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New Poems

The concept of you and I 
happily together
is a beautifully woven paradox.

Both a blessing and a curse.
Full of conflicting ideas and loud words
that always transition back to 
soft whispers and gentle fingertips. 

Nonsensical in its entirety,
but worth the effort nonetheless.

Strong...Read More
Categories: jellyfish, beautiful, blessing, emotions, happiness, love, universe,
Form: Free verse

Wonderful Sea
Wonderful sea, you gracefully,

send us blue waves, on hot summer days.

Blue like the sky, your waves wave hi.

How kind could you be wonderful sea?

Starfish, dolphins, sharks and whales,

Jellyfish, crabs, the corral reef as well!

You make me smile, all the while.

Your...Read More
Categories: jellyfish, memory, sea, smile,
Form: Rhyme

Dim tunnels curve a segmented ocean.
Bat-winged feeding specters
browse glass. Scaly hulls
blow gas tanks. Rainbow skimmers
flick and soar.

A child’s sweet nose pressed
against a face so horrible,
bubbles of fear pop
in my brain.

Above us, jellyfish swim,
dendritic minds dangling.
tentacles of electric awareness.

Sharks circle waiting...Read More
Categories: jellyfish, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Family's Furiously Fab Reunion
Anecdotal ancestors are anxiously arriving.
Bringing Betty’s bugs behind Beauty’s book bag
Creepy Clementine chases Crazy Charlie
Deliberately doing dainty delicate dynamics.
Effortlessly engaging exciting English earls.
Furthermore furiously finding frivolous friends.
Generous grandma gestures gaily.
Hoping heavy hitters help Heroic Henry.
Ideally Indigo instills inky interment in...Read More
Categories: jellyfish, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, word
Form: ABC
Strangers and Wives

I wake up with her,
check myself,
eyes creaking like blind stars.
She’s strange, she’s yesterday,
I remember us the week before;
wonder if tomorrow
will fade us both out completely.

We don’t get to know them -
the wives I mean.
Living together we grow
too myopically tangled, and...Read More
Categories: jellyfish, poetry,
Form: Blank verse

Premium Member MIAMI BLUES
   not by shark
      nor by jellyfish
feeling the sting of seaweed

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Categories: jellyfish, sea,
Form: Free verse
Destiny Of The Sea Dragon
Awoken by the sun shining through the ocean surface.
My scales give off a glow.
Good morning to the blue.
A mirror of the sky.
Spiraling endlessly upwards and downwards.
Further and further I go.

Coral labyrinths surround me.
Hiding small lives in themselves.
The growing forest of...Read More
Categories: jellyfish, journey, sea,
Form: Free verse
Sea Woes
I chartered a boat for sea fishing
Those waves just kept swelling and swishing
But when the boat stopped
My stomach had flopped
To be back on land I was wishing

To go swim in the sea is so sweet
Though I swim like I'm made...Read More
Categories: jellyfish, animal, boat, fishing, humor, sea,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Blub Blub Squish
One little jellyfish swam quite free
Swishing and gurgling capriciously
With the hiccups it seems
Propelling his jet streams
Back and forth simultaneously

Two tiny seahorses swam in place
Gawking at jellyfish face to face
One said "NO!" does he know
There's a shark at his toe
Ready to...Read More
Categories: jellyfish, fun, humorous,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Devotion to the Ocean

An ivory pearl rests gently upon her shell;
she feels the ease of the breeze upon water-
ripples of new beginnings are soft when
there’s beauty inside a clam.

The teal and tangerine coral plays with fleeting 
fins, lost in sight as seahorses tenderly...Read More
Categories: jellyfish, nature,
Form: Verse

Adventure, faith, and life
Who do we owe for this…?
Grow calmly like a clear sun
Created by who, He’s the one...
Adventures in the calmly rough shark infested seas
Privates rise! Captains sink
All a part of...Read More
Categories: jellyfish, adventure, analogy, conflict, fish, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Ocean's Marine Life Observations While Serving In The United States of America's Navy
Ocean's Marine Life Observations While Serving In The United States of America's Navy!

Sailing swimming seven seas 
through high winds
High choppy whitecaps seas
through fair winds
and fair seas
huge and small wakes and waves
observing beautiful and majestic scenes 
from rising and setting suns
staring...Read More
Categories: jellyfish, beach, beautiful, beauty, inspirational, meaningful, student, travel,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Jellyfish and Me
They threw me off a pirate ship
Into the path of a giant yellow jellyfish.

She had been crying for a bunch of
unsavory fools had thrown her off
another ship

Into the path of rudders that would
not have  been kind.
Luckily a wave came...Read More
Categories: jellyfish, funny,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Madcap Happiness
happiness, puppy-sweet, lapping at toes. the strumming of sea nymph shells. the laughter of intoxicated friends, slightly tipsy, imbibing in whites and reds, sharing spousal threads and temporarily forgetting the kids, though their eyes drip with tenderness, like honey, as...Read More
Categories: jellyfish, friendship, imagination,
Form: Haibun
twenty thousand leagues
i dove
to the depths
of her
ocean where
fish have become

there is no
sun in this
dark water
birth to
what on earth

there are two
two lip fish one
horizontal the
other vertical
this is
the worst
to come upon

its very 
is to
then the

Medusa Jellyfish
as it opens its lips
with something
thumping dangling
from above worm
like...Read More
Categories: jellyfish, muse,
Form: I do not know?
The Power of Nature 2
The splashes of the flowing milk and honey
Are the intricate rhythms of nature
As night falls to usher the break of dawn,
Mr. Kingfisher goes fishing by the lake
And Dr. Starling stares all night long at the stars
Whilst Mrs. Woodpecker pecks at...Read More
Categories: jellyfish, animal, appreciation, earth, environment, imagination, natural disasters,
Form: Personification
Premium Member Jelly Fish Sandwiches
Jellyfish sandwiches delicately sliced.
Two or three on a plate, scrumptious and nice.
Eat them with pinkies, raised high and proud.
Please ignore the screaming; they are ridiculously loud.
...Read More
Categories: jellyfish, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Heeding the Call
Freya was not quite sure whether she dreamt or floated in a bubble of hope

Her anchor cut loose the compass’ needle bent and stuck in past of beyond

A mouldy flare with no flair a life vest punctured and riddled with...Read More
Categories: jellyfish, journey,
Form: Free verse
Your hand in mine as we look out into the blue abyss...
You can't tell where the water stops and the sky begins...
A blurred existence between dream and scattered thought...
Between what is real and what we were taught...
A place where time...Read More
Categories: jellyfish, adventure, fantasy, fate,
Form: Free verse
One day last summer,
In the stagnant July heat,
I was swimming in cool, green, waters.
As the one I loved
Dropped an anchor
From the little boat;
So that he may watch me dance.

My Hands glided
On top of the still bay
Fingertips believing it was made...Read More
Categories: jellyfish, boyfriend, break up, care, first love, growth,
Form: Narrative
In the Mariana trench 
Surrounded by holothurians 
Jellyfish and white octopuses 
We plumb the Challenger deep 
In search of Megalodon. 

                 W.A CHOLT. Copyright...Read More
Categories: jellyfish, fish, mystery, nature,
Form: Tanka
Human Aquarium
A silo water casket scintillates glow 
Green sea-weed blanket, bright red and yellow.
Pebbles and gravel, in a crystalline show.
Fizzing of bubbles the aquatic-air combo.

A vista of motion, flashes a rainbow. 
A bunch of humans thrown, in the confined gizmo. 
Dull...Read More
Categories: jellyfish, analogy, caregiving, fish, life, metaphor, ocean, rainbow,
Form: Rhyme
I am only but dreaming
I am only but dreaming 
I am sinking, 
into the deep,crisp,blue ocean.
I am falling
underneath  the salty ocean.
I don’t want to come up 
for air.
I like being under; feeling and seeing,
the green seaweed and clear jellyfish pass my feet.
I don’t...Read More
Categories: jellyfish, beach, death,
Form: I do not know?
Invertebrate Indecision

When Miss Doubtfire moved in
to their heart,
she entered dragon tail swinging
Plastered smiling walls of bachelor resistance
got knocked down
at every single candlelight date demolition

And as the henpeck frowns
rose from the rubble,
an arthropodic shell of a man
was kinda ready 
to take a...Read More
Categories: jellyfish, humorous, metaphor, relationship, satire,
Form: Burlesque
Premium Member Apoleia Phobia

Insects walk on six legs but some can fly unless
          Insecticides take over
                  ...Read More
Categories: jellyfish, people,
Form: Free verse