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Rain Lay Poems

These Rain Lay poems are examples of Lay poems about Rain. These are the best examples of Lay Rain poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Lay Down
. for public domain

Set fire to our mothers' graves,
frenetic genetics is all the rave,
give "Yesterday" a parting wave,
reeling feelings now enslaved.

Exchange a useless past for...

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Categories: lay, repetition,

Premium Member One Tear
One tear slides down a slanted cheek
A silver line, the only sign

Of anguish which she does not speak
Insistent smiles, bright by design

Thin fortitude, her whitewashed...

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Categories: angst, depression, fear, sad,

Premium Member RAINBOW CL

       Bright sky, dazzling Sun, drizzling rain....

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Categories: appreciation, rainbow,

Postmen are the unsung heroes      		
Rain or shine they’re here on time	
Ten out of ten never zeros			
Such respect for postman...

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Categories: hero, rain, weather,

Premium Member Spill
The sun that blisters smiling lips
will warm our blood; the rain that rips
the rose’s dreaming buds will feed
its thirsty roots; the sea will bleed
the edges...

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Categories: love, love hurts,

Upon The City Lights I Lay
Upon the city lights I lay;
This place, a house, or home?
Two-thousand and four,
Teen years of age;
The home I've had,
Now gone.
The rustic form of nights and...

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Categories: lay, how i feel, journey,

Premium Member To my darling daughter, as I lay me down
As I lay me down to sleep, for the last and final time
I leave you, my daughter, with this testament's chime

No matter the temperature, no...

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Categories: lay, appreciation, light, love, nature,

Premium Member They Lay in Dust
By their graves I kneel
And speak to the stone slabs
As I listen to the wind
Their beds are under sun and rain
Tiny babies to grandparents
Who speak...

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Categories: lay, bereavement,

Premium Member Free-will your soul, lay down your pain
It was a candle that danced the flame
It was a song that soothed the pain

The road so heavy 
The going long

The hills were mountains
The streams...

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Categories: lay, beautiful, bereavement, freedom, goodbye,

She Would Lay in the Wind
Shadows fell softly
on her velvety kiss.
My first memory of 
this evening...

This troubling illusion
keeps tricking my mind.
Yet, all alone is where I find me.

I remember her...

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Categories: lay, lonely,

As You Lay
As you lay

Do you feel my spirit?
As you lay upon my chest,
Do you feel my heart beat?
As you lay with me and rest.

Do you feel...

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Categories: lay, soulmate,

Premium Member Among The Trees Lay My Ashes All About
Among The Trees Lay My Ashes All About

Among the trees lay my ashes all about
once I was free, so let my spirit shout
All life works...

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Categories: lay, death, deep, earth, imagination,

Sleep is a beautiful thing.

I have retired from my journeys.

When I wake in morning, I sing about the joy of life and living.

Bean Town begins...

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Categories: business, caregiving, character, city,

Must Savour the First Rain
Must Savour the First Rain

Like love, it comes after a long pining
The smell of the first meeting
Of the falling water and the fine soil
Reminiscent of...

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Categories: freedom, happy, , Lullaby,

Lay me to rest
I long for you, my precious maze.
Windows shut, I feel your gaze.

The waves have raged, our blissful shore,
Running from the fearless winds, I shall let...

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Categories: lay, death, me,

Where spirits lay
Where spirits lay 

          This is a place our spirit lays,

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Categories: lay, life

Big City Life I See You
Looking out onto to the glare off the streets, it almost appears as if the asphalt were a 

sheet of glass, as the rain pours...

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Categories: life, people, social, urban,

Where spirits lay

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Categories: lay, visionary

Nicole (A Tropical Depression)
The earth grew loose and fell away
The rain just poured, and poured today
The winds rose up and help her slay
The vanities men adored of clay...

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Categories: natural disasters, nature

A Lesson Learned
We tend to write when things are on our mind.
We hope and pray that in time we'll find,
Our hope of dreams and dream of hopes.

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Categories: faith, inspirational, life, lovewrite,