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When It Struck 11

When it struck 11, I sighed in relief When it struck 11, I haven't felt grief The time kept ticking on and it wasn't brief And I'm so… patiently shaking like a leaf Vigorously feeling vital everyday... Every minute...every second...come what may Immensely feeling somewhat manic today Bit by bit, I couldn't find my way, okay? But I'm trying to gain back some confidence I suddenly recognized your elegance It struck 11 - we were close by distance It struck 11 - I cried in disbelief It struck 11 - I did you good, no harm But I'm trying to give you warmth in my arms Through wit and sweat, I told you good luck, good grief Extremely dealing with anxious thoughts again Every minute...every plus ten Dreamily accepting reality, then… I've hurt you so...sentimentally, in pen, I wrote you a quick note of apology Is it time to tell you farewell? Time will tell If you will leave me alone in my cold cell When it struck 11, my eyes, enlightened, Were wide open and you were oh so frightened When it struck 11, your lies, unsifted, Left me in the dust and demons were lifted The clock, like a bill'on bells, chimed endlessly The knock on the door gave us hell honestly Demons awaken from their graves of envy Angels are hushed and fell asleep havenly Heavens and hells ring like bells of time-will-tell While I remain under your spell in this cell I'm like Alice, whirling 'round, going pell-mell It struck 11 and I'm losing patience Waiting for you to shed some pure radiance Against my shivering soul that's so entranced You gave me your trust and your gracious prudence You gave me your word and promised me jub'lance When it struck 11, our hearts' love enhanced Did you just leave me in a blink of an eye? My ears aren’t open to your heartless lies…lies… You abandoned me in a flick of a dime! Did you desert me in the brink of good times? All you say and do is now considered crimes I sighed in regret...don't weep your tears anymore If you want me back so soon, why did you leave? Swallowed my pride and gave you my ears, I swore I listened to your requests that made me grieve My fears are flying out the window, mind you My nightmares will soon vanish and now, who knew You'd be standing at my front door at this hour You were a flower when it struck 11 I asked you to leave me be in my tower We were young and in love when it struck 7 When it struck 11, our trust turned to dust Don’t give me that vacant expression - I know You're sad and you're sorry, but it's not enough Yeah, don't give me your senseless reasons - just go Be gone by the time the clock chimes eleven I know that being with you was mostly rough It's not the same when the old clock struck seven The ancient spell you put me under's enough To bid you my goodbyes for a long, long time Cuz abiding by your side was horrid crime Waiting 'til it is time for the clock to chime Life's not always a game of poetic rhyme Going to wait for a long time till I find The one I truly adore with all my heart You left me behind, sorry, you're not my kind You had plenty of time to change from the start When that time comes, it will be oh so sublime - The time when it strikes 11 in its prime This time, you tell me that you tried to move on Oh well, I have been over you being gone It's time for you to go before the clock chimes I have been spinning around and around, much Like a merry-go-round without sound and such There's so much to say on my mind, but to whom? My wand'ring mind is like a bittersweet tomb Racing thoughts of angst and sorrow zip through me Ran this race with a steady pace - not easy That damn clock keeps on chiming relentlessly It constantly strikes at 10 annoyingly It consistently bugs me to the point of - Nevermind - it's not important, my lost love My time is almost up out of nowhere now It's difficult to find peace of mind somehow I'm as dry and desolate as a mere drought, Yet as wet and damp as an ocean no doubt What’s the point of sorrow when I have some hope? I also have tomorrow to look forward to Don't have to rhyme this time to impress people It's time to face the fact that I've been wasting Away my time, squandered by worrisome strife When it struck 11, I was restoring Grace to your verse of remorseful exploring Don't seek me - I'm not wise in His eyes; wait up - Is that lies in my head of your lullabies? I must wake up to the truth and don't ask why's I wanted to be with you in your tough days But, we went astray our own separate ways Someday, we'll have better times spent together When it strikes 12, we will be as one I'm sure But, for now, we must endure to be a cure To each other's pain and agonizing rain To give each other space to happily gain Trust amongst one another one of these days For now, the clock determines time to part ways The antique clocks of tranquil time ticks today As the day unwinds…the wicked wind do sway I yearn for my future faith to sooth me with Delightful direction beyond the lab'rinth Goosebumps grow up and down my body once more Snowed under by the words you sensibly speak It hits me like a ticking sound to the core Crawled under like a mole, playing hide 'n seek I truly wept for you in winter snowfalls You clearly see these glistening waterfalls? Discard misery that tugs on to your heart Tackle the challenges, rising from the start Your prudence utters sincerity, my dear… Unleash the despairing fear and have some cheer There is peace in mind to get rid of the grief - Allows me to shed tears of good times so brief Where are you when I need you most? Time is near When I have to chase away the flames of fear Gnarled trees twist and turn as the clocks chime and churn Regret left me in this wilderness to burn… Fan the flames away and echo empathy It's my turn to turn the clocks to 11 My turn to turn the time 'round for a second Sometimes, a hug can mend a sorrowful soul… Helpless, but still hopeful in the way I feel… Somber fears has reduced me to tears for real The years of my life – were they not important? Tears I shed for you - are they significant? Despite all I've done, I can't forget the strife… Be brave and stay strong all your life, you alright? My once sorrowful soul…is meeting its end… Remedy rivers will be our heartache's mend It's beyond the riverbend of current's flow Patiently do I wait for God’s Tomorrow Our problems will fade; but, farewells, I must bade

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