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East west north or south which way should I go? East West north or south, I just want to sing and shout We have just had a nice little shower, To cool down the boiling temperature, but it was not enough to subdued the stubborn hot weather And the ceaseless pressure from the heartless aggressor This ongoing saga will soon be over because time is the master I was in a dam good mood yesterday and decided to have some sea food; I haven’t eaten shrimps or lobster for a long time so I decide to dedicate this day to myself and mine I rented a bike for two hours, and rode to a seafood restaurant along the causeway that was not too far away The restaurant rests on the side of the sea, and the view was gorgeous for sightseeing I sat at a table with my bicycle leaning close to my side I wasn’t really hungry but I just wanted to treat myself to something because it was a very Good Friday The waiter dressed in casual attire walked around As if he did not know what he was about Drug dealer or pimp? I really could not judge him He looked out of place as if he was not familiar with the place He picked up an old dusty menu that appeared to be out of use It seems like business was slow, and it was time for them to let it get a go. The table across from me seated a small family, a disabled boy, two girls a man and a woman. They looked like a happy family But the mood suddenly changed when he took the order from them. The family took a long time to make up their mind but when it was my turn I knew exactly what I wanted so I did not spend much “iffing” and “butting” I was looking forward to a seafood dish but I was in for another myth. In seconds the restaurant was filled, cars, buses and vans were pouring up the causeway, they went in several food places next door and the scene resemble an overloaded musical score The lines got longer and the causeway traffic starts to build up Yacht grounded in the sea start moving around in glee, I had no clue what was going on but it was a very Good Friday for the business people Barabbas was released and Jesus was crucified I sat at the table hoping that my order would be ready in half an hour but I had to wait for one and a half hour I was the first guest to arrive then the tourist bus dropped off the family that is sitting on the opposite side The waiter brought out water and serves the family Then he brought a glass and gave it to me. I didn’t know where it was coming from so I took a sip to wet my lips and discard he rest. The order final arrived and the waiter served the guest on the other side. It was wrong so the waiter had to bring a new one. The man and woman got their meal first but the children had to wait. I observed them closely and was hoping that they would eat together but the gluttonous man starts swallowing the food while the mother fed the disable boy from her dish The girls had to wait until they change the dish This is the first time I have witnessed such a thing. A greedy man sat at the table who cares about nothing He stuffed the food while the girls watched him eat. He had no table etiquette and this made me quite upset Shortly the children meal came; they had two big plates that could be served for four people it was impossible for them to eat all the food. Finally the waiter served my supper but everything was improper. I lost my appetite at the awful sight of the food I did not get a seafood dish, I got octopus and a few pieces of shrimps mixed up in a tomato ketchup rice I could hardly chew the hard rice and the rubber octopus It left a bad taste in my mouth, That taste was just not right And the presentation opens up a new spotlight. The tasteless food was hard to digest. I left the octopus on the side of the plate And left the restaurant in a hurry I can never find a restaurant to appease my appetite every food I eat it doesn't taste nice. I will open my own restaurant And it will be the perfect restaurant in town It will cater to the each guest taste and appetite And I will enchant them with my delight I will study their taste and flavor in advance And I will serve them with a tender hand I will not serve cabbage and wet tomato I will have the perfect sauce To go with the right vegetable Some cultures are not good at cooking And they must get out of the kitchen
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