I’m depriving you the chance to voice out your opinions 
I trust and have faith...

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Categories: for teens, 10th grade, best friend, betrayal, break up,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Getting Her Goat
There once was a young lass 
Who wanted some quick cash, 
And one Sunday she did pray at mass 
With God’s answer was ‘this surely will pass’. 

Not knowing what to say  
She left...

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Categories: 10th grade, atheist, for teens, god, high
Form: Rhyme
Witch hunt
“I never said “no”, or tried to fight back,?and I never spoke up about the attack.?But I never said “yes”, or chose to undress,?and I never did think it was safe to confess ?his filthy...

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Categories: for teens, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, child
Form: Lyric
a person aged from 13 to 19 years.
I am, no longer twelve
adolescence I am youth
Adolescence and I am in a transitional stage
I am a young person
Why? Is everyone always telling me what to do
I'm a...

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Categories: childhood, for teens,
Form: Dramatic Verse
This world is a terrifying place
So many crimes
That goes on 
As we go about our day 
We lay in sun as they lay in their grave
No one deserves that fate 
The remorse comes about...

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Categories: abuse, children, death, for teens, lost, truth,
Form: Free verse
A poem on the little squirrel: English and Hindi

A poem on the little squirrel – In English and Hindi 
My dear sweet kids & children
See how many good things
Squirrels teaches us silently 
It teaches -how to skip and dance on trees 
Be seeing...

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Categories: children, kids, for teens,
Form: Free verse
After the party
After the party there is a sense of lonesomeness that even a constantly distracted soul like me cannot escape.
It finally hits me that really I am not okay, that life is not my favorite thing...

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Categories: allusion, anxiety, confusion, endurance, feelings, for teens,
Form: Free verse
Oh life
Oh life!
I was on a ride of life,
going happily 
around the beautiful world!
I had everything...
but then this dark hooded figure,
knocked on my door...
I am not the same anymore
because I now have everything but honestly nothing....

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Categories: depression, for teens,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Halloween's Song
Its your Halloween rave, having your mascaraed
With all your best friends from back in the day
Liz Lauren and Blake and while they're dressed like skanks
I'm on the front line of battle
Howlin like jackle with A...

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Categories: for teens, adventure, angst, animals, anniversary, art, confusion, depression,
Form: Lyric
I used to be one of those people that didn’t really understand triggers and how the simplest of things could send you tumbling down a rabbit hole back into that memory. i never understood how...

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Categories: absence, anger, confusion, for teens,
Form: Free verse
Flying over the rainbow bridge
Yesterday, I signed an electronic consent form for Lynn to be in hospice care.  At the New Life Stone Avenue adult family home in Shoreline Washington.  She will be or already is released...

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Categories: for teens, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Old Cars
Old Cars
By Franklin Price

Old cars were the best cars
A place for teens to play
Bench seats all the way across
No seat belts in the way

Three speed on the column
No shifter on the floor
No storage in the...

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Categories: for teens, car, friendship love, high school, history,
Form: Rhyme
My Age

My age is nothing but a number, nothing but a slumber that I can’t wake from, this is what I’ve done. I’ve looked around and found that the matter of the fact is life...

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Categories: age, deep, for teens, truth, world, youth,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Love is... 
3 a.m. smokes and drinks. 
It's when you argue what to buy, 
Beer, vodka, tequila, but ended up sniffing drugs and weeds, they made you so high. 
It's falling when you know that...

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Categories: for teens, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, care,
Form: Free verse
Little Messenger
(Translated from Akhtar Sheerani)

Your little messenger who used to convey your messages
Was then unaware of what you used to write on those pages

He could not understand the secrets that that letters hid
What exciting styles of...

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Categories: child, dream, for her, for teens, lost
Form: Rhyme
For Parents
do you find that anywhere else?
undeserving love and care,
right from when you were born,
to the day you can talk back at them.
yes, your parents' decisions can be a little warped,
they may get your hopes up,...

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Categories: baby, birth, children, father, for teens, mother,
Form: Free verse
Something in my heart that matters;
I hear those the voices of the children chatter;
often I seem so guarded;
That those voices are ignored and disguared;

Blossoming are those tender starts;
For they too have beating hearts;
often I have...

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Categories: analogy, caregiving, children, encouraging, for teens,
Form: Lyric
Battle Rap
I see you got expensive shoes,
But you couldn't pay someone to screw you.
You walk around all day thinking you're hot as fondu.
Yeah, you got cheese,
And you think that makes you an OG.
Well, let us just...

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Categories: 11th grade, 12th grade, for teens, high
Form: Rhyme
We will read like our lives depended on it
Because to many of us, we assumed it did 
And then we will pass, or fail or sit on the fence 
Regardless, we will graduate 
What happens...

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Categories: 12th grade, farewell, for teens, growing up,
Form: Free verse