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Long Allusion Poems

Long Allusion Poems. Below are the most popular long Allusion by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Allusion poems by poem length and keyword.

Some Pro's and Con's of Being Connected To Virtual Reality
Some pro's and con's of being connected to virtual reality

Dune not be bashful, grumpy, leery
or any other contemporary dwarf man
regarding countless less well known dwarves
(that never got a chance
to play a bit part) such as...

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Categories: allusion, 11th grade, 12th grade, 1st grade, adventure,
Form: Rhyme

A Love's Dialogue
Unique: I need someone to hold me and tell
me it's alright.
I need someone to hold my hands and feel
my pain.
I need someone to kiss away my pain.
I need someone to look into my eyes and...

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Categories: allusion,
Form: Dramatic Verse
by Michael R. Burch
We stood, kids of the Lamb, to put to test
the beatific anthems of the blessed,
the sentence of the martyr, and the pen’s
sincere religion. Magnified, the lens
shot back absurd reflections of each...

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Categories: allegory, allusion, analogy, crazy, fantasy, imagination, magic,
Form: Sonnet
Poems About Poems Iv
Poems about Poems IV

The Toast
by Michael R. Burch

For longings warmed by tepid suns
(brief lusts that animated clay),
for passions wilted at the bud
and skies grown desolate and gray,
for stars that fell from tinseled heights
and mountains bleak...

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Categories: allegory, allusion, appreciation, art, poems, poetry, poets,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Chapter 88 -- Damian Delilah Mallory Solomon Brothers: the Billards Blowout
Early afternoon. The Solomon 
Were in their, (according to Damali)
Club house. But the reality of the
Circumstance is this. The Club 
House was the Damian Domaine.
Damian's Billards. Damian didn't 
Know it was their chosen hangout.
As the...

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Categories: africa, allusion, devotion,
Form: Alliteration

Premium Member Chapter 97 -- Damian Delilah Mallory: Family Times and Projects
Date: December  2042

Early afternoon, Damian was 
Busy in his den planning the trip 
To Trinidad. He called CJ first 
To confirm his commitment to
The project. "Hey brother you
Still on for that trip we spoke

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Categories: absence, allusion, earth day,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member Chapter 126 -- Damian Delilah Mallory Holly: Holly's Orientation and Invitation
Date:   July  2049

Early morning combinations 
Personal hygiene conversations
And kisses in most of the Hakim 
Households. Damian was negotiating 
For properties in Virginia namely 
Virginia Beach. He wanted the 
Prosperous realty. He spoke...

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Categories: allusion, birth, devotion,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Chapter 126 -- Damian Delilah Mallory Holly: Holly's Orientation Night Pt 2
Date:  July  2049

The expanse of the sky was darkness.
End of July 11 pm.  Dolly Molly
And Holly were keeping an all night
Party pleasant  pressureless delight.
Dolly grabbed the remote for the
Plasma 54" TV....

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Categories: allusion, confidence, courage, emotions,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member Chapter 16 -- Damian Hakim Polly Dolly and Molly: Damian's Plans and Family Time
March  2026
The final weeks of the CCC plan:
Damian and Polly planned the
Copy Cat Club convergence with
Molly and Dolly. The meet was postponed 
A few times until everything was set.
Damian and Dolly knew one another...

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Categories: allusion, best friend,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member Bergfried
I.	  The Settlement

          Hickory bark bluffs
          at the blend of two 

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Categories: adventure, allusion, metaphor, myth, native american, remember,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Pied Piper From New York City - Part One
The Pied Piper from New York City – Part One

Dare his name be said?
I say, of course, Yes! 

The Pied Piper, himself, is the man, the myth, the legend.
And they, the so-called incurious lot of...

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Categories: allusion, america, betrayal, corruption, judgement, new york,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Chapter 84-- Damian Delilah Mallory: Quest
Date: December 2040

Damian is on the phone speaking 
With architects.  He made
Airline and hotel reservations.
 Soon Afterwards he went 
To Molly and caressed her away from
From a sweet dream. "Hey, baby girl."
He sat on...

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Categories: africa, age, allusion, beauty, black love, boy,
Form: Alliteration
The Dancing: the Last Dance
Was it a cruel twist of fate?
Sneering, laughing chance?
Perhaps something I ate?
A bad bout of happenstance?

It wrenched and tore at my gut,
A sickening, sober, foreboding sign.
Wretched chance it was not,
This time was by insidious design.


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Categories: allusion, analogy, angst, anxiety, dance, dark, metaphor,
Form: Rhyme
Social Privy

What does this vastly misunderstood word mean to you? 

Too what ends? 

May we seek? 

Who(m) may guide us? 

Endless deliberation (spiss spiss spiss)

Debated and glorified by us all 

Beloved; instilled among (a) core...

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Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, adventure, allusion, analogy, anxiety,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Jean-Louis Barrault As I Lay Dying
Heavy storm was sweeping dark Paris streets
Lit with dim lights that dreary November night 
With ghostly shadows lurking in the corners
Cold wind dancing with dirty wet leaves fallen 
In the water pools in the middle...

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Categories: allusion, art, death, french, imagery, life, philosophy,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member My Eyes the Painting Photograph In the Sky- -
"I am a painter and my eyes are the paint brushes I had if I look up with my open eye I see the Horizon I see the clouds to be continued
Oh shutter as I...

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Categories: allusion, analogy, appreciation,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member The Reunion
They came from as far a way as New York and Dallas Texas. The class of 1981 wasn't a large class, it was the very first class of a very very private school. Their school,...

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Categories: allusion, death,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Speaker, Subject, and Theme In Edna St Vincent Millay's ''Women Have Loved Before As I Love Now''
“Women Have Loved Before As I Love Now”
by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Women have loved before as I love now;
At least, in lively chronicles of the past-
Of Irish waters by a Cornish prow
Or Trojan waters by...

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Categories: allusion, betrayal, desire, literature, love, passion, poetess, sin,
Form: Prose
Psychotic Trip

Feeling really beat,  I went to bed early last night
Suddenly awakened feeling something’s not right
There was total darkness, I was not in my room
Lying on a cold flooring, with a feeling...

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Categories: allegory, allusion, dark, dream, evil, horror, night,
Form: Rhyme
Call it curiosity
"Call it curiosity"
Does anyone on this app really believe
That somehow or another every one of us
Truly think that one side is meant to deceive 
Or that one side is the one that is only one...

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Categories: abuse, allusion, america, anger, angst, anxiety,
Form: Free verse
The Dancing: the Return Thereof

After banishing my foe off to hell
The Lord took pity on my soul 
And returned it to my undead shell
Again, I was alive and whole

But the consequences of a second chance
Meant that I would have...

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Categories: allusion, analogy, angst, anxiety, dance, dark, metaphor,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Chapter 11-- Damian Hakim: Cj and Julius
Date   November  2019

Damian was glad to Be back home
Now he searched his room for anything 
Out  of place. He wanted the same
Set up that he had at Uncle Tyler's.
So they had...

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Categories: absence, allusion, funny love, giving, home,
Form: Prose
The Last Train, Part I
On the canvas of a cold, grey, winter sky,
In large black letters above the Iron Gate,
Read the message: "Arbeit Macht Frei".
A shrewdly sinister, propagandist lie,
Designed to deceive all of our eventual fate.
This was the very...

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Categories: allegory, allusion, analogy, holocaust, horror, loss, memory,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Chapter 102 -- Damian Delilah Mallory Dj Damali Cj: Trinidadian Vacation Relations
Date:  June  2045

Dolly asked rubbing Damian's 
Back  "My big bear, how are
We going to celebrate Joshua's 
Birthday? Hmm?"  Damian said,
"Maybe take him and the kids to
An amusement park."  
"Yeah okay,"...

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Categories: allusion, business,
Form: Alliteration
Rise Above It
A man who lacks a sleep schedule.
In a home that houses not only him
But his very own mother
His daughter who comes equipped with
Her very own mother too

Honey girl rises with the sun and sets with...

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Categories: allusion, analogy, anxiety, betrayal, deep, discrimination, wisdom,
Form: Free verse