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abortion absence
abuse addiction
adventure africa
age allah
allegory allusion
america analogy
angel anger
angst animal
anniversary anti bullying
anxiety appreciation
april arabic
art assonance
aubade august
autumn baby
bangla baptism
baseball basketball
beach beautiful
beauty bereavement
best friend betrayal
bible bio
bird birth
birthday black african american
blessing blue
boat body
books boxing day
boy boyfriend
break up bridal shower
brother bullying
business butterfly
cancer candy
car care
career caregiving
cat celebration
celebrity change
chanukah character
cheer up chicago
child child abuse
childhood children
chocolate christian
christmas cinco de mayo
cinderella city
class clothes
color columbus day
community computer
confidence conflict
confusion cool
corruption courage
cousin cowboy
crazy creation
crush cry
culture cute love
dad daffodils
dance dark
daughter day
death death of a friend
december dedication
deep depression
desire destiny
devotion discrimination
divorce dog
dream drink
drug earth
earth day easter
education emo
emotions encouraging
endurance engagement
england environment
epic eulogy
eve evil
fairy faith
family fantasy
farewell farm
fashion fate
father father daughter
father son fathers day
fear february
feelings film
fire firework
first love fish
fishing flower
flying food
football for children
for her for him
for kids forgiveness
freedom french
friend friendship
fruit fun
funeral funny
funny love future
games garden
gender giggle
girl girlfriend
giving god
golf good friday
good morning good night
goodbye gospel
gothic graduate
graduation grandchild
granddaughter grandfather
grandmother grandparents
grandson grave
green grief
growing up growth
guitar hair
halloween happiness
happy happy birthday
hate health
heart heartbreak
heartbroken heaven
hello hero
high school hilarious
hindi hip hop
history hockey
holiday holocaust
home homework
hope horror
horse house
how i feel howl
humanity humor
humorous hurt
husband hyperbole
i am i love you
i miss you identity
image imagery
imagination immigration
independence day innocence
insect inspiration
inspirational integrity
international internet
introspection ireland
irony islamic
january jealousy
jesus jewish
jobs journey
joy judgement
july june
kid kindergarten
kiss language
leadership leaving
life light
little sister london
loneliness lonely
longing loss
lost lost love
love love hurts
lust lyric
magic malayalam
marathi march
marriage math
may me
meaningful memorial day
memory men
mental illness mentor
metaphor middle school
military miracle
mirror miss you
missing missing you
mom money
moon morning
mother mother daughter
mother son mothers day
motivation mountains
moving on mum
murder muse
music my child
my children mystery
myth mythology
name native american
natural disasters nature
new year new years day
new york nice
niece night
nonsense nostalgia
november nursery rhyme
obituary ocean
october old
onomatopoeia pain
paradise parents
paris parody
pashto passion
patriotic peace
people perspective
pets philosophy
places planet
poems poetess
poetry poets
political pollution
poverty power
prayer prejudice
preschool presidents day
pride princess
prison proposal
psychological purple
quinceanera race
racism rain
rainbow rainforest
rap raven
recovery from red
relationship religion
religious remember
remembrance day repetition
retirement riddle
rights river
romance romantic
rose roses are red
rude sad
sad love satire
scary school
science science fiction
sea seasons
self senses
sensual september
sexy sick
silence silly
silver simile
simple sin
sister sky
slam slavery
sleep smart
smile snow
soccer social
society softball
soldier solitude
sometimes son
song sorrow
sorry soulmate
sound space
spanish spiritual
spoken word sports
spring star
stars storm
strength stress
student success
suicide summer
sun sunset
sunshine surreal
sweet symbolism
sympathy tamil
teacher teachers day
technology teen
teenage thank you
thanks thanksgiving
thanksgiving day tiger
time today
together travel
tree tribute
true love trust
truth universe
uplifting urban
urdu usa
vacation valentines day
vanity veterans day
violence visionary
vogon voice
volleyball voyage
war water
weather wedding
wife wind
wine winter
wisdom woman
women word play
words work
world world war i
world war ii write
writing yellow

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Long Poems
Long poem by JW Earnings | Details |

Give Me a Second to Breathe part 2

Pre-chorus: Give me a second to breathe...feeling this tension, this hesitation 
Give me a second to breathe...feeling this tension, this hesitation 
Give me a second to breathe and feel a pleasant sensation
Drench me with your waterfall of wonderfulness 
You refuse to do so and you douse me in dismay and I'm left in my solitary wilderness

Chorus: Give me a second to breathe...feeling this tension, this hesitation 
I need to breathe in happiness and breathe out sadness
I'm dealing with a fistful of frustration that brings hardly any satisfaction
I need to breathe in gladness and breathe out distress...that threw into a misery mess
I don't care if I have the face my fears everyday 
I do care for you, if only you'd wipe away my dismay 
Give me a second to breathe in ease
I'll just do whatever I please while you act like a tease

Give me a second to breathe...feeling this tension, this hesitation 
Give me a second to breathe, so I can keep up with my eager heart, beating with anticipation
Give me a second to breathe and feel a pleasant sensation

Chorus: Give me a second to breathe...feeling this tension, this hesitation 
I need to breathe in happiness and breathe out sadness
I'm dealing with a fistful of frustration that brings hardly any satisfaction
I need to breathe in gladness and breathe out distress...that threw into a misery mess
I don't care if I have the face my fears everyday 
I do care for you, if only you'd wipe away my dismay 
Give me a second to breathe in ease
I'll just do whatever I please while you act like a tease

Verse 5: My luck runs low and I can't remember the last time I was happy
You sucked the positivity out of my mind and you scorched me with foolish passions so temporary 
You were sweet as sugar, yet bitter like wormwood honestly 
Endless night has fallen upon us
Wishing we're in the same bus 
You lassoed me with your lament that night when you cried silently
Instead of breathing in and out, dip your head in the waters of wisdom and hold your breath...you'll see...
Wonders beyond what your sight can capture 
I know our futures are a mighty blur...

Pre-chorus: Give me a second to breathe...feeling this tension, this hesitation 
Give me a second to breathe...feeling this tension, this hesitation 
Give me a second to breathe and feel a pleasant sensation
Drench me with your waterfall of wonderfulness 
You refuse to do so and you douse me in dismay and I'm left in my solitary wilderness 

Chorus: Give me a second to breathe...feeling this tension, this hesitation 
Give me a second to breathe...feeling this tension, this hesitation 
Give me a second to breathe and feel a pleasant sensation
Drench me with your waterfall of wonderfulness 
You refuse to do so and you douse me in dismay and I'm left in my solitary wilderness 
Give me a second to breathe...feeling this tension, this hesitation 
I need to breathe in happiness and breathe out sadness
I'm dealing with a fistful of frustration that brings hardly any satisfaction
I need to breathe in gladness and breathe out distress...that threw into a misery mess
I don't care if I have the face my fears everyday 
I do care for you, if only you'd wipe away my dismay 
Give me a second to breathe in ease
I'll just do whatever I please while you act like a tease

Bridge 2: Just let nature nourish our saturated souls that sponge in pain
Right from the start, you were the golden grain that thirsts for healing rain
Don't worry - God will take great care of you
Don't fret or sweat it - I am going to remain standing with you, no matter what we go through 
Give me a second to breathe...for I'm getting over my love flu that paints my spirits blue, not yellow
You fixed me like you were the mechanic, repairing a wreck of a car and you made me shine aglow
You told me that I am handsome all the time I looked in the mirror and told myself I looked hideous...somehow, you let my confidence grow
Low self-esteem is thrown out the bathroom window 
You're unpredictable like the wicked wind...not going with the flow, wondering where you blow, you know? 

Pre-chorus: Give me a second to breathe...feeling this tension, this hesitation 
Give me a second to breathe...feeling this tension, this hesitation 
Give me a second to breathe and feel a pleasant sensation
Drench me with your waterfall of wonderfulness 
You refuse to do so and you douse me in dismay and I'm left in my solitary wilderness

Chorus: Give me a second to breathe...feeling this tension, this hesitation 
I need to breathe in happiness and breathe out sadness
I'm dealing with a fistful of frustration that brings hardly any satisfaction
I need to breathe in gladness and breathe out distress...that threw into a misery mess
I don't care if I have the face my fears everyday 
I do care for you, if only you'd wipe away my dismay 
Give me a second to breathe in ease
I'll just do whatever I please while you act like a tease

Verse 6: I want you to know that I need space for now, so leave me alone 
Give me some time to think things through clearly...give me a reason to live
Give me a minute to breathe until I can't breathe anymore...on my own...you didn't answer your phone 
Let me see this dilemma in the right perspective - let me take pace in this race of who to forgive
I will forgive you for leaving me behind
Felt jaded many times, so I don't mind 
I miss you, breathing here with me
I miss you, holding me tight, never setting me free
That's the way it should've been...
I must move on and repent of holding on to sin
My heart deep within has cradled faith close,
But it's paper-thin, so I, the hopeless boy, get hunted down by lows that haunt me with past humiliating woes
Defeated and dejected 
Give me a second to breathe in hope and breathe out dread

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Isaiah Zerbst | Details |

A Poem of Ruth

The tears well up, and scarce could she not moan
When father, brother, husband, all have died.
She now has no possessions, neither home,
But travels to a distant, unknown land:
Once so secure, yet now compelled to roam;
Once rich in love, she treads through foreign sands.
Her weary feet move forward but by faith;
For all left to her name is mere belief:
Mind, heart so far away she seems a wraith-
Love, happiness- all taken by a thief.

When, sometime since, her heart had broke in two,
The path of life, once single, parted way;
Forsake she could, but this she would not do-
All else was gone- with mother she would stay:
"Intreat me not to leave thee," was her plea,
"For whither thou wilt go, there will I; pray
Forbid me not to follow after thee,
For where thou lodgest I would also stay:
"Thy people shall be mine, thy God my God;
And where thou liest, I will gladly lie
Beside thee, overhead the selfsame sod;
That even then thou mightest be closeby.

"And so they twain walk on, hand clasped in hand;
Both hold the only thing they yet possess:
The younger but a stranger in the land,
An enemy, a widow in distress.

She rose before the sun to find a place
Where she might gather barley ears and wheat;
A field where she might find some needed grace
To gather for their winter store of meat:
Then Boaz comes from Bethlehem, and see,
He tarries with the reapers of the wheat:
He comes to Ruth and says, "Hear'st not thou me?
Remain until the harvest is complete:
"Go not from hence, but in my fields abide,
And let thine eyes be on the field they reap;
Behold, these maidens thou may'st work beside,
And near the reapers thou may'st ever keep."
Then to her face she fell, and wond'ringly
Asked why to her, a stranger, was so kind;
And he replied that she unfailingly
Had cleaved unto her mother with one mind,
And left her father, mother, and the soil
Of her nativity, and kissed the dust
Of some strange land wherein she meant to toil;
Forsaking gods of Moab God to trust:
"The Lord," said he, "reward thee for thy deeds,
 And recompense thy labour and thy love:
The God of Israel answer all thy needs,
And make his wings a shelter from above."
 Then said the maid, "My lord, please let me find
Some grace and favour in thy blessed sight,
For that thou hast been friendly, spoken kind,
And I am but a stranger in the night."
Then Boaz said, "At mealtime here abide;
Rest in the shade, come, sit with us and dine:
So down she sat, a reaper on each side;
She ate her wheat and dipped her bread in wine.
Then Ruth arose, and to her work she leaves:
The master thus commands his servant men,
"Let this young maid glean e'en among the sheaves;
Rebuke her not, for she shall come again;
And let some handfuls fall onto the ground,
There let them lie for my sake and for hers
That she may glean and plenty may be found;
For reasons she has need of it are pure."
And as she worked, Ruth knew not what a sight
Of beauty and of diligence she made,
As in the golden field in sunset's light
She bowed her head and knelt as if she prayed.

It came to pass that in his fields she stayed
Until the end of barley harvest came,
When mother told the lovely little maid
To seek for his provision and his name.
She washed and dripped an oil filled with sweet
Perfumes of wild roses on her face:
She had not much; her beauty was complete
With but her finest clothes to seek his grace.
Her braided hair shone brighter than the gem
That never graced her soft and shapely form;
Her eyes, they sparkled brighter than the hem
Of gold and pearls that she had never worn:
Thus Ruth went down unto the threshing floor
Where Boaz winnowed barley till the night,
And peeked at him so shyly 'round the door;
She never let him leave her searching sight.
His workday done, the master ate and drank;
With happiness his heart was full when fed:
Then by a heap of wheat he went and sank
Into the furry robes that made his bed;
And Ruth, a while watching till he sleep
Kept vigil from a stone used as a seat,
Till when his eyes had closed and sleep was deep
She lifted up the cover from his feet
And softly laid her down and dreamed of brides
Until the watchman struck a dozen beats,
And being startled, Boaz woke and spied
A woman sleeping at his very feet:
"Who art thou?" queried he in sleepy voice;
"Thine handmaid, Ruth," was her unsure reply;
Then blessed he her for wise and kindly choice,
For passing poor and rich young fellows by.
"And now, my daughter, gladly shall I do
According to thy wishes, for all here
Consider thee as virtuous and true;
Howbeit, there is one to thee more near,
A kinsman who must duly have his say:
If he decline, then rest assured I will
Perform the part of kinsman." So she lay
Down at his feet, and both were quiet, still.

In grey of early morning she arose,
Before a face could be discernéd there;
To keep from what some people might suppose
And who might stand along the road to stare:
Then Boaz said, "Bring here the vail thou hast
Upon thy head and hold it in thy hand:
Six times the barley measure filled and passed
From heap to vail as much as she could stand.
Then Boaz went up to the city gate
To find the nearer kinsman, whom he sought,
To see if he would purchase the estate
Of Ruth, and she herself, but he could not;
So Boaz purchased all the widows' land;
The houses, barns, and fields, though overgrown;
And bought what pleased him most, Ruth's comely hand
To cherish and to make his very own:
Then Boaz went to find the handmaid, Ruth
And lift her from a servant to a wife;
To love her in all tenderness and truth
In every day God blessed them both with life.

[By Isaiah Zerbst. Published 9/7/14. Parts of poem have been removed due to soup's limitations.]

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2014

Long poem by Gerald Dillenbeck | Details |

Revolution In Hand

Worth Two in a Buddha Universal Bush

Our permaculturist agenda,
primal principle of economic/ecological design,
is developing,
hunting and stealing into fissures
fractally fracturing Business As Usual,
competitive monomials unveil Transitional Dual-Destiny of Time.

Nothing any one person or nation could do
or not choose to do
can stop this Polycultural Revolutionary Cooperative.
It is too late to stop,
too early to deductively dominate, 
contracting life's optimization with dissonant decomposing chaos.

This Revolution emerges from Business As Usual,
from Received View logistics,
from Win-Lose gaming and strategic anthro-centric evolutionary theories,
as day emerges from night,
as summer springs forward winter's dual-dark purgation
of matter's synergizing bilaterally energetic root systems,
decomposing regenetic folds of co-arising gravity,
gracious gravy,
positive balancing negative-squared karma,
life as co-arising love,
as Polycultural Earth's Eternal Revolution.

On the other hand,
we have vast resources 
we could each pro-actively invest
in co-arising comprehensive revolution-consciousness
to optimize our healthy wealth of paradise,
each day,
with each cooperative choice 
to further evolve nature's revolution
by minimizing our human nature's ego-ionic
ironic small-self promotional decomposition
into Win-Lose theories of economic games,
competitive strategies for ecodislogical short-term gain.

Earth's Revolutionary Dual-Destiny Manifesto:
All DNA/RNA enscribed Earth Tribes
embrace our metasystemically therapeutic synergetic balance,
self-organizing equivalent enrichment,
nutritionally optimizing families and species.
This co-arising embrace is our economically co-redemptive vocation,
our human naturally ecological cooperative,
our permacultural designing subject of vast interest
with polycultural balancing Beloved Community objectives.

As Earth's synergy and human nature's love
grow analogously symmetrical,
co-arisingly synonymous
applicable to all life,
all natural systems,
any system worthy of this primally cooperative label,
so too ecological analogies of co-arising evolutionary balance,
natural fractal and octave-frequency harmonics,
temporal four-seasonal development and decay,
these are economically analogous symmetries of reason
as fair-"true" balance
throughout all Earth's ecto-cooperative relationships
with endo-balancing, sometimes challengingly dissonant,
relationships of co-contentious competing,
struggling with "Other", while not struggling against,
toward co-arousal as co-gravitating energy.

Prophet of this Great Transitional Revolution,
Bucky Fuller defines positive information
as comprehension of Universal Intelligence,
and defines Universal Intelligence
as RNA's fractally regenerative principle
of living natural-temporally unfolding-refolding systems.

And permacultural developers
comprehend natural healthy-wealthy systems
as those with polyculturally sustainable perennial climactic dynamics,
unfolding time across four regenerative seasons,
from winter's advent of eco-normic decompositional analysis,
to spring's gross consumption of seasonal nutrients,
to summer's regenerative maturation
producing falling seeds of polyculturally-embedding healthy rich value,
comprehending winter's advent of fractal-season decomposition
through Revolutionary Regenerational Fractal-Systems.

As con-scientists,
as herstorians,
as bicamerally encultured anthropologists,
as permaculturist developers,
our optimal comprehension of nature's consciousness
becomes regenerative and co-redemptive belonging.
We divinely, sacredly, lovingly co-evolve
co-passion's solar fueled
mutually subsidiary 
informating cooperative of Tribes,
open, interdependent,
(not so much closed and independent)
evolving co-expansive/contractive Live-System codex,
appositionally defining and refining
as not-not, reverse-eviL-closed,
and non-polynomially equivalent 
to Yin-squared  as +/(-,-)e-squared prime metric relationship,
equinox equivalent to C-squared = +/- Yang Polynomial
Self-Optimizing Tao-Systemic
as Right-hemispheric intuitive syntax 
of memory's logical storage
and co-gravitational retrieval system,
balancing Left-hemispheric deductive-experiential,
and linguistic capacity,
and cultural iconic expression,
through psychologic as permacultural logical systems theory
of positive evolution toward this moment,
our Polycultural Revolution
sweeping through religious-cultural-scientific exegesis,
metasystemic Earth Tribe's ecopolisocio-metric therapy.

Logos Yang meets and greets
mythic Yin-Yin's bi-elliptical zeroistic flowing dance,
dark midway between synergetic love
and entropic decomposing dissonance,
recomposing co-arising balanced Prime Relationship,
Principle of Thermodynamic Balance,
if 2-squared equals 4,
then 1-monoculture squared
equals +/(-)2-binomially temporal-implied relationship,
as 1 fractal-rooted natural revolution
evolves square-rooted in
when we co-arise +/(-,-) (0)-Commons Healthy-Wealthy Sense.

Our Positive Revolution In Hand
equals Two Negative Not-Not Devolutions
of our bicameral zen-zero buddha-bushing brain.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Brian Johnston | Details |

A Mom, Three Girls, Two Cigarettes, And A Sparrow

Part I.

Harvest time was winding down, 
I was taking lunch in town, 
After spending six long hours plowing stubble.
Washing up I met a man, 
Guessed he was a harvest hand, 
His combine crew, he said, was fixin’ to move out.
He was wearing dungarees, 
We exchanged some pleasantries, 
His grease stained clothes revealed he’d no fear of trouble
As I left to join the crowd, 
Well, the cafe was quite loud, 
Chose a corner seat where I would not need to shout.

From my new seat had a view
Of the whole room’s retinue, 	
Men and women who make a livin’ from the dirt.
A table seating seven, 	
Which could have held eleven, 
Was where my new acquaintance waited for his lunch.
A young woman with three girls, 
Blonde hair all done up in curls, 
Joked with and teased an older boy with a clean shirt.
The youngest seemed the cutest, 
Still with girls there’s no sure test, 
It was clear that these seven were a charming bunch.
Well quite soon our meals arrived, 
As I ate I still contrived, 
To simply take in all the action I could get, 
Even though I felt quite blest, 
How I longed to be their guest, 
What a gift to be their dad, uncle, or brother.
Then, ‘Oh God, ’ there came a shock, 	
And it hit me like a rock, 
As this loving mother smoked her first cigarette.
It was like my best friend died
And deep in my heart I cried
As quietly she lit up and smoked another.

Excuse me if I’m unkind, 
But all this brought back to mind, 
A smoking relative whose life was soon to end.
Her choice couldn’t be undone, 
For her daughter and a son, 
Her addiction's death came too late with no one spared.
God has a lien on my heart, 
He promised we’d never part, 
Required just that I serve Him by being a friend
To others in my pathway, 
(Whether they’re pure bred or stray)           
My most personal assets always to be shared.
I felt God’s call to action, 
But doubting words had traction
I had a C-note that I concealed in my hand, 
Walked to the group of seven, 
Prayed all the time to heaven, 
And as a joke said, ‘Are you all on safari? ’
Told them I was a farmer, 
And attempting to charm her, 
Praised her family in some ways I’d fore planned, 
She beamed at the attention	, 
Was surprised when I mentioned, 
That I also had designed games for Atari.

I said, ‘You might think this strange, 
But do you have plans to change
Your smoking habits? You smoked two after eating! ' 
She smiled, ‘Of course I’d like to.
But somehow I never do.’
I opened my hand, ‘It’s yours if you’ll quit today! ’
I knew she could feel the Love, 
With one source, from God above, 
It guided her heart to miraculous meeting.
She looked at my outstretched hand, 
Crying, ‘I don’t understand, 
This can’t be happening to me, there’s just no way! ’
She still couldn’t quite believe, 
And with heart out on her sleeve, 
She looked up at me and said, ‘You’re kidding, aren’t you? ’
I answered, ‘Give me your word, 
That these changes have occurred, 
That you will never smoke again, and all is good! ' 
She turned to her three daughters, 
As if to check the waters, 
Asked them, ‘Should Mommy bid her cigarettes adieu? ’
Well the girls all screamed out, ‘Yes! ’
And I really must confess, 
The mother’s smile convinced me she too understood.

She didn’t try to hedge her bets, 
Handed me her cigarettes, 
She took some paper and a pen out of her purse.
I guess I looked kind of blank…
‘Write down who I have to thank, ’
She said, ‘I want to write and tell you how I’m doing.'
As I handed back my name, 
She said, ‘Oh look! They’re the same! ' 
And I found myself rejoicing, ‘I have done worse.’
Fifteen years though now have past, 
Oh, My God, they went so fast, 
There’s been no word, but no doubts am I pursuing.

Part II.

On returning to the field, 
My work’s promise was to yield
A speedy death to any green weed still growing.
I have farmed now many years
Know just how to shift the gears
Of a tractor which out-pulls five hundred horses.
Things were going pretty good, 
When, by landing on the hood
A sparrow made a mockery of all knowing.
To start off the hood is hot, 
A place to rest, it is not, 
Yet he seemed quite content as I ran my courses.

Engine’s roar did not phase him, 
Its harsh sound sure was no hymn, 
I was plowing fast over ground that was quite rough.
He’d bounce forward and then aft, 
Even slide in the cross draft, 
But it seemed like the little sparrow did not care.
I thought maybe he is sick, 
Perhaps his brain isn’t quick, 
Then I thought, ‘He likes me, ’ and I stopped feeling gruff.
Some days I serve sea gull schools
Circling my tractor’s dust pools, 
A moving smorgasbord of insects that rise there.
My friend wasn’t there for food
Which helped establish a mood
Of brotherhood like I’d felt in the restaurant.
It felt closer to caring, 
Something more than just sharing, 
Though glass stood inbetween, his eyes stayed locked on mine.
If our dance was like a dream, 
No enticement did I scheme, 
The sweet gift of his presence wasn’t meant to taunt.
When at last he shook his head, 
And into the sky he fled, 
I understood, by God, his visit was divine.

Copyright © Brian Johnston | Year Posted 2014

Long poem by Dorian Petersen Potter | Details |

How Can I Not Love You- The Free Flow Style

~ How Can I Not Love You? ~ (Free Flow ) Even before I met you the way I do now I always knew about you, perhaps not in the sense and the right way that I am so lucky to do up to this day. But I always felt your presence and knew of your existence. And I know that for sure I already loved You all those years even before I met You all the way that I was supposed to do. How can I not love You, and want to know more about You and all that You are and mean to me; after all that You've done not just for me but for everyone else that I know personally and that I may not know in my life. You've made me the person that I am today; You've molded me into a better human being, and that's for sure, I know that I'm a better creature now, than I ever been in the past. Since I met You personally and accepted You into my heart. Since I confessed each and all of my sins to You, with all my heart and soul, I feel for sure a lot better, I am kind of relieved. Oh my Beloved, sweet Jesus, I do love You so, very much, and I do thank You for all that You've inspired me to be, to write, paint, create, and to do all thru out my life. You're the biggest inspiration ever of all, and You always will be. You make me so strong by giving me love, hope each single day. With You I am not completely alone ever in my life, no matter what I go thru or what I may feel at times. My life would be so very empty and dark just without You. How can I not love You, when you keep all of my darkness away? You fill my emptiness and refresh my soul and spirit all the way when I get tired and thirsty thru all my long walks thru this dark world. I am so happy that I met You at last when I did You'd brought me so much love and comfort and goodness in all, and You forgave all my sins and always You do and will, and in spite of all You still do and I am reassurance that You always will no matter what ugly sins and transgresions I commit against You or anyone in this whole wide world. You take all my bitterness away, You complete all the puzzles of my very existence and life. I just believe in You 100% percent and much more in my heart. How can I not love you? When You help me in all that I am and I do, if You've created and made me the much wholesome person that I am today. I just want to be more like You, and grow better each day. Since I was introduced in my life to You and your sweet loving ways, I've accepted you, You're my Lord, my King and my Savior. And I've gotten to know you in my heart so well, all thru these very long years of much ups and downs. You dried all my tears away and gave me hope, where none sometimes was to be by me found, but only in You. You hear all my prayers when I come to You. I know that You will respond to them if that fits in your plans. I do know that You know everything better, and that You will do what's is right. You've loved me when I've felt no love coming from anyone around some times. How can I not love you? if You're the One who died for me and had offered and given me forgiveness and glorious eternal life, You give peace and rest to my soul and my whole life. You take all my pain away thousand of times over all the years. You put on a smile on my face all the time. You've given me so much beauty to see and enjoy in so many things. You've given me all the people that I love and hold so dear to my heart. Your love is unconditional and eternal, and You love me more and better than anyone ever can. How can I not love You? when You're already part of my whole life and existence, You just complete me! in every each way, because without You I wouldn't be here and be who I know I can and You want me to be. Because of you I can love and feel the way that I do. I have a heart more full of love and compassion and forgiveness all because of You, my very beautiful and sweet Jesus. How can I not love you and worship you the way that I do when I think of love and life and all starts with just You, Thank you so much, for giving me all that you've given me, I am so grateful to You, my Sweet Almighty Father in Heaven. How can I not love you? If your very name signifies love, hope and life in all that I see and know. You're with me now every single step that I take, You hold my hand and help me rise every day. You love me so much and loves us all, With You I have an eternal home one day in Heaven and that for sure I do know. How can I not love You my sweet Lord then? Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2013
November.29.2015 So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13 (NIV) -“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 (NIV) - Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer Romans 12: 12 ( NIV ) -The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.” Exodus 14: 13 ( NIV )

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Long poem by JW Earnings | Details |

The Inception: God is Alwayz Good -part 2-

Was I ever handsome in God’s eyes? When will I take…take…
When will I take flight?
I’m counting the days to see you fly so gracefully…in the aqua-blue sky
I can’t wait to see you take wing and embrace the sun rays
My heart has been reduced to tears many-a-time…my love, why…oh why…
Take my hand…give yourself a rest from the worries of countless yesterdays
I can’t bear the thought of you, losing grip of reality
Your eyes are bottling up tears of the years of pain-staking regrets
Glory crowns the Lord of Accord…we need to look up to Him one way…
Or another…I won’t bother to open up another door of disappointment
Yet, I have this need to say sorry to Him for neglecting His word today…
Rinse away the blood of the innocent 
From your hands…
Grand lands fight against each other…I weep some more
Understand…that change is a challenging chore
Look up at the sky…
Your gaze will fixate on the shooting stars tonight
Give me the will to fly
Was I ever handsome in God’s eyes? When will I take…take…
When will I take flight?
I got so mad…I-I got so impatient...I got so out of control, obviously losing control…I got so tired…of facing the fact that I’ve been out of place, stuck in place, frozen in place…until God set me free and made me free His star in space…I’m free…wearing sunlit glee…no longer wearing an upside down smile…God, thank you for allowing me to run the extra mile…please stay for awhile…I’m sorry that I-I gave up…I gave in to my addiction…I’m ashamed and naked now…drowning in never-ending sorrow seas…I don’t regret the reason why I love you, Lord of Accord – come back to me…come back to me…I didn’t mean to stomp over You like a mat…I was fattened way too much by sins and pleasures of this life…the disdainful, confuzzling past drove me insane…I can’t bear this burden anymore…I need to let go and stop bringing you down…come back to me…come back to me…I’m as needy as a new-born infant…
I need to drink the milk of Your spirit…nourish me with Your pure Words of WiSdOm
 Rinse away the blood of the innocent 
From your hands…
Grand lands fight against each other…I weep some more
Understand…that change is a challenging chore
Look up at the sky…
Your gaze will fixate on the shooting stars tonight
Give me the will to fly
Was I ever handsome in God’s eyes? When will I take…take…
When will I take flight?
I believe I have the answer behind being bewildered in my maze…
…Okay…the reason I let You down is because I haven’t been faithful to You at all…and gave in to the lusts of committing adultery…and I languish…I languish…I reckon Your words…but I haven’t kept them to heart, yet I’ll meet up to Your standards one way or another – but failure is all I knew all of my life…I was alone for so many years…set me free… set me free…leave me be, sins…sins…my young heart weeps insanely…I’m beating myself up for the mistakes I made in the past – if only I haven’t laid my eyes on scenes that consist of sex….I shouldn’t have done that…I’ve been chained to this apprehension and these pangs of pain that lead me to my inner distruction for oh so long…but I must let it go…and let the knowledge repeat in my heart forevermore…I’ll learn it by heart
Rinse away the blood of the innocent 
From your hands…
Grand lands fight against each other…I weep some more
Understand…that change is a challenging chore
Look up at the sky…
Your gaze will fixate on the shooting stars tonight
Give me the will to fly
Was I ever handsome in God’s eyes? When will I take…take…
When will I take flight?
I need to dismiss the distractions…
I need to quit feeding the fire 
I thought sex was a beautiful art…it somewhat fulfilled my satisfactions…
Of my heartless desire…desire…
I’ll say my prayers as the chorus of screams bleed through my mind’s eye
I call shotgun…drive the car, Lord of Accord – restore peace to my verse, drive me to the lane of Your Holy Spirit and its blissful blessings of plenty…miracles and curses have hit me in every corner…I rely on you, Driver…I love you, Father…Father…Father… I hope you can forgive me for all of the things I’ve done…I’ve tried to throw away these anxieties…that banged at my skull…crack open my writing abilities and let my inspiration unleash itself
I rest my head on Your pillow…but I got to get dressed and clean up
Rinse away the blood of the innocent 
From your hands…
Grand lands fight against each other…I weep some more
Understand…that change is a challenging chore
Look up at the sky…
Your gaze will fixate on the shooting stars tonight
Give me the will to fly
Was I ever handsome in God’s eyes? When will I take…take…
When will I take flight?
You made me strong enough and I feel Your love toughen me up and clothe me…you know…let your affectionate heart grow and let your light show
I wish I could’ve gone with the flow…
Let Your healings show…I know…I’m worthless and slow…
Retarded…unlovable…tainted with lies…my mind’s overflowing with negativity and low self-esteem comments…I was that icon of self-indulgence as Amy Lee sings in her song entitled Everybody’s Fool in that epic band by the name of Evanescence

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Long poem by Brian Johnston | Details |

Understanding Nature

Understanding Nature

Part 1: What (I Think) God Wants You to Know!

Some people don’t understand Nature,
Feel death and pain prove there’s no God
Or if there is He is a monster,
His empathy for us a fraud.

They say all of Nature’s uncaring,
No reason to posit a God,
No Creator under the mattress,
And people who think so are odd.

Most atheists aren’t open minded,
More dumb than believers they curse,
They live their whole lives without Bible,
Rejecting its comfort and Verse.

Should Bible be only man’s wisdom,
Through years’ mighty lessons were learned,
But atheist alienation
Means lots of their fingers get burned.

No scientist thinks Nature’s plan-less
Though plan’s authorship is unknown
If not His plan, perhaps another?
For truth in the Bible’s not stone.

Though Christ taught us words of His Father
A parable’s not really truth!
But teaches God’s will to the masses
As parent might speak to a youth.

If you are not God should you grumble
That scripture is not always clear?
Rejoice truth exists and be grateful
All wisdom is not that austere.
The Golden Rule’s just one example
Of Law that brings Grace to your life
Although there are some who reject it
The truth of it cuts like a knife.

The beauty that all see in Nature
Can’t hide the fact devil exists
Man’s freedom to seek his own power
Explains why such evil persists.

God’s beauty is He is consistent,
Tomorrow the same as today,
Though doubter’s fear their death’s departure
Their brain is just on holiday!

Part 2: The Value of Pain and Suffering.

God created all in His image
Which surely implies that God learns
And overturns rigid believers
With all of their stagnant patterns.

And who will say God didn’t suffer
When Jesus was nailed to the cross,
Though child’s death is greatest pain man knows
Can man really measure His loss?

Don’t feelings define our existence?
Who wouldn’t be lost without theirs
And trying to live life without them
Like solitaire musical chairs.

Are feelings a curse if we own them?
Is death all that bad if there’s soul?
Why wouldn’t our death be like waking
In heaven or hell, what’s your goal?
If souls don’t exist what’s your problem?
Best guess, we’ve just one time around,
Your life will be just what you make it
And then you’re at peace in the ground.

Whatever you think of my logic,
Your feelings are gold on this earth,
Protect you much more than they hurt you,
Are all that establishes worth.

Best say a prayer now for this blessing
If God’s there to listen or not
Give feelings a home where your heart lives
For they can still help you a lot!

How better could God honor soul’s life
Than sharing His feelings in love
And though we see through the glass darkly
We’re still tasting stuff God’s made of.

And suffering really is measure
Of feeling’s temp beyond the norm
But even when it gets excessive
Its intent is still to inform.

So rather than choosing depression
Consider that you’re not alone
God graced to survive any battle
Though this life is really just loan.

In “getting” our soul’s evolution
We start to claim kinship with God,
In valuing faith over knowledge
We let go of ego’s facade.

And Science itself is a model.
A new form of God’s poetry
Its parables hint at His wisdom
To save us from idolatry.

The wisdom of God is your servant
That’s how you can know it’s from Him,
Vibration that touches your heart strings
Makes earthly noise sound like a hymn.

Part 3: God’s Nature Is Evolution

If God is real surely His Nature
Is always in strict harmony
With everything He has created
For truth cannot be fantasy!

And Science has value like Bible
For both are creations of God
Attempts to dis one or the other
Unseemly and really quite odd.

But Bible is subject to man’s whims,
While Science bows just to man’s test,
Man’s interpretation his Gospel,
Agreement where scientists rest.

While men think that gravity’s certain
New science calls “fictitious” force
As answers from Science grow subtle
Man’s prophets just ply stale discourse.

It’s “Big Bang” that sparks evolution
Though hydrogen’s all that exists
Condensing at last, growing massive
Till heat born of structure resists.

And one by one stars are ignited
That age, fuel depleted, explode
A new element evolution
And chemistry on space unload.

This process done over and over
Until worlds and planets are formed
Where chemicals solvent in water
By atomic rules are transformed

And life starts evolving like magic
As lightning strikes spark God’s intent,
Unstoppable new evolution
Where life is revealed as God’s rent.

From stardust man’s cradle emerges,
From stardust man’s form took its shape,
God’s plan, evolution from get-go,
Bacteria, fish and then ape.

It’s vanity you think you suffer
It’s vanity you think God’s dead
It’s vanity you feel deserted
As you lie alone in your bed.

This world was created to serve you
As you were created to serve
In service you’ll find true fulfillment
As you give what you would deserve.

Brian Johnston
March 8, 2016

Copyright © Brian Johnston | Year Posted 2016

Long poem by Brian Johnston | Details |

The Journey

Part 1: Catalyst
I recently read a blog that purported to report news
Of extraordinary import to us all,
That the Catholic Pope, with a new encyclical letter,
Announced to the world his conviction that there is no Hell
And that the idea of  Hell itself  is just a literary device,
A metaphor for separation from God’s love,
An idea now vanquished by God’s Grace in Christ….
That all men are, in fact, brothers AND children
Of a loving Father who loves us all in spite of our antics,
Not a parent that choses favorites or pits child against child.

I thought, “Am I dreaming? How can this be true.”
“The church has so long been a source of judgment,
Pitting groups of men against each other
With appeals to their vanity and attempts to separate
Believers from their hard earned cash, not to serve God,
But to enrich perhaps man’s monuments to Satan himself.”
The Pope’s imagined letter continued with vows
To abandon intolerance, even recognizing that 
“Truth is not set in stone,” and that men have no right
To insist God cannot change or wisdom to discern it
If in fact it should happen, evolution itself seeming proof
That even God gets bored with the status quo at times
Just one little asteroid it seems and poof, abracadabra,
No dinosaurs, to munch any longer, on man’s progenitors.

The letter even suggested that we remain open to new
Sources of inspiration, like science perhaps,
Another good and perfect gift to man from God,
And concluded that no door open to one sex 
Should ever be closed to the other, that men and women
Should all be eligible to the church’s hierarchy
And Old Testament calls for intolerance and judgment
Be seen as outdated, and contrary to the message
Of love and truth, revealed in Christ’s teaching .
Part 2: The Unfolding of Feeling
It was as if the doors of heaven itself had been opened to me,
And Christ resurrected once again from the dead,
First death on the cross, second death by those
Who wear expensive versions of His stolen vestments
Perhaps only the innocent can truly know His pain,
Well, maybe the two thieves who died with Him as well
One of which entered paradise with him the same day.

Man’s journey, our journey with God began long before
The birth of all we know, God’s plan already perfect,
Before time as we know it began, in God’s imagination,
Even the very idea of your future life precious to Him.
The paradox of God knowing you completely and your free will
Already blossoming in one of God’s favorite gardens,
Nestled in the Word of the great I AM, the holy seed of your birth,
A poetry whose rhyme, rhythm, and music only angels sing.

How many stars had to die for your awakening in His plan?
How patient and wonderful His dream for your life,
As atom by atom your complex chemistry was collected
From the vastness of the whole of His creation!
All of this preparation for you, joy in your potential,
Who is greater in His heart, my brother, my sister than you?
Yet you think yourselves beyond the reach of His caring,
Beyond the warmth of His heart, because of other’s lies.
Part 3: The Denouement
Of course it is only fair for you to question my sharing,
Indeed the heart always doubts, but God doesn’t condemn,
His Grace always so much bigger than we can imagine,
His justice wiser that than that of our ancestors.
Yes, my own witness rests on the love of another….
This witness showed me God’s love without cunning
With his heart alone he proved that God’s love is real,
No evidence can disprove what I learned that day.
May God lead you to so trust my words or your own miracle!

Do not listen, my still troubled friends, to Sunday Christians
Who imagine their church to be a Country Club for the saved,
“We have so much money God must love us more than the rest!”
Let me assure you, whatever church or faith you visit by chance,
Regardless of what they think of themselves, you’ll find a niche,
For every church is, in fact, a hospital for the sick and dying.
While you are with them do whatever good that you can.
You might be the Good Samaritan a desperate church has prayed for,
You, though a stranger to their faith, teach them what faith means.

Part 4: Epilogue
Yes , on our journey of faith the terrain is never of our choosing,
The scenery, the wells that quench thirst, the manna heaven sent,
Our strength too, but movement is always our own will.
I called or wrote many of my best friends to share the dreams
Expressed in this disarming and duplicitous journalistic prose,
And then the next day when it became clear that the letter was false
Just as quickly repeated my efforts to inform all of the deceit.
I find myself now laughing at my own gullibility,
But rather pleased at the same time that so many shared my dreams.
If you find my disappointment in organized religion laughable,
Let me share finally by echoing “The Beatles” and say simply that,
“I hope someday you too will join us, and the world will be as one!”

Brian Johnston
June 26, 2015

Copyright © Brian Johnston | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by JW Earnings | Details |

I Can't Just Change Overnight part 2

I am appalled by the acts of atrocity in this world of eccentricity 
How can you handle the rebellious transgressions of all children, women and men?
I want to serve You, master, with all I got…
I don’t want to remain the disaster that left me to rot
Enlighten me with Your words of wisdom…
Invite me into Your household and lead me to Your Narrow Path
Allow me to pray for Your Kingdom to come…
Give me Your proverbs of plenteous perception...not Your wrath!
Your in-depth insight gives me a reason 
To find the light at the end of the road
Honestly, I’m not ready for the arrival of Your son…
But, I must consider His Word my abode
I can’t just change overnight… 
I’m afraid that, in the past, I have lost sight…
In who you are – a compassionate, knowledgeable Father
Unlike any other…far greater than any father or mother…
I recognize the words of truth in the bible…
Unfortunately, it’s hard to open it, but I am capable…
I am capable of doing so, but I didn’t leave time for Your word to sink in
I apologize for all the mindless things I’ve done…next time, I will open…
I will open up to You and open the book of wise sayings from on high
I have trouble reading, probably due to some kind of dyslexia…
However, I will not cease from reading the many non-fictional volumes that are inspired by You…I read them in awe… 
Please give me mercy upon my sensitive soul
Oh, those impious lies quench the truth as a whole
Empty and numb is how I feel when I am without You…
I’m clueless and dumb without You and that’s oh so true…
Pure innocence is stolen away from me by the abominable apprehension that took advantage of me 
Arrogance and pride fought over me countless times over and over again…but optimistic humility will set me free…
You flood me with infuriating isolation, oh serpent of the deep
I must get a grip on myself...save me from my vexation
It has hit me to the core and I can't help, but sheepishly weep
I must expect the unexpected...I must not fall into temptation 

“Oh, what’s the use in you trying anyways? You’re nothing but a failure…” hissed the serpent, creeping into my cranium and slithering around me surreptitiously.
“No…no I’m not!” said I, denying the unreliable remark and backing away from the creeping creature, but to no avail. He moves in all directions and wraps himself around me. 
“Oh really now?” He asks, scornfully showing his tongue, obviously trying to mock me and shock me. “I bet you can’t even tell the difference between the light and the dark…besides, you already gave in to your comfort zone…”
“Well, maybe you’re right! But…” I say, hesitantly, but with much bravery.
“But? But, what!?” He asks menacingly. His sinister smile transforms into an eager smirk.
“Uhhh…wait, let me recall what I was gonna say…” I say, stupefied for a few seconds. “Oh! Oh yeah… but I still have time to make it up to the Lord of Accord……I will place my trust in Him from now on till the day I die.”
Beat that, you insidious snake! What about you slither away, for God’s sake!

Drag me away from the evil desires that scorch my heart ablaze
The bad habits of laziness and little progress was only a meaningless phase
For, I’m getting over the wasted times I’ve spent 
During the summer days, indoors…I wonder where the time went…
Debating on whether or not to write 
An inspirational song once again – that’s a might, 
Despite what I feel deep inside –
The need to hide, but a want to be brave…
Don’t mind me – I’ll learn to behave
For the night, I’d rather be with my family by my side
For the night, I’d rather sleep with dreams that won’t subside
From my sight…but once I wake up, they are soon forgotten
Why is my hope rotten? In God’s eyes, am I unforgotten?
In the vast abyss…the abstract abyss…
I roam in my lonely distress, it’s only in my head
Can’t shake away this hopelessness…
I long to embrace happiness, but instead, I hold on to dread
Why should I allow myself to fall away again?
Am I moving farther away from my Shepherd or am I growing close to Him?
Is the Light of Delight and Might illuminating me or are my lights growing dim?
I realize that You and I are a good team…
I hope in the future that You can elevate my self-esteem
I will not reflect on the rejection that bullies me so
Absurd, alienated ambition haunts my mindset
Don’t mind me when I start to go mad over piling debt
Don’t haunt me with the abyss of bleak desolation
Don’t taunt me with jaded corruption or deceiving destination…
Mirror my pain…I am the tainted-and-troubled train
I need to get on track or I might end up on insanity lane
I yearn for unconditional love from my fervor-stirred, faithful Father 
I’ve slept for too long and I’ve wept over the wrong…
Over the wrong I’ve done…
How can I feel like I belong when at home, it’s hard to belong?
It feels like darkness has won…
Suddenly, good luck crowns my head – I was wrong all along…life is like a game of Ping-Pong

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by SUNIL seebalack | Details |

Lights out and passionate misery

Lights out and passionate misery.

Lemme tell you a short story,
Oxymoronic in its reality,
As I was younger life was just to be,
Ego, fun and all the overseas party,
Speed, defiance, all that was me,
Loving the edge, so passionately.


Fire burning my forceful will,
As Life is short when time sits still,
I lived it fast, enjoying the thrill,
Try catching me, doubt you will!
I'm burning both ends, passion still.

Fill these shoes? Think you will?
Life starts at one fifty bitches, get your fill.

Imminent dust, as it's all it be,
Come now, try to get ahead of me,
A time may come, when I'll probably slow down,
But you'll be too old to come around.

See ya then, and everyone else,
Don't try imitation, be yourself.

As time is bitter when life is still,
Adrenaline is my own selfish thrill.

If I'm gone today it won't matter much,
I'm stepping hard and burning clutch,
I leave behind my questioned memory,
Nothing tangible just remembrance of me.
As in my life towards my death,
A Little time spent on past regret.

One other thing I forgot to say...
If you see me coming, get out of my mother fucking way!

  And now?

The aftermath...

Ego talk then, no more words said...


I didn't see this coming,

Wasn't looking too far ahead...
It only renders the words spoken,
 the ego eventual dead...

For in the midst,
The unconsciousness,
Life stood still in my head,
Broken in blood, stained, as my body bled...

Unconscious and left for dead...

Awakened in a strange white bed,
Regaining consciousness to what is said,
Empty memories running through my head,
Was I alive? or was I dead?
A broken body? a fractured head?

What the fuck took place?
Remembrance has been erased! 

With a swollen face,
It's hard to place,
What happened here,
What happened where?

Blooded mouth my tongue did taste,
Broken jaw in three different place.

The lights went out,
Probably just about,
24 hours ago ...
The lights went out,
And I still don't know...

I lost control or so they say,
So I'm told in a cynical way,
I was driving a bit too fast,
An eventual crash,
At 5 pm Saturday.

I broke my body,
In many a different place,
I wrecked my car and smashed my face,
As the card game goes my blood I taste,
The trump card called I held no Ace.

The memory don't  remember,
Illusive in fractures that render.

The wounds they bled a lot,
My body pained for repeated morphine shot.

Such that was but I walked away,
The recollected fuzz of blurred that stay.

Nothing rendered but only,
An abundance of empty,
The fucking empathy,
And another fact, 
All lost in this memory.

Payable sins I must have gotten,
Possibly Karmic debt, 
Of not just yet,
Left and would not let...
Past life debt not to be forgotten...

As I write these words in reflection upon the past,
Something else happened besides the crash,
There was another occurrence on that day,
I wished it was forgotten but in memory, it would stay.

I was pissed, driving too fast,
As I would say just before,
Just before the bloodied gore,
Just before the accidental crash,
My wife was having her fun,
As her whoring days begun,
She had my cousin's Dick up her Ass!

In the hospital, she came to see,
To see her husband in post-traumatic misery.
Pretending now! 
And just how!
Pretentious she could be,
The saddened wife that shared my broken empathy,

So as I awoke in this strange white bed,
The wife came closer and simply said,
You crashed your car and smashed your head.
You broke your jaw, and ribs, shoulder, and your leg.

And so you were found,
The steering wheel wrapped around,
Wrapped around your head,
Motionless, bloodied and mistaken for dead.

These memories of mines,
I wonder at times,
If they're better of somewhere else rather than in these lines.

Months after the occurrence,
Living life with the indifference,

It's hard to eat when you cannot chew,
But my jaw is broken so what can I do?

Living in pain every day,
I wouldn't complain and never say,
That my ribs hurt as I breathe,
And my broken nose would constantly bleed.

I now have scars on my face,
The blood is mines that I taste,
And with a broken knee its hard to walk,
And with a wired mouth it's hard to talk.
There's steel place in my jaw so I can heal,
But pain is rendered its all I feel.

My fast life was brought to a sudden down,
Everything that was has fallen to the ground.

So much for a fast fucking ride, huh?
I guess I'll see you on the other side, yuh?

Cause it's lights out as I hit the wall,
The next time I won't have any luck at all.

Unconsciousness mind seeing red,
As I Awoken in a strange white bed,
Darkness shadowed  words that were said,
Empty memories through my head,
Was I alive,
 was I  dead?
A broken body, 
a fractured head...


Copyright © SUNIL seebalack | Year Posted 2016

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