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2020 ReVolution
Numbers, numerals, like words, combinations of letters, mean something, sometimes more secular, sometimes more sacred ecological. Numerals and letters share sacred iconic human-intelligence root systems within a bicameral ecology of mind-body nonduality, both RightBrain matriarchal empowering flow of integrity (Czikszentmihalyi) and LeftBrain patriarchal Yang deductive empowered language of ecological-bilateral numerals (B. Fuller). Numbers, like rhythms and fractal-holonic patterns, show up in nature, as natural primal relationships with the revolutions of seasonal eco-development time. We have Century Plants blossoming only once in 100 years. Where did they learn their metric-memory skills, RNA-rooted intelligence? We have histories of locusts swarming every 25 years. How many generations is that in locust co-intelligence? We have Old Faithful. How do these bio-ecosystems know when it is time to show up, and when it is time for Business As Usual, not show off? When is it time for numeric revolutionary performances, and more aptic time for normal evolutions of everyday, in-between fertile enhealthing enriching ecological seasons? Bicamerally-bilaterally structured humans have 1,000 year millenniums, boundary periods of ecological discernment, sacred-secular nondual potentials increased for Left-Right balance development, scientifically conservative yet also spiritually progressive, for healthier conversations between our Yang Patriarchal languaged LeftBrains and our Yin-Matriarchal-Integral relational rhythmed ecological patterned, formed, symmetric sacred-iconic nurturing RightBrain. These revolutionary recycling events feel more sacred than humdrum secular not 100th year, not 25th year, not one thousandth year, and yet there is a building up prophetic era emerging from secular medians toward sacred climax, just as there is a sacred afterglow of memory reweaving these repurposing miracles of life's iconic mysteries. What if LeftBrain has developed iconic political powers of language speaking of, and longing for, regenerative conservation of ecologically healthy meaning? Purposive, naturally effective, cooperative communicating; while RightBrain, older on the phylogenic ladder of DNA revolution of what had been RNA polytheistic root systemic health-wealth normal evolutionary symmetries of organic health. Matriarchal reverse-hierarchical extending family trees, singing and dancing marching and flying and swimming ecstatically climaxing for and with economic-ecologic iconic seasonal re-integrity, wealth ionic-contenting health, karmic flow of right-timed bliss, erotic through agapic sacred grace of regenerate health-wealth co-arising Left-Right nonduality, ego/eco-political empowering enlightenment of polypathic trust, (0) soul, sum, core millennial balancing. A great deal has been LeftBrain written about the iconic historical evolution of numerals. Perhaps a great deal more has been felt about the RightBrain embryonic ElderMatriarchal womb, virginal bilateral emptiness of polypathic-estrogenetic zero (0), and the LeftBrain Yang convex-vertical prominant testoster-oned one (1). But, both seem to ecologically deliver themselves in PositiveRegenerative and NegativeDegenerative spectral multicultural varieties, balancing at the DoubleNegative tipping points of equivalence, Left-Right cognitive confluence, rather than cognitive-affective ecologically more secular climates of everyday Business As Usual competitive political dissonance. What might it mean to have 2020 bicameral ecopolitically balanced ReVolutioning Vision? To bicamerally hear, to multicultural civil eco-service rights and wrongs taste, to matriarch-cooperative network economic slow fertile climax growth of ecological-flow feel, ecopolitically co-arising nondual post-millennial mindbodies of Left-Right ego/eco-balancing consciousness? Permaculturally nutritious ecopolitical designs could emerge before the upcoming nondual-loving secular-sacred revolutionary Roaring 2020s. Interesting about early not-so-Presidential Executive Orders to immediately dismantle, by means of neglect to feed and water, our imperfect frames for national access to health care and national, even international, access to global climate health, to the full extent now lawful. How could this be any post-millennial climate health afterglow at all? I wonder in bicameral dismay. As we incarnate 2020 Vision among Washington's pay for public play rendered, would it not be our health and safety collective duty to defend resilient health and resonant happiness, safety and prosperity, freedom from unhealthy exploitation of Earth's resources and freedom toward healthy development of regenerative climate bio and ecotherapies? What could our democratic unity of ecopolitical Zero states of healthy and secure mind and body nondually mean, if not to cooperatively pursue healthy biological and sacred ecological climates? So these Executive Orders appear uncivil nonservice, intrinsically anti-health and happiness AntiConstitutional to me, for any civil servant of health and safety anathema of plutocratic anthrocentric hubris, both politically and economically untenable for our shared healthy futures, and future health restorations. Are these early indicators that anti-regenerative supremacy has become a self-impeaching excommunicating offense against basic first premises of a fearlessly trusting democracy? Freedom of and for health and safety with fertile cooperative 2020 integrity of ego-ecotherapeutic character, WinWin politically cooperative defensively secure conservation of growing climate health-progressive trends, ecological-economic nondual opportunities to reduce high-risk competitive climates of dehumanizing dualistic nature-spirit anti-ecological pathology? Numbers, numerals, like words, composed of sacred letters within secular democratic constitutions, mean something secularLeft-sacredRight nondual rising 2020 ReVolutions.
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