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Visitor Finale - A collaboration with July Morning
The Story so far… Makani (The Rising Wind), a beautiful extra-terrestrial researcher is sent to a remote island to observe earth. She finds Sam, a shipwrecked earthling near death owing to drowning. Sam (Ka ‘Lo - ‘A Mighty Eagle’), was despatched to identify the location and investigate unusual signal activity monitored to be emanating from a remote group of island atolls. Makani breaches her Mother Planet’s charter which is for observation only and specifically forbids contact. She and Sam inevitably fall in love - a wonderful new experience to her for which she has to bear the consequences… Makani (The Rising Wind) Surrealistic sensations immortalize as our lips seek and lock Interchange of strange, new emotions flow as our tongues entwine On my fevered skin your caressing fingers script my Rhapsody in Blue A thrilling euphoric state of bliss unfamiliar to this body ‘o mine Yet to construe your oeuvre - I am Makani, the Venus of your every verse I ~ the dew that cumulates dusk to dawn on my awakening rose I ~ the aromatic rapture floating me through your every page I ~ the ink that elicits from your quill that no entity dare oppose Transported through time and space, orbiting in an interstellar kiss- But wait... Though this rapturous music flutes a mellifluous purr A discordant humming infiltrates these harmonious chords Do you hear? Hark at the sky - Oh earthling, hear that humming sound A shuttle sent from the mothership with my Commander - He is here My people are benign - worry not, you have naught to fear Observe how he leaps off the hovering craft before it has grounded His expression reflects disappointment - and with me, frustration Fear not my love, for it is for me and me alone that he has come I have disregarded a sacred command, in his pained eyes - a violation My law and duty bids me that violence is forbidden Our planet has for centuries lived in a harmonious system So why has he taken my arm in this forceful grip? O omnipresent Ancestral Immortals hear my plea, I need your wisdom Speak, O wise ones, for your words I will heed On earthly ears your voices are choral music in an evanescent breeze Ancestral Guardian Spirits “Makani, it is your obligation, you must return Struggle not and bid your farewell, suppress this unnatural desire” Makani (The Rising Wind) O omniscient ones though I am heavy with grief I call my sensations to order - I will comply As for you my worthy comrade, this violence toward me is anathema I must say my farewell - I will be brief Lest I return pain for pain and orders defy Ancestral Guardian Spirits "Makani, struggle not - you must acquiesce to his command Dry your tears - Though we understand not your obsession with this alien We deny your pain not - motion your sentiment to him from afar - Alas, your struggle has created such woe! Your commander has fallen, his breath of life has become Contiguous with this planet's wind song - it is forbidden It is forbidden... it will be viewed as a violation We fear - My dear - We fear Heed our words - depart now you must To your Mother Planet you are now unable to return Set forth now in your craft, be patient, We will instruct you on the course you will need to set” Sam (Ka ‘Lo –‘A Mighty Eagle’) I am human, a man of flesh and blood, nothing more Yet I have beheld things which no man should behold I was near death, washed upon some ethereal shore From whence I have arisen; my mates presumably dead Why was I chosen to suffer this bliss and torment? Why did I not perish along with the others? This creature before me appears to be heaven sent Her touch, her touch, like nothing I have experienced Or is she a demon sent to carry me away to some lonely void Bereft of all humanity and corporeal comforts? And yet, these past few days I have thoroughly enjoyed Her sweet society, her comfort, her tender kiss Her tears upon my tongue are salty like my own The blood which runs upon the rock red, like mine I see the sorrow in her eyes for what's been sown- The death of her comrade troubles her so She softly takes my hand and leads me to her ship, Imploring me to come, to take me... somewhere, Far from here on some fantastical journey, a trip Into the great unknown, into the blackness of space. She places my hand over her heart and hers upon mine Images and thoughts merge into a coherent pattern I understand - she cannot go home, we must search for A world to call our own, an Eden from which to start anew... Makani (The Rising Wind) Sam, my earthly love - I name you Ka ‘Lo - A mighty eagle I ~ the Rising Wind beneath your Wings in synchrony we will soar On Avian wings we shall embark on an adventure of interstellar travel Colour my life as I will yours as a technicolour journey we explore Sam (Ka ‘Lo –‘A Mighty Eagle’) As I look through the tempered glass I see earth, my earth Topaz blue and angel white, a sparkling jewel in the ebon expanse I'm going to miss my home, and, for what it's worth - The girl I once loved and must now leave behind Acknowledgements : I trust you enjoyed the Finale of ‘Visitor’. My appreciation and thanks go out to July Morning for his co-writing ‘Visitor’, to bring you this exciting three part series. JM is not only a superb Poet but an impressive story teller as well. Our styles worked effortless from the very beginning of this series when coincidently we were thinking of the plot with similar ideas. Who knows, this could be happening on a parallel universe as we write! A Maria Williams and July Morning collaboration Video: Mirage – Music Kitaro Published on Jan 27, 2018
Copyright © 2020 Maria Williams. All Rights Reserved