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Long Aggressor Poems

Long Aggressor Poems. Below are the most popular long Aggressor by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Aggressor poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member PermaCultural Trust
The organic building of a coordinated artist
begins with reconstructing competitively clumsy LeftBrain technicians.

Whether learning to play the piano
or learning to communicate in some new language
or learning to adopt,
and/or adapt,
norms and nuances of some new cultural...

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Categories: aggressor, art, birth, bullying, earth day, giving, health,
Form: Political Verse

East west north or south which way should I go?
East West north or south, I just want to sing and shout
We have just had a nice little shower,
To cool down the boiling temperature, 
but it...

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Categories: aggressor, appreciation, business, fish, food, good friday, ocean,
Form: Narrative
The Quiet Storm's the Worst
A Storm is brewing, quietly churning above.
Residents working to prepare a town tradition.
Mobilizing able citizens, attempts to guarantee success.
A hundred year tradition, the town's shining gem
Times are changing, still they cling to the past.
As if...

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Categories: aggressor, allegory, allusion, corruption, destiny, religion, storm,
Form: Prose Poetry
Spy vs Poet - pen trickery
Spy vs. Poet - pen trickery

(A collaborative poem by Serena Storm and Joel Thornton)

Dissimulating cloak – an apocryphal script 
Ah, I see "I" the spy has stumbled upon new tricks 

Disloyalty - The Perfidy -...

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Categories: aggressor, creation, giggle, hyperbole, life, romantic, strength, words,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member My Earliest Memory
 I was in a museum. I suppose there were many displays of animals mounted or posed in 
their realistic forms to show them as they appeared in their natural environment. However, I 
recall only...

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Categories: aggressor, introspectionme, animal, memory, animal, me, memory, mother,
Form: Narrative

Politicians put their souls for sale
So they can sip cocktails
Riding the coattails of the working class
It's a mass barrage of phonies and poison gas
But everyone's going too fast to take a stand
And demand the justice...

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Categories: aggressor, america, anger, political, spoken word,
Form: Free verse
If you should tell
All that you have bottled up
Who will you tell?
Who will believe you?
Stories of swollen head, slit lips
Blood, brimstone and bonfires 
Laboriously ignited to silence
Rats, rabbits, dogs, roaches and mosquitoes 
Stories of brazen...

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Categories: aggressor, anti bullying, black african american, future, life,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Poetic Piece On The Pitch
There is a calming sense 
When flipping a jaded pence 
A bit coin motion 
Needing a peaceful mind potion 
A pound here 
And a beer 
Does appear 
From the dear 
Working the bar 
Remembering a...

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Categories: aggressor, games, international, men, military, peace, soccer, sports,
Form: Rhyme
And Liberty For All

Our nation’s liberty remains stern and strong,
Though there are people who wish us to fall.
Our shields are the strength of our nation's force,
And the will of the people will never default.
Composed of people...

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Categories: aggressor, courage, faith, patriotic, voice,
Form: Rhyme
Joy in Weakness
And here you had me thinking
That I was the scum of the earth
That you were the Queen of the Night
And that you had everything all figured out

And here you had me dreaming
Of turning back the...

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© Derek Chos  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: aggressor, abuse, farewell, joy, moving on, prejudice,
Form: Free verse
The King of Trumpland
The King of Trumpland

From TV land and a brash hotel
Appeared a huckster who lived to sell
Dreams to those who longed to hear
A voice free of bull, pity and fear,
Selling the dream of a new frontier,

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Categories: aggressor, america, anger, angst, anxiety, betrayal, death, war,
Form: Rhyme
Bangladesh: The Birth of a Nation - I
We were one people, neighbours and kin
Before independence and the politician’s whim
In August’47, the brotherhood ended
The country was partitioned and we were independent

Democracy worked in India, floundered in neighbouring Pakistan
Victim to army rule and the...

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Categories: aggressor, history, night, night, sky,
Form: Narrative
Not down with this sickness
There is a system 
That turns innocent to victim..
And the aggressor turns to witness.
There’s a sickness in this business.
The whole judicial system is with this!
Swept under the rug with a quickness..

Children being taken by force...

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© James West  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: aggressor, abuse, anger, betrayal, bullying, business, corruption, death,
Form: Free verse
the malkavian - chapter one - the embrance - part two
with ravenous intentions, their clothes getting tossed about
before retreating to seclusion under virgin white sheets
chests heaving, bodies writhing, lips locked and never parting
frolicking over and spent, he on his back, her on his chest
a few...

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Categories: aggressor, dark, fantasy,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Intellectual Properties
A property needing protect 
Postal delivers reads address printed “the intellect”
A smart move it would be 
To arm oneself with the concept known as the degree 
Brainy acts can go too far 
Upended with a...

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Categories: aggressor, class, education, graduation, growing up, home, judgement,
Form: Rhyme
So, This is Christmas
Slip my hand into yours and let 
me walk with you....

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Categories: aggressor, christmas,
Form: Free verse
Feeling the need to put my words/thoughts in a letter
Not sure if hearing from me makes you dither...
Or rather makes you want to quiver
Sending shock waves to your liver

Saying you want to get to know...

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Categories: aggressor, life, me, life, me,
Form: Rhyme
Tom's Tid Bits
Bridal Party- what horses have when they get new saddles

al dente' vegetables- vegetables hard enough to dent your teeth

Oregano- the Italian section of a northwestern state

John Doe- a hooved animal that frequents prostitute deer

Civil Defense-...

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© tom bell  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: aggressor, funny, on writing and words, parody, satire,
Form: Burlesque
The Divinity Within
"Lower your hands, pull up the pants so the ankles are bare 
Keep a beard, shave the mustache don't you know it's a prayer! 
Bend down more, bow your head, this is your life, you...

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Categories: aggressor, religiongod, world, heart, god, heart, me,
Form: I do not know?
The Eternal Patrol
The U-boat left the mouth of the French harbour
Under cover of darkness for these German Navy martyrs
To the North Atlantic they went to sink Allied shipping their bent
Their plan was to cut Britain's supply line...

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Categories: aggressor, war, world war ii,
Form: Ballad
Trapped Dreams
Sound of kitchen supplies,
Lonely espresso in the morning.
I wore deception and walked through the 
Willingly blind people 
That crowded the cemented roads;
Ants each with a role, 
Some carrying the weight of no answers
Some the weight...

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Categories: aggressor, abuse, angst, anxiety, childhood, depression, dream, fear,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Freddie

Friendship you offered me freely
Ready always to help and advice
Each comment structured and balanced
Delightful were the words you wrote
Drawing pictures and visions in the mind
Invoking thoughts that inspired
Each phrase and verse chosen well

I read...

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Categories: aggressor, death of a friend, friendship, loss,
Form: Acrostic
Before The Storm
I sit on a chair in an empty room, alone.
My eyes nervously peer out the window, somewhere out there torture and doom awaits,
I'm in an emotional state. 
I contemplate. 
Should I let the sun shine...

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Categories: aggressor, blessing, dark, desire, emotions, independence day, wind,
Form: Rhyme
Conflict, killing, death and destruction 
Fiery clouds like volcanic eruptions 
Sweeping across as if winds from hell 
Oblivious of the cries or the tolling of bells 

Ravaging, raping, mother earth 
Humanity forgotten, savagery first 

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Categories: aggressor, warlust, mother,
Form: I do not know?
Alphabet war.........

A is for aggressor, they're the ones who start wars, 
B is for breath, when a bullet takes yours. 
C is for Chieftain, a great British tank, 
D for the death in trenches so...

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Categories: aggressor, war,
Form: Rhyme