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Long Flour Poems

Long Flour Poems. Below are the most popular long Flour by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Flour poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Where do we come in
Where do we come in
					in medias res  not knowing nor caring when
doesn’t everybody pine being number one we leave behind our lives in pages  pictures  or else make for images of what...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: flour, caregiving, character, humanity, leadership, people, rights, sports,
Form: Dramatic Monologue

The Girl with Eyes as Black as Crows
On that night the moon seemed hidden from her starry brothers
The kind of night not suited for the fighters nor the lovers
I ventured out only to put out the low burning lamp
When there I saw...

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Categories: flour, dark, death, fantasy, murder, mythology, night, scary,
Form: Narrative
All That Was Sparta

Our lusty voice was in the tramp of narrow, winding,
     Scree-littered, deep-rutted roads;     
 Ravens, uttering guttural croaks, slow-wheeling above      

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Categories: flour, myth,
Form: Rhyme
And still i drive - Part two
Stars fall under failing skies...stars fall...stars fall...
But stars do not cry.
Into Ochs valley, through the Vale of White Horse...prancing 
besides a Dragons Hill;
It was here that a Roundhead - did a Royalist Cavaliers blood in...

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Categories: flour, travel,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Disjointed
Is that you, Laura?
It's me - Linda.  Do you have time to talk?
Guess what?  We won the race!
Silver Star ran superbly, and he cleared all the jumps.  He beat the next horse...

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: flour, blue, food, girl, horse, mum, september,
Form: Verse

The White Race Has a Point
The white race has a point
But that doesn't mean
They should treat us improper
The white race has a point
Nature is repeating it over and over
White snow, white moon
white Jesus, white angels
white robes, white clouds
White pedestrian crossing

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Categories: flour, america, angel, betrayal, break up, christmas, discrimination,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member GL Trestrail and Co Ltd
The rising sun burns like a solar pyre

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Categories: flour, nostalgia,
Form: Couplet
Sitting On The Ground - Embrace Your Passions
Give me a minute to catch my breath before I discover what’s in store
Embrace your passions…never let it go…
I smell the scent of death…what am I waiting for?
Embrace your passions…never let it go…
One…two…three…four…I’m waiting behind...

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Categories: flour, addiction, appreciation, beauty, hope, paradise, passion, peace,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Bored President
I once invested a year
as Board President.
Indeed, I was often a bored resident
of our State Affordable Housing Coalition.

My platform,
to speak grandly
of what was more of a healthy whim,
was for safe and beautiful affordable housing

Habitat is...

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Categories: flour, caregiving, culture, health, house, humor, integrity, leadership,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Perhat Turson: Elegy translation
Perhat Tursun

Perhat Tursun (1969-) is one of the foremost living Uyghur language poets, if he is still alive. Born and raised in Atush, a city in China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, Tursun began writing poetry...

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Categories: flour, brother, eulogy, magic, prison, spiritual, violence, wine,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Soul Stance River - 3
Night one on the new river, the campfire is spirited
and the future appears hospitable,
everyone has their rations, everybody is resting their pride
for on an expedition epic to each man and for a republic as well

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Categories: flour, adventure,
Form: Epic
Way Down South
Poet: Ken Jordan
Poem: Way Down South           
Edited by: Sparkle Jordan
written: June/2014

Growing up
down south 
Florida -

was like
fiesta -

We would
go to

swim, run,

the white 
sand -

soon as 
get home,

It was 
to raid 

farm -

was sweet,

State -

Each day
better than
day before...

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© Ken Jordan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: flour, childhood,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Mighty Oak Tree, Its Acorns Fed Many
Mighty Oak Tree, Its Acorns Fed Many
  (A Native American Food Source)

Hard-cast shell
flung down in Fall,
food for man and beast
nuggets of forested treasure,

sprinkles its bounty
majestic Oaks rain
fruited missiles to ground:

thy treasure feeds life itself

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Categories: flour, creation, history, humanity, native american, nature, tree,
Form: Verse
They had gathered from all around
With special invitation in hand
No professional was allowed
To take part in this grand

Just your every day, run of the mill
Person without culture or fame
Putting their baking skills to work
In hopes...

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Categories: flour, growth,
Form: Rhyme
The Bread Shop
The chairs are neatly arranged and they are waiting for the end game, eight men and two women are among the execution pack
They say that they have a better way to run the show and...

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Categories: flour, art, change, conflict, confusion, cute love, encouraging,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Therapeutic Mentoring
Educational process,
like any ecosystemic change with progressive intent,
is not only about successfully transferring exegetical traditions
to the next hopefully all-consuming generation.
That may be the more surface half of trans-generational learning,
and a necessary portion,
but the deeper,
new cooperatively...

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Categories: flour, earth day, education, health, humor, leadership, wisdom,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member A TAEL to TAIL

Early in the MOURNING I usually went out,
To ride my bike on a FLOUR filled route.
BUTT because of the WHEATHER, today I changed,
A nice ride in the evening I had arranged.

I found myself riding THREW...

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Categories: flour, adventure, bible, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme
Inspired by a lint cloth
Ten slices of pure marmalade plus two years of misted Karmapa bread equals? Oh do hurry up. The sum is easy. Oh ok then try another. Twelve custard tarts divided by an in between feathered...

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Categories: flour, baptism,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Five Forty-Three A M
3:15 a.m. 
 It was a crappy, wet, rainy dog-hiding drizzly morning.
Anthony woke up in a bad mood, with a sore throat, that got worse when he looked out the window.
Of course, the obstinate dog...

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Categories: flour, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, first
Form: Prose Poetry
Commercial Slam

Husband: Honey, I consulted a doctor before using this product and my erection has lasted four or more hours so I guess I'm going to have to seek immediate medical attention

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Categories: flour, angst, nonsense, drug,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Pourri Pourri - Remember Me

"Pourri Pourri  - Remember Me"

I am not white
I am coloured

A kaleidoscope 
of voice and song muted

freedom sold 
for the price of a bale of wheat

ground in the white man’s mill
I become pale as sifted...

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Categories: flour, freedom, humanity,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I heard something on the wireless
I heard something on the wireless
As i went about my day,
Some new strain of virus
In some province far away.

I didn’t pay much attention
As it seemed a distant threat.
Well that was my contention
So I didn’t break...

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Categories: flour, change, endurance, humanity, loneliness, missing you, recovery
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Yet I Remain Faithful
Filthy and foul I found you, 
garnished in grime, 
drenched in dust,
polluted in your own putrid blood,
orphaned, alone, helpless.
Pity overtook me to love, 
to cleanse you of your stench, 
to let you live.

As you came...

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Categories: flour, betrayal, heartbroken, hurt, husband, love hurts, true
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Regretting Cake Takes Two
Regretting Cake Takes Two

Rachael looked sheepishly like a hawk in disguise claws clenched meticulous sharpened
yet hidden her sullen face pressing wrinkled no motion frosted lips the icing on the cake
It had meant to be such...

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Categories: flour, freedom,
Form: Free verse
Alms Za Try n To Reach Out As Legatee Wannabe
Alms Za Try'n To Reach Out As Legatee Wannabe

Yukon pots sib bully challah me Jude
dish hiss literary panhandler schlepping
along virtual figurative boulevard Asia
brogue kin bloke rattling tin cup aware
how quickly passersby dodge away as
if I...

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Categories: flour, dream, fate, happiness, hope, humanity, humorous, joy,
Form: Narrative