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Long Brendan Poems

Long Brendan Poems. Below are the most popular long Brendan by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Brendan poems by poem length and keyword.


Xiao Ling, did bring light into the shadows
of my days, days living in the shallows
of a love I could never get to know,
for the one I loved so, could never show
for more...

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Categories: brendan, love, me, light, light, love, me,
Form: Rhyme

Hallmark Fan Brigade
We Are Who We Are

We are the HFB
All my crazy and loving friends and me,
Everyday I try to relax and chill
And share my day and chat with Jill,
When I’m really down and feeling lowly
My best...

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Categories: brendan, funny, people, me, books, books, hope, me,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member What Stirs the Darkness
What is that ... there ... in the darkness?

   What is that hollow creature, cold and callous,
  that shrouds its image in the deep, remorseless black?
 Careless, the coal-red glint in its...

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Categories: brendan, analogy, innocence, introspection, life, loss, metaphor, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Brendan ain't Able
Brendan ain’t ‘Able’

The teacher preached that we are all ‘different but similar and 

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Categories: brendan, lost love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Grave Mistreatment
“Imagine a lovely garden, tea for two, and this story...”


Yeah, Doc, it really was a long time ago
But the emotional scars are still there, you know
He came into my room while I was away

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Categories: brendan, anger, depression, discrimination, emotions, hate, military, psychological,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member In The Middle of Nowhere
The highway was pitch black ahead 
and I had been driving for hours,
I was tired and my gas was low.
Then, in the distance I saw bright lights . . .
    it was...

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Categories: brendan, confusion,
Form: Verse
Premium Member To The Slanderers

Oh, the folly of words, false!
     Lies, rumors, hate, jealousy ...
          Anyone who utters or listens to gossip,

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Categories: brendan, betrayal, conflict, friendship, judgement, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member War of the Words
Today there's a War of the Words going on
  Today there's a War of the Words.

It's taking place all over this beautiful land of ours
 Polluting our precious air and clear-blue streams

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Categories: brendan, change, how i feel, language, society,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Tell them we care
Killing occurs in front of kids on crowded streets
When every conflict ends in senseless violence
And fear takes stage as death becomes routine
Looking for a meaning where one does not exist

It spreads far and wide jolting...

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Categories: brendan, perspective, social, society, violence,
Form: Free verse
Brendan and Bobby

Brendan joined the Provos in the spring of seventy eight
The local pub was bombed and killed his brother and his mate
Bobby joined the UDR when he was seventeen
His uncle had been murdered, in...

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Categories: brendan, political, war,
Form: Political Verse
The Black Hunger
Two vagabonds
With a dozen of dogs
Around the half eaten bread

A boy and a girl 
With the school bag and pink smile
The beggar boy and the pigeons look blank

Her boyfriend Collin
Has sent a letter that she

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Categories: brendan, confidence, conflict,
Form: Free verse
trip to the beach
 Mum and Dad wake early on a hot summer morning.
"We should take the kids to the beach", "Gee you could have given me some warning".
"You know taking them to the beach is really such...

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Categories: brendan, adventure, children, fun,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Was She Just Another Hallucination
An illusionary delusion, 
visions of confusion-
Phantasm of mirage, 
or insane sabotage.

I set out to walk with no one around for safety, 
the scenery cold where warmth was not found-
I thought I was alone with no...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: brendan, imagination, sister, visionary,
Form: Rhyme
Another Brick in the Wall
Another Brick in the Wall

I went to St Peters School in Cambridge
The first time I ever heard Pink Floyd
Was at my friends house during lunch break
His name was Brendan 
And was kicked out of school...

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Categories: brendan, music,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Delirium Dust

  Delirium Dust

In the corner of my room you’ll find many a decentralizing delirium dust
Where my mind does consume peripheral visions of malevolent distrust
Deprivations that entomb metabolic disturbances of cunning combust
Temporal lesions loom of...

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Categories: brendan, identity, psychological, solitude,
Form: Rhyme

It was a smooth transition
So imperceptible that I hardly noticed.
The passage from life to death was so sudden.
It happened as I was driving
Making a right hand turn.
The bright sunlight softened
Became less harsh.
A blanket of peace...

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Categories: brendan, death,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Pandemically Pacified

You can keep your suicidal suit wardrobe wars...drawers of destruction
In your consumption of insubordinate illusions...intrusions of insanity
You can keep your vanity and desired disease...appease the ego
In your tuxedo tailor-made by tyrants...compliance and conformity
You can keep...

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Categories: brendan, conflict, corruption, society,
Form: Free verse
In Bruges
Cameras snap the last actions as tourists flash
Bullets fly by at respective velocities in streets
As dark humor goes out the window in Bruges
Some one falls from the high church tower  
Assisted by gravity, a...

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Categories: brendan, appreciation, celebrity, conflict, dark, death, humor, violence,
Form: Free verse

Flagrantly taking all for granted
Stone cold disregard and disrespect
No conscience or appreciation 
No sense of responsibility
Unable to experience awe
No respect for life in all its forms
Parading insolent negligence
Blatantly shamelessly destroying
All things are disposable to them

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Categories: brendan, anger, earth, environment, fate, nature, planet, pollution,
Form: Verse
As she was
Once so vibrant
And invincible

Not much left of her now
Other than precious memories 
And her signature ring
That I so treasure

I have a secret
I’ll share with you only 
Come close
Let me whisper in your ear


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Categories: brendan, fantasy, granddaughter, grandmother, hello, hyperbole, love, magic,
Form: Free verse
Love in a Pot God Stirred
Love in a Pot God Stirred

We would have world day of prayer,
While there God was everywhere;
With support and giving us care
From heaven being beyond compare.

Heard him sing song to my each ear,
About life that always...

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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: brendan, allegory, analogy, atheist,
Form: Couplet
We The People
 Are We The People?

Our Constitution is a fact
For many years it’s been intact
Amendment two our favorite one
To speak with freedom barring none
An independence to declare
That we are equal from our birth
Proclaimed by Lincoln but...

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Categories: brendan, political,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Deep Voodoo

trickle down economy
pissing away 
the poor
pissing off
the middle class
as less and less
our paychecks
pay the bills
ironic how 
when I was
still in diapers
the rich got taxed
 a whole lot more
and yet
Prosperity -
along with rock and roll -

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Categories: brendan, political,
Form: Free verse

How pedestrian of you
not to think
outside your box

I understand
sketchy neighbourhood
being too afraid to stop

I don't mean to be insulting

pedestrian has more meanings
but not one of them
speed bump

and as you rock it
in your three ton
cozy bassinet


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Categories: brendan, anger, anti bullying, car, people,
Form: Free verse