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A Love's Dialogue
Unique: I need someone to hold me and tell me it's alright. I need someone to hold my hands and feel my pain. I need someone to kiss away my pain. I need someone to look into my eyes and tell me my faults. I need someone to stay by my side not minding the storm. I need someone to stir my heart with love. I need someone to hug and feel my dreams. Josh: Can i be the one? To stir your heart till you're in love drown? Unique: No Josh: She has broken my heart Without club,without dart. But with the tools of her hands, Wits,skills,graced with strands. And i think Can i? My brain blink. Unique: I didn't mean to break your heart I only set the cart right. Josh: Right you said? When my soul you misled How can that be? A bile in cooked meat What taste does it gives? Battered soul singing hymns. Joyful joyful she meant. But here,odd it lent. Unique: Bile,it gives bitterness. But what does it have to do with the goodness, Your heart crave In the love's cave? Josh: What meant thou? That i use another man's plough? Or that my choice Is tossed by another man's force. Unique: Surely you should know In the wrong place thee sow. Josh: Com'on life will tell little About the wailing beetle. Unique: Really!!! Is life that silly. Josh: Do i really know Or don't i innocent show? That one heart belong to one? And when one's one,then whose one? Life often mimick All celestial lyrics Thus does life give a crown, To the 'street dancer' or the clown. But away with these, And let's on the matter our mouth fixed. Unique: Innocent my foot!! I can even tell when thou art mute. Josh: Tell me of man's heart That you've shattered,on or unknown with dart. Unique: If truly it was shattered Does that really matter? He should pick up the piece And leave in peace. Josh: Ho,by heaven will you believe, And for seconds be relieved? That a truth often is a truth Be it hail from any root. And How could a piece make peace, When piece pissed all peace piece? Unique: Even from the lifeless root? Deep down the earth's tooth? Josh: Lifeless you say? Oh that i pray, Atleast may I be lifeless, Till the right word hail from your duplex. Unique: When will that be? Where will that be? Josh: When ho i think Maybe when you feel. A word hails from a source, When there is enough in its purse. Unique: When the source is dry, Will it then cry? Josh: A river flows yet in pride As its water take her on ride. Let your sweetening words take me on ride, And then i'll fly. Unique: My words have no wing, Let that ring. Josh: Oh! Let the rain fall And the source the tall That a drop may drip As she take me on love's trip. Of they do By natures rule. For if they don't, How will it reach you: sont? Unique: Now i get it But can you sit? To wait for my soothing word To take thee to the strange world. Where love do not stay Nor would you have a say. Josh: Of course i can If that be the maiden's plan. Anywhere you go will I, In dale,valley or shy. Oft you're there,i'll be there. Even if love cease,let be there the pair. Even if thy shadow i see, That's enough a meal, I'll feast on it, Till i'm by you filled. Unique: There shall we be... But how will we see? Josh: By thy shadow: It alone will i follow. Worry not how we'll see, Let first embark on the trip. Are you ready to go? I'll get luggages,off we'll go. Unique: Will my word be long, To take thee along? Josh: Let it be in Jupiter, Just be my bearer. Unique: Isn't it better you sit, For thy rib on love's seat? Josh: What good does it does, When you are not there,you of course? If thee take no delight in me I'll prefer death be my meal. Unique: How will I? How can I? Give my heart to thee in lie? Josh: And how can I? Continue living in Strife? Unique: Strife will end If thou could send. My heart belongs to him, Only to him. Josh: And mine to you, Only to you. Will he take it in full, Like i do? Solve the puzzle: Love's lane often tumbles. Unique: He will! If I can prepare my hearts meal. Josh: I've gotten all i need. Thanks spoon,for the meal. Unique: I have no spare spoon for thee, For he owns the key. Josh: A meal,that's to you, a meal. But may be to him a mill. A munch of words in my mouth, Bid me 'go to north and south', I'll tell but few riddles, Riddle of two seperate minds clinging like beetles. Hahaha. Fear not,you own the star. But regard choice. For that can give it sauce. If his choice choose Who can untie and loose? Poetry teach my many, And to her i'm married. Not one maiden shakes me, But my dear and darling poetry. All i did are but fun, Thereabout,Series of pun. But be diligent, Sow your grain with diligence. Josh had his say, Good turn rolls at you,I pray. Unique: The say which i shall keep i bay, For the coming day. When i shall have a say, To tour the love's way. Josh: But If I be serious, Don't you think,I have so many a way like millions? To get a maiden's heart And mend it to mine art? But let that be a tale That a man can get his mail. Unique: When my pen shall bleed my muse Will you then refuse? Josh: Wait till words beckon to you. Then,you have such rule. Unique: Then will i explore your way, I'll let you know you have no say. Josh: If my wits bids me, Who can make me retreat? And if by spirit i'm tossed, Tell me if you won't dose. Unique: I can tie thee to a seat, With my word's feet. Josh: Caught by my spell, Only heaven can you tell, Seat of no feet, That can't hold a teeth. That's if by name you can discern Or you're by it rent. And how will you feel, If it be real, That one of whom you care, Is by heart and heart there? Unique: The spell will i shell And send to hell. I'll make thy words tie thee, And my words tame thee. Don't you think it's high time, We considered out clime And make our word be done. And let our soul be gone? Josh: To distant maiden That would have you laden. That,if you can For with me is variant plans. If that's by you right, For i'll write day and night. But if thee be tired, And by sleep you're hired. Be to sleep in fun, Go swiftly and be gone! Unique: I wiil then say Good night, And safe journey in thy flight. Josh: (Will i indeed fly, Or tread on sky?). And I Aureviour, As thy man's wits sloped into my diar'. Myself and he will be in your dream, Prepare to see a great movie. 18:01:21:21:15 Written By: AJOSHBERRY DUET UNIQUE
Copyright © 2020 Adeyemi Joshua. All Rights Reserved