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Long Anathema Poems

Long Anathema Poems. Below are the most popular long Anathema by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Anathema poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member This Is Feminist Us
It's peaceful here in my backyard.
The crows sound happy
with warm October sunlight.

I just read about a deadly gathering in Las Vegas.
Absence of sun-drenched peace.
Inconvenient this time of lost loss.
Death is always inconvenient,
even when invited.

A veteran,

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Categories: anathema, anger, fear, humor, integrity, mental illness, military,
Form: Political Verse

Premium Member 2020 ReVolution
Numbers, numerals,
like words,
combinations of letters,
mean something,
sometimes more secular,
sometimes more sacred ecological.

Numerals and letters share sacred iconic human-intelligence root systems
within a bicameral ecology of mind-body nonduality,
both RightBrain matriarchal empowering flow of integrity (Czikszentmihalyi)
and LeftBrain patriarchal Yang...

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Categories: anathema, beauty, culture, earth, health, math, trust, truth,
Form: Political Verse
Visitor Finale - A collaboration with July Morning
The Story so far…
Makani (The Rising Wind), a beautiful extra-terrestrial researcher is sent to a remote island to observe earth. She finds Sam, a shipwrecked earthling near death owing to drowning. Sam (Ka ‘Lo -...

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Categories: anathema, adventure, romance, science fiction, sensual,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member No Recanting
May we be 'so graced' as to relinquish any faith,                         ...

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Categories: anathema, christian, forgiveness, god, political, pride,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Red and Blue Estrangered Families
Dear Siblings Three,

I was reading a story
in which some siblings became estranged
after their parents died,
while others moved toward greater solidarity.

This is a variation on a diaspora story.
But, here growing physical distance
is seen more as a...

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Categories: anathema, earth, faith, family, health, integrity, religion, usa,
Form: Political Verse

Give Peace A Chance Part 2
Yet Africa is
expected to fall in
With speed and
Or be headed back to
For much deserved
And sanitization in
the heart
Of brutish Europe!
Have we not seen
them in action
At Treblinka and
Auschwitz, brother
With their atomic
bombs in Hiroshima
With their...

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Categories: anathema, peace,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Summer Days Of Yesterdays
Let's be reasonable                                ...

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Categories: anathema, childhood, work,
Form: Personification

Dumbfounded in the raw,
nerves in neon.
Sin-New and bones quartered by time's animation-
Death re-imagined by the law of Thelema and Agenda 21.
Moments of truth corner you in alleys and avenues in the night.
As they are ritually...

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Categories: anathema, christian, dark, sin,
Form: Rhyme
On The Fallacy of 'Progress' , Part I
It’s an all too common mistake these days,
this belief society can ‘progress,’
that with the right laws and the right teachers
we can go beyond ‘better’ and even ‘best.’

This thought that humans can somehow be made
to improve...

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Categories: anathema, america, culture, meaningful, philosophy, political, society, truth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member They Get It
They Get It

Have you ever wondered about your life, the life of your spouse and children, and the life of your career?  Have you wanted to know how it all will look when you...

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Categories: anathema, appreciation, blessing, christian, family, father son, heart,
Form: Narrative
Katanas swoosh
I walk among you wielding my great sword,
cutting, slicing, stabbing and dicing,
and my banner says peace, love and harmony,
but only on my terms,
come with me and I will create utopia,
a true Heaven on Earth,

I don't...

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Categories: anathema, america, change, conflict, confusion, culture, humorous, political,
Form: Free verse
She is a forward-thinking, goal-oriented, methodical strategist, in both personal and professional endeavors. She uses her intelligence, talent, wit and charm to achieve whatever she sets her mind to, but is easily frustrated by what...

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Categories: anathema, allegory, relationship,
Form: Prose Poetry
The interrogation threatens to shudder like an earthquake
A long index of accusations spread out among the atmosphere like a blazing forest fire
Satisfaction, the officer and venomous umbrage, the criminal
Self-appreciation, the quiescent defense attorney with no...

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Categories: anathema, conflict, confusion, corruption, identity, innocence,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member PolyPathic Relationships
TranSpeciated GeNomial Code
emerges icons of regenerative poli-eco-normic syntax,
Earth nature’s kinder nurture
surrounded less primally by dualdark dissonance,
absence of Tao balanced polynomial Time
as 4-equidimensional Space Networks
potentiating WinWin on-as-off-line gaming grace.

Oh, your face,
what could this mean,
Bionic RealTime ecologizing...

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Categories: anathema, earth, earth day, health, life, light, power,
Form: Prose Poetry

Sitting quietly chatting sipping
fragrant coffee steaming.
Mind eyes mind's eye, all independently wandering
 'let slip' reins dangling.
Peace, as they individually pursue 
their individual endings. 

Activity, a quorum and a ladder 
gather them together,
a 'sale' sign erected...

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© Tim Arnold  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anathema, allegory, culture, imagery, imagination, introspection, irony, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Life's Ups and Downs
and communities,
hopefully becoming like extending families,
and that would make them some form of faith communities,
relying exclusively on top-down authorities
to empower today
and tomorrow's cooperative faithfulness
to ourselves
to each other
to Earth
to the Universe, perhaps,
are also families and communities

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Categories: anathema, community, culture, health, love, power,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Humpty Dumpty Or Mess Of Pottage

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Categories: anathema, allegory, america, analogy, history, humanity, lost,
Form: Prose Poetry
On Those Who Diminish Truth, Part II
...Yet there is another reason that some
desire to diminish what is true,
those who hate truth because they are afraid
that it might limit what they can go do.

Whether it be a Hollywood pedo,
or that gangbanger out...

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Categories: anathema, how i feel, meaningful, people, philosophy, political,
Form: Rhyme
Einstein Rolls the Dice
Einstein Rolls the Dice

the paparazzi were all over Einstein
after he said make sure where the rope leads
before you kick over the chair
he wrote his own scripts now
Further Adventures in Archaeo-astronomy
tonight the constellation Vertigo
a place of...

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Categories: anathema, crazy, giggle, irony, metaphor,
Form: Free verse
An Answer for All, Part 1
Take leave of this
Veneer of contented containment 
Go tell your thoughts
Delineate the shades of
Dusk and the dark 
Beneath the ashes sleep
Never renews this life 
Little lived over and
Out like a wick
Talk takes the teacher
Like a...

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© Luke Hobbs  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anathema, philosophy, riddle, satire, society, symbolism, truth, visionary,
Form: Free verse
Das papa anathema furor he hiss toward patriarchal hierarchy
Das papa anathema & furor he hiss toward patriarchal hierarchy

Courtesy mine eldest sister Amelie
Beth (thirteen plus months my senior),
whose maternal love equals heart as emoji,
she nsync with other kith and kin
painstakingly fleshed out family tree,

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Categories: anathema, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, celebration,
Form: Epic
The sun dappled patio 
     irresistibly beckoned 
     pillowed pad to bedeck 
     cement spongsbob
     square pant sized couch...

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Categories: anathema, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
Premium Member My Say, My Dream
"Tread softly because you tread on my dreams", William Butler Yeats

Self-preservation is perhaps the first instinct known to all species.   
Sometimes, the rescue will break forth from various sources, but it  ...

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Categories: anathema, dream,
Form: Prose Poetry
The Hyper-Logos of Good Living
The Hyper-Logos of Good Living  

A poem about how to live a more balanced and harmonious life inspired by Ancient Greek Wisdom

Avoid being vicious and malevolent,
Instead, be magnanimous and benevolent.
Express, in myriad ways, your...

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Categories: anathema, friendship, happiness, humanity, metaphor,
Form: Ballad
Elegy for Michael Jackson (1)
You shimmering waves on the ocean blue
Dance not again, he cannot dance with you
You weeping forests where the winds wail too
Let your bright tears fall in the pool of dew
The world of pop will never...

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Categories: anathema, death, dedication, historytime,
Form: Elegy