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Long Dowry Poems

Long Dowry Poems. Below are the most popular long Dowry by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Dowry poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member In The Valley Of Avalon
In The Valley Of Avalon

This day the master of my Fate
Is none of those who lead shuddering
Through mazes of wizardry,-
Nor Trachmyr the Hunstman,
Nor Tannwein the daughter of Gweir,
Nor Penpingyon the porter of the palace,
Nor the...

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Categories: dowry, art, creation, fantasy, imagery, imagination, mystery, surreal,
Form: Classicism

Premium Member Requiem for an Unknown Tigress Cub
still the climbing green lianoid lass

her tender tendrils torn  

massive metal lying like a cutlass

in her lap forlorn


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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dowry, childhood, daughter, mother, war, green,
Form: Free verse
The Knight in the Panther's Skin

Shota Rustaveli (c. 1160-1250), often called simply Rustaveli, was a Georgian poet who is generally considered to be the preeminent poet of the Georgian Golden Age. “The Knight in the...

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Categories: dowry, hero, love, star, stars, sweet love, tiger,
Form: Epic
The Picnic
The little pygmy named Pixie Poggly was quirky queenly quaintly and quickly, but rarely ever really did much can't you see.

Until one day, a raunchy rascal quaintly and shrewdly, Skinny and slippery that he was,...

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Categories: dowry, adventure, celebration, confusion, fantasy, fun, funny, humorous,
Form: Alliteration
Hardships of the women
Likewise, he will not discredit her in the festivals
It was just a matter of breaking my heart, so all the common people will not do anything

Oh God, what a strange world of eunuchs you have...

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© Shabnum A   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dowry, 10th grade, analogy, god, hurt, pain, society,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Once I was a Prince - Part Three
                      Part Three

  ...swishing away with your sunshrivelled burgundy knotty arms with broad...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dowry, family, me, water, may, me, time, water,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Humility
Does an ‘act’ that gets praised by a stranger reveal an act’s worth
Or reflect more the generous heart that observes? To feel love’s 
Sure a gift, a response I return, no receiver can earn.
All the...

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Categories: dowry, faith, love,
Form: Rhyme
A Better Life
When I was born, 
My hands were empty.
When I was died,
My hands were empty.

What was a difference?
When I was born.
My family relatives and friends
Congratulates to my family.

My father got proud on my Mum.
And arranged a...

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Categories: dowry, adventure, caregiving, devotion, education, life, nature, visionary,
Form: Name
You belong to YOU
What have you done to us my child?
I tore my body to bring you here
He wetted his shirt with sweat to ink your books
23 years of learning gave you a well-paying job
Your job gifted you...

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Categories: dowry, courage,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Woman in Chains
Woman in Chains
(What Man Would Abide It?)

Women throughout centuries – the softer sex.
I picture them subservient since what feels like time primordial!

What man would abide
being sold as if mere chattle and being called another’s property?

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Categories: dowry, freedom,
Form: Free verse
Conspiracy and evil Surmising

I am a Victim, 
Lured by mascara, and by a pretext piety 
Induced through lust by immoral vermin 

I am a Victim 
Blindfold through cunnings to fest on a plowed field, 
“Whore scammed”, trapped in...

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Categories: dowry, abuse, death, depression, divorce, emotions, father, introspection,
Form: Burlesque
I don’t know why they didn’t allow me to breathe (George Floyd), 
I don’t know why they harassed me & no one was to defeat (Joseph),

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Categories: dowry, abuse, anti bullying, courage, death, destiny, evil,
Form: Rhyme
How Sire Gaddabout unto his nuptials came
After Goethe's "Ritter Kurts Brautfahrt"

Sire Gaddabout one spring-tide morn 
his sturdy dappled steed did mount. 
for he would wed the highly born 
Maid Ethrelda Holyfount 

He plucked his lute and sang an air, 
but scarce...

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Categories: dowry, adventure, allegory, marriage,
Form: Ballad
I too called myself betrayed
        (based on Indian wedding system)

Once i known a girl who used to walk with glee
Now i suddenly remembered that how was she
Elegance perfection reflects her face
Now i...

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Categories: dowry, abuse, anniversary, betrayal, break up, father daughter,
Form: Free verse
Chyann Rose
Chyann Rose, the elegant and beautiful rose
That grows in the wilderness beneath the trees,
Its memories floats high over all our country roads,
Fluttering its leaves, dancing elegantly in the breeze.
Sweeping along in the cool thoughtful...

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Categories: dowry, allegory, beautiful, daffodils, first love, happiness, marriage,
Form: Ballad
She wailed her way into the world...
An avatar they said, Goddess Lakshmi had taken birth...

Her parents' pride, her brother's delight...
She loved and shone her brightest light...

She smiled she laughed in her radiant sight...
She didn't notice...

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Categories: dowry, woman, women,
Form: Free verse
God’s love* prevails with victory
highlighting His Gospel story
redeeming us from hell’s fury
vanquishing sin-caused misery
through Christ’s power at Calvary…
in His mercy’s territory
He conquers guilt-driven worry
while healing our fears’ injury
giving rest to hearts, so weary
assuring us pardon’s...

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Categories: dowry, blessing, christian, faith, god, jesus, spiritual, true
Form: Rhyme
The Changeling
I am the newly born face of munificence, unquenchable beauty. 
My tides are full with bountifulness, like an orchard to the table.
My fleece radiates guiltless white, bestowed like a lamb, fresh 
upon its mother. And...

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Categories: dowry, allegory, world,
Form: Free verse
The wide Bowl
This bowl is no longer mine,

was never so,  

Let it go. 

well worn before the oath,

A gift that despised the guardian, 

Presented freely without a dowry in May. 

tainted, and abandoned. 

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Categories: dowry, animal, black love, break up, dog, fantasy,
Form: Burlesque
Premium Member On Praising Ladies on their Qualities in the THIRUK-KURAL: Canto 112, K1114 and K1120
On Praising Ladies on their Qualities in the THIRUK-KURAL: Canto 112, Nalam Punainthu Uraiththal, K1114 and K1120

[Please see "introduction on the plight of young girls" in the previous post on this Canto 112: K1111 and...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dowry, beauty, child abuse, mother, tamil, women, work,
Form: Epigram
Oracle of Valiance
Being with you; I am soaring high grounded in adoration…
Upon your departure creeps my secret resistance…
Suppressing, squashing my heart desires is voracious outside influence…
Telling me “Mocked will be your soul’s dowry” lacking acceptance…
So I love...

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Categories: dowry, love, spiritual, heart, heart, love, i love
Form: Free verse
What a Shame?
This poem is dedicated to an Innocent murdered modeller Jesica Lall, She was 
shot dead in the gathering of four hundreds in a hotel in Delhi. Seven years 
proceeding, Indian Court freed her killers because...

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Categories: dowry, devotion, faith, imagination, inspirational, peace, philosophy, social,
Form: Free verse
Is this world made only for males?
Even History talks about 'His' Story only,
But I am the creator,
The creator should rule her creations,
I am the Master of this magnificent world,
Not a slave or serf to the...

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Categories: dowry, women, , memorial,
Form: Free verse
The Journey Of Marriage
The Journey Of Marriage

Grand party, grand clothes, grand decor and grand style!
Well-wishers and greetings cheering the dulled hearts 
Silver jubilee's are celebrated by partners with affected smiles
Wars behind doors and eyes literally gnawed out by...

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Categories: dowry, anniversary, celebration, marriage,
Form: Light Verse
Brutus Iulius Trois page 01
*readers  think of this epic as classic Latin badly translated into English.

Brutus Iulius Trois  page 1

Only the oldest among us all
can truthfully tell the tale
of the way the world was
after noble Troy fell

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Categories: dowry, adventure, history,
Form: Epic