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Long Depletion Poems

Long Depletion Poems. Below are the most popular long Depletion by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Depletion poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Professor Watts' Resurrection
Double-binding Win-Win
nondual manifest destiny of health
as wealth of eco-consciousness,
like double-transparency of ecologic's Yang,
with eco-normic YinYin-square-rooted
c-squared = e-squared = Language-squared,
Positive OVER AND WITH double-negative
subjective/objective Time's decomposing binomials.

"Instead of giving our children
clear and explicit explanations
of the game-rules...

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Categories: depletion, culture, environment, math, philosophy, political, psychological, science,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Candidates For Success
For those who agree that love is success
and hate is failure,
some admittedly unsolicited advice
from low-income and retired voter trenches:

1. Do not only run as AntiTrumpian.
Trumpianism means no more or less than
AntiPolycultural HealthyWealth
of and for Restoring...

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Categories: depletion, culture, education, food, health, humor, integrity, wisdom,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member XO - A Kiss and a Hug
                She's  fixated                ...

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© John Watt  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: depletion, first love, kiss, love, romantic,
Form: Shape
Human Sack Gruff Ice Agonizingly Glommed
Human Sack Gruff Ice Agonizingly Glommed...
Murderously Skewered, And Torturously Zapped

Directv linkedin to accentuate
piddly money crisis, tis zen uneasy fate,
I imagine dragons gyrate
ting, and licking chops, faux masticate
ting, no matter I didst pre

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Categories: depletion, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th grade, discrimination,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
A Pale Collection of Emptiness
One day I wish to know, 
as the scars of devils do, 
when your eyes, married to the auburn fox, 
will remove their pantheon of petrified ghosts
and lay with me once again.

Lay with me again...

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Categories: depletion, bereavement, universe,
Form: Elegy

I never knew she was bleeding and pleading,
Until I turned to see the blood in her eyes,
And the agonies tearing her apart.
Rejected and dejected, she gasps for breath, 
Humiliation and intimidation - written all over...

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Categories: depletion, cry, death, depression, grief, pain, woman,
Form: Free verse
Sitting in bed
Sitting in bed.

It’s time for sleep, shower first.
Three baskets of clean clothes, bedside.
Cats' nocturnal sport rumbling across the wood floor, mother pouncing daughter, chasing rubber balls.

Tinnitus and the sound of air whuffing through the ventworks....

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© Tedly Bare  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: depletion, good night, life, my children, silence, solitude,
Form: Free verse
It`s always inspiring to be strong in appearance,
Brave to catch up the essentiality of the sun.
How marvelous the wind blows to beat the sensations as one.
Yes, the pride is deep for BLACK skin to have...

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Categories: depletion, adventure, analogy,
Form: Classicism
Mad Scientist of Poetry
It's hard to breathe-poor respiration
Stomach hurt due to a combination 
Of starvation and constipation
I feel like bad inflation
I need deflation
Get me a doctor to perform the operation
To make it in this world its mad desperation

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Categories: depletion, inspirationalworld, me, planet,
Form: Rhyme
Raymond Re-examined

         Clusters of refugee bubbles
         Expelled from the side of my tank

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Categories: depletion, character, confusion, farm, fate, fish, identity, introspection,
Form: Free verse

There existeth a realm
on the face of the earth
where immortal and mortal
compete for glory..

what is a mortal
if not a god clipped
to submission..
on a path of remission...

what is man and the son...

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Categories: depletion, angel, creation, god, heaven, paradise, visionary,
Form: Free verse
Victims of insurgency
Half choked by a rising paroxysm of rage, then nisus,
The brittle and mirthless smile on his face were pathetic,
A nonaged;
Amputated and broken with a heart big but beats quiet,
Suddenly, he sighed deeply, from a kind...

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Categories: depletion, fear, sorrow,
Form: Free verse
Committed to Winter

There came no sun 
Unrecognized impeached the source
No in time spring lifted us from sleeping
And the icicle ink
Wrote itself with frozen pens
When the chill in the world
Found there came no death in flames

And now we...

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Categories: depletion, heart, society, voice,
Form: Free verse
Imperfect love
Scrawny roots dried out by the harsness of daily life.
This is the only ones I have to feed us with because of
       the depletion of kindness. compassion and 

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Categories: depletion, abortion, bangla, nature,
Form: Free verse
Those Hollow Eyes
The ships were full of our young men that so quickly turned old.
   Going home with pent up memories of death and destruction that left...

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Categories: depletion, visionary, future,
Form: Narrative
One Year Alcohol Free
365 days of the Alcohol Experiment
After 30 days the need to continue was evident.

Italian adventure to Rome Florence and Venice, cosy restaurants and no wine a penance!
Elation on completion of a holiday with alcohol deletion.

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Categories: depletion, addiction, celebration, change, drink, emotions, inspiration, poetry,
Form: I do not know?
Global warming is a warning
Global warming is a warning.........

Mother earth is faltering due to global warming
Today man –made chemicals causing ozone depletion
Thousands of species becoming extinct due clearing of rain forest
Poisonous gases and spillage emitted daily from factories and...

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Categories: depletion, weather,
Form: Light Verse
Up  above the sky  so high 
Lightening with a cracker sound  why
Thunder all around in all crackers factory
Colours of glory over the victory

Like the destroying evil spirit winds gone
Green purple blue orange...

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Categories: depletion, celebration, earth, environment, firework, philosophy, satire, world,
Form: Rhyme
What is self-motivation to you?  What does self-motivation really mean?

Are you self-motivated or easily defeated when complications and depletion of any 
success you’ve had, rudely intervenes?

Complications will surely produce unwanted thorns that can be...

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© Al Johnson  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: depletion, character, desire, education, encouraging, inspiration, pride, self,
Form: Rhyme
Children Of The Night
In paradox with the living world,
Day breaks at dusk,
Reminiscences of the preceding night,
Lost to substance abuse induced amnesia,
Breakfast is served,
Flunitrazepam, ethanol and cannabis,
A balanced diet of solid, liquid and gas,
Like a decaying carcass,
The remnant of...

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Categories: depletion, city, culture, life, night, drug,
Form: Prose Poetry
Gain or Never to Love aGain
i've always believed that love lost is unpleasant,
painful as little as a lachrymal biopsy,
and as much as an emotional disembowelment
or lobotomy of the heart.

i am told that a love who walks out or finds love,

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© Joey Foto  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: depletion, emotions, faith, feelings, loss, lost love, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Future World

Many scenarios may unfold 100 years from now
On this old earth that would be a bit heavier
Because the human population would then grow
By another two billion or so, but does it matter?

It does...

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Categories: depletion, future, science, world,
Form: Rhyme
It's all a bit sketchy don't you know what with the RMS and all. 
Formal education and I didn't work out but I was on my way across the country to fulfill my own peculiar

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Categories: depletion, emotions,
Form: Prose Poetry
The Green Tears
. I have a right, a right to thrive

  You have a right, a right to live

  All life matter, we all matter

   I need a space, you have a place


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Categories: depletion, africa, betrayal, conflict, creation,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Blue Hole
...Is a wonder, I must say, with full conviction,
It's a large 'marine cavern' or a 'sinkhole';
That's open wide with many a deviation
Who else except Nature has absolute control?

Blue holes are caves developed over time, it's...

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Categories: depletion, beauty, blue, miracle, nature, ocean,
Form: Rhyme