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Joy in Weakness

And here you had me thinking
That I was the scum of the earth
That you were the Queen of the Night
And that you had everything all figured out

And here you had me dreaming
Of turning back the clock night after night
Hating myself more and more
Wishing I was strong as you

And here you had me screaming
Pain in my chest as you clung to another
Images of you two sweating your rhythm
And with me loathing my own sexuality

And now I can only laugh
As I find out your truth
That you're still the haughty winter princess
That flew too close to the sun

That you still haven't gotten over a thing
That the thought of me happy still tears you apart
And so you came back to keep me under your heel
While I drank the rain that was your tears

You laughed at me for wanting comfort in another
And here you are, doing the same thing
You cling to the ideals you set for yourself
As the Queen of a kingdom of emptiness

And this is my greatest joy
Knowing that not only am I right
But I've always been right
And the only one in the world who thought differently was you

You were the only one who agreed to abuse me
You were the only one to grind my face in the dirt
You were the only one to parade your story as fact
And ensure that the victim looked like the aggressor

The sun hasn't stopped shining on my back
Not since I forgave myself for sins I never committed
For the sins you paraded as absolute
For the sins that weren't sins

You're no Goddess
You're no saint
You're no angel of radiant light
And this Falconia isn't your Millennial Kingdom

So fly away on steel wings
Quench your lust on the body of another
Bite your lip and pretend it's love
After all, lust is a sin to you, yeah?

You're no better than me
And you never were, were you?
You're stuck slumming it out with your world of prejudice
And I'm elated now
I'm elated now
I'm elated now
I'm elated now
I'm elated now

Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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Date: 7/8/2016 1:35:00 PM
enjoyed your write Derek, thank you for sharing, **LUV SKAT**
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