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In The Valley Of Avalon
In The Valley Of Avalon This day the master of my Fate Is none of those who lead shuddering Through mazes of wizardry,- Nor Trachmyr the Hunstman, Nor Tannwein the daughter of Gweir, Nor Penpingyon the porter of the palace, Nor the muttering hag of the hall of Heilyn Goch,- Peace to them all until we met again,- This day the summoner of all my song Is Hyveidd Unllen, the golden vavasoar Of Arthur, the lord of nations. Ye have heard How he came hasting, broke upon our king And Owain at their game, and how his tidings Wounded the heart of Arthur that he paled, Crushed into dust the chessmen, and besought The word of Owain that could lower The Banner of Death, and stay the dire blood-madness Of his fell Ravens scattering from mid air Red limbs of trusty warriors, red armor In rain of ruin. And the banner fell, And this day Hyveildd Unllen in his splendor Of crystal studded, griffin-crested helm, In robe of honor, hued as day and night, Bordered with sunlit purple, and his belt Clasped with eyelid of a black sea-horse, Leadeth me from out these latter days Into peace that followed, and will gaze Into my tranced eyes, and fill my heart With lost desires, that I may seek again The glory of our great king and his host In the valley of Avalon. Robert J. Lindley, 5-20-2019 Poetry form- Romanticism(Classicism).... Notes- Hyveildd Unllen V. HYVAIDD HIR. Five battalions fell before his blade Of the wailing men of Deira and Bernicia^; Twenty hundred were destroyed in one hour. Sooner art thou flesh for wolves than for thee the nuptial feast; Sooner art thou food for ravens than for thee the marriage altar ; Before the nuptial dowry^ came his bloody bier, The price of mead in the hall among the drinking throng : Hyveidd the tall will be celebrated while a minstrel lives. of gold, of greater or less artistic ornamentation, terminating at the end in a cae-ad, a clasp or hook, and an eye. It was not a chain. See Stephens' Lit. of the Kymry [2nd ed., p. 46, notej.^ Beads also were worn in wreaths by British warriors, as appears from the fact of beads of amber being found in the barrows on Salisbury Plain, which had been dug about 1800. In several of these graves pieces of amber like beads have been met with; and in one, as many beads were found as would have made a wreath. (Turner's Vindication of the Bards, 208-209. See also Williams' Biog. Diet, sub Benlli Gawr.) " Haearnddur and Hyveidd and Gwallawg, And Owain of Mon of Maelgwnian manner, Would prostrate the ravagers": was not Hyveidd Unllen, but Hyvaidd Hir, the son of Caradawc Vreichvras. This may however be called in question. So young a man as Hyveidd Hir could not well have been the contemporary of Gwallawg ; and the safest conclusion appears to be that Taliesin's hero was Hyveidd Unllen, and that of Aneurin Hyveidd ab Caradoc " the affix Hir being added for distinction. The son of Caradoc also resembles our hero in this " he died childless. Hyveidd and Gododin, and the lion leading (i.e. L'rien)": and also in the lines: " " Haearnddur, a Hyfeidd a Gwallawg, Ac Owen mon Maelgynig ddefawd, A wnaw peithwyr gorweiddiawg". " I hid., i, 64.
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