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Katanas swoosh
I walk among you wielding my great sword, cutting, slicing, stabbing and dicing, and my banner says peace, love and harmony, but only on my terms, come with me and I will create utopia, a true Heaven on Earth, I don't care for your wisdom of the sages, people like you are bringing in the new dark ages, how dare they live in houses that have more, we must finds ways to even the score, we've got to fix their evil ways, or the world will fall from grace, don't tread on me and throw the old men on to the fire, look at those nasty words on the screen, they've hurt my feelings, I wanna scream, understanding and acceptance are not in my rule book, see the world thru my eyes, go on take a look, in this modern world, every other him is a her, and every other she is a he, and a plethora of inbetweenies and undecided, my reality was established eons ago, but my past is dead and my history is changing, your contract of peace is not welcome here, as it is a declaration of war from you, I fight to choose whats best for you, and don't really care who has to lose, my sword is eternally bloodied, dripping, stained and hungry for more, shut the door on our evil ways I say, get down on your knees and pray, I look at them picking a side, how dare they support things anathema to me, for I am the champion of all the oppressed, and I truly do shed tears for the dispossessed, honest I do, I swear to God, I demand of you to respect my identity, and pay attention, for I will be different tomorrow, my truth is the ultimate truth, and what slithers from your mouth are vicious lies, I am the one that truly cares, and you must make the sacrifices in the coming years, my happiness depends on your convictions, respect my sword, its always ready for a reaction, don't you dare try to pop my bubble, I'm very happy and secure in my vacuum, I love to echo the opinion of like minded others, I will scream and shout and call you names, if it causes me personal moral indignation, and don't laugh at me if I have fits of moral outrage, look at all the good things I have posted on social media, for this proves I am a good person, just be like me and you will be accepted, dare to be different and I will cancel and disconnect, I can easily add you to my collection of ghosts, hear my sword, scraping, clanging and ringing, always drawn, tempered with an eager desire for an ideological killing, who am I you say, I am you I say.
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