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justice What does this vastly misunderstood word mean to you? Too what ends? May we seek? Who(m) may guide us? Endless deliberation (spiss spiss spiss) Debated and glorified by us all Beloved; instilled among (a) core integrity Coddled and looked upon/after with parental instinct Construed through social media Society builds (an) imagination An ideal becoming real As real as... Pain Life Death As real gets... Trusted by innocence Betrayed in founding our guilts Right depicts wrongs and lies are monologued Full fledge imaginary tales Molded like bacteria into our eternally doomed plaguing generosity after imploding back into from whence it came, plagued in Plagued out Set up by self Righteous justice delivered and plated in first class bull shit-ness Coffin(g)' bull shit (ness) Casting lie after selfish lie, inception, role played until perfection carries in action Orchestrated beautifully and directed accordingly suiting presentation of currency Whether that be in time or it of monetary value Emotionally effective, affected by minds' deception Chords stroked with brilliance master bated egotistical(s) religiously every night before bed Wet dreamt down covered by impost and then ingested along side with breakfast... forgotten Conveniently revealed through indecent exposure, then paraded around, as if to be considered within the same sentence(s) as truth; nonetheless, lied through a tooth Nails chalk board out records' as screeching can be seen screaming for more farce facts Depart from Truth Depart from? Fact How? How can you expect me to depart from any? How? As if I can possibly part path ways of destiny What am I left with to depart from once I deplane thyself? Wouldn't destiny choose my fate prior to departure and my fate be eternally booked reasonably just? Depart from society? Asking miraculous birth of mortal man; imperfectly deficient (of) Depart from paths paved in black tar and crushed rock created by belief of/invisible value placing objects, taxed paid tolled and replayed cyclically fooling ignorant man into personally disbelieving in (the) passing perfect dream Filling lines at check stands following the footsteps of order Control Instructed to Portrayed vividly by Whispering lies slip through vestal ears and colored in, between the lines Lines? Lines layed out by leadership and puzzled people are peices used Valued by our circumstantial net worth under what true value capable Able to Impossible to comprehend Incomprehensible possibilities A perfect perfidy Our eternally tragic flaw Our destiny Or destination Currently aboard Physical and mental residency Unreasonably reasoned into reasons (to which we reside) Everything happens for a reason Excusing moral complex of duty Temporary relief, masking our seams in convenient tape Order observed The fools fall for it every time! (HA ha ha Ha ha) Easy to carry out this conducted charade Ducks in a row line up to shoot fish in a barrel (word-play) Bait tackles hooks line and sinker (play-on) The wheels in the sky keep on turning (word player) Spinning up webs, interlacing lies formulated with meticulous planning, and practiced... and perfected... Sculpted into real life Believed intrepidly with ease Creation Created man kind Man kind is in fact, a creation Singular significance is but a lie away from an insecurity Trapping man after man with its tricks and treating him to an easy life, laid out in scripture, utilizing deception to coerce belief in a mass scale. (on) Social strategy that relies on deception and is ordered and instructed (in) Climates' of change are handled accordingly, (and) shifts are taken in, (and) handed out as the players rotate, cyclically fluctuating so to suit the finite demands—that is life and also—death Who is the (at) top Who is the (at) bottom Maybe the bottom is the top and the top is simply a cycle shift away from hitting rock bottom (at) Cycle We being the jokers All of us Played by ourselves Only as great as our greatest and as weak as our weakest and more likely ruled by the majority party (-on dude) Major jack asses (Salute;) Ordering our own destiny (it would seem) Collectively dissolving Only to be as a lie (the) A lie we tell We believe (the) Convincing each other of our insignificance and conveniently maintained. (lie) Filing into lines, we order our own indignation. (righteous) Interpreted by the "higher" as a blessing and disguised by the "lower" as weakness. (class) Morals are departed from by the majority and circumstance reveals present coarse while the story tells timely tales as lies are simply adjusted—like a tune—and radiated through glorification; (and) ratified by righteousness to personally appear (as); just. (if) Justice is what we all reason it to be. (only) Reasons that make it ok to condone such (a) lie. Cycles of life effect change and affect us—accordingly Cycles are continuous and ironically—polarizing. The tip top of the tippy top is but a click clock from a clicky clock—(away)—from rock bottom. (bot) Temporary Circumstantial Cyclic Collected And collectively believed at a mass scale majority (to be) perceived and conceived ingested molested and righteousness is ultimately elected; articulated (as) we believe lies (to the) reality (of) such nature (to) become... (extents) of justice 10-31-16 (Boo)
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