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Premium Member SMARTPHONE
The tech is getting better 
But everything else.........

Everything else is kinda sad
And if it isn’t sad....... it’s mad
Plastic or tragic 
A toxic avalanche of things gone bad
Even kisses.......

Everything else is like a filthy pedestrian underpass 
With half the lights out
A...Read More
Categories: hyena, culture, dark, destiny, imagery, life, perspective, technology,
Form: I do not know?

Premium Member The elephant who lost a shoe
‘Great Scott, shucks and darn, I’ve gone and lost a shoe’
cursed the elephant followed by ‘this simply will not do!’
‘The blasted thing is far too loose, I should have had it mended!
So, whoever has found my shoe must now be...Read More
Categories: hyena, humorous, silly,
Form: Rhyme
Jungle Orchestra
Music dissolved all enmity, 
Annulled natural chemistry, 
All regardless of consortia,
Came to hear the jungle orchestra. 

Maestro King Lion got all in tune,
Baboon was superb on the bassoon,
Four parrots made a splendid quartet,
Chimpanzee dazzling on clarinet.

Tiger gifted on piano keys,
Ivory’s...Read More
Categories: hyena, animal, fun, hope, hyperbole, music, peace, society,
Form: Rhyme
The hyena
Is like a hyena
Quiet n reserved
Plotting it's next move
It's prey oblivious. 
It's quickened pace
And ugly face
That never seems to smile...Read More
Categories: hyena, world, writing,
Form: Personification
Premium Member Where are Your Guns
Where are your holsters?
I don’t have any.
Where do you keep your guns?
I don’t have any.
What is wrong with you?
Lots of things.
He gives me a smirk.

Seconds later….
Do you have knives?
This is asked hopefully.
Where are they?
I stare at this four-year-old I agreed...Read More
Categories: hyena, america, humorous,
Form: Prose

Blue Waterways
Blue waterfalls run cold
in silvery moonlight’s beams;
a deer drinks river water;
cooled and refreshed,
leaps into the black forest.

Blue waterways run wild
like, hyena across the panorama
of scrub and brush;
kissed by African moonbeams.

Blue rivers are a magic elixir,
stirring the imagination
and tranquilizing the senses;
blue...Read More
Categories: hyena, nature, ocean, poems, poetry, river, sea, water,
Form: Prose
The hyena
Guess my reputation could be sweeter, but hey-
At least I'm not a skunk!
Rumour has it that we hyenas are backbiting scroungers-
 I like to call it being environmentally friendly;
No waste when I'm around, I can assure you!
I'm not the coolest...Read More
Categories: hyena, animal,
Form: Personification
Premium Member Ze Hiena
Hienas don't taik cair of higeen;
we’r fond of karrion; we drink warm jin
wizaut tonik and we neva uze
ze mornin afta peels. 
                  ...Read More
Categories: hyena, animal, death,
Form: Personification
The Hyena
I‘m not a dog or cat in the area,
I am a carnivore in Africa;
I really roam to look for food to eat,
You cannot evade my sharp and tough teeth.

I run through ungulate herds in order 
To select a victim to...Read More
Categories: hyena, animal,
Form: Personification
Premium Member The Hyena
The hyena of hypocrisy
Grips in its rotted teeth
The shreds of our democracy 
And slavers on our grief.

The Hyena
Edward Ibeh

No Ribbon Contest
Rick Parise...Read More
Categories: hyena, analogy, animal, image,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Hyena
Feral Exchange

I am well spotted and nasty and do not mind that description

Will gather my fortune whatever is your inappropriate depiction

Dig my teeth into your body and soul straight down to the bone

Leave my scent on your remains with a...Read More
Categories: hyena, psychological,
Form: Personification
Premium Member The Hyena
  I have picked up a scent, something's been killed
  And I can hear my feline foes growling still
  I trot off to the scene with bloodthirsty zeal
 Hoping to purloin a fresh meal

 At the scene,...Read More
Categories: hyena, africa, cat, nature,
Form: Personification
Sneaky snivelling dog,
Creeping around for gain,
Snatching whatever comes close,
No understanding of pain.

The pain that other things suffer,
The agony of dying for real,
I hope you never do realise,
Or empathise, notice, or feel.

But never forget the family,
The pull to provide for the...Read More
Categories: hyena, africa, dog, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Emperor Gaius Tommaso

Hail the Emperor Gauis Tommaso
In his gold chariot with a white horse
Popular with Romans who loved him so
For bringing in lax laws he did enforce.

He freed all the slaves and ended the games
Twelve senator's plotted to overthrow
A spy in the...Read More
Categories: hyena, humorous,
Form: Sonnet
The Hyena
Hey step right up,come on down!
Welcome to Africa!
I'm not like other dogs.
Though I am pleased to eat you!
On second thought,for now,I might just go away.
Because if the lions catch you,I won't be welcomed to stay.
The last thing you'll be hearing...Read More
Categories: hyena, animal,
Form: Personification
The Honey Badger
Office manager Mr. Honey Badger called his administrative assistant Mr. Bloodhound into the office. Honey badger was extremely mad because he looked out of his office window and could see that the folks in the office were whispering and snickering...Read More
Categories: hyena, anger, animal, emotions, love, work,
Form: Personification

Dirt, grass and wildlife govern 
The Savanna
Elephant, lion, hyena
Roam the  land 
We pride on our livestock 
Of goat and cow
There’re all we’ve got to survive 

Our journey on foot
Will leave our mothers worried and shook
For the bold and untamed...Read More
Categories: hyena, africa, animal, beauty, books, boy, class, education,
Form: Free verse
Amusing terror
Rat carrying cheese as holy oil
Lion sitting on a goat as sofa set
Hyena in the pulpit as day’s preacher
Eagle keeping penguins as security
Monkeys playing flutes as jesters
In church stair they do their things
In watchful eyes of heaven and earth
...Read More
Categories: hyena, irony, leadership,
Form: Elegiac Lyric
Premium Member Vicissitudes into Light

"Vicissitudes into Light"

You are another world
away from me
stretching far from 
his insanity

Diving into a new 
Dimensions that 
are the truest You

From the dark deep 
Ocean of sinking blue
Reach on the wave
in my wake 
I gift to You

You are stronger
than...Read More
Categories: hyena, for her, freedom, journey, my child,
Form: Free verse

It’s sunset in late afternoon, where towards a water pan,
A pride of lionesses, approach with a much rehearsed plan,
Followed by a clan of mobsters,
Hyenas cackling luridly like monsters,
All wanted the impala buck, upon seeing them he ran!

The...Read More
Categories: hyena, animal,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Ode to the No-Thing
laughing like a hyena comes naturally
to those deprived of sanity
for more than five hours at a
time is long and sometimes silent
though not often still
water runs expressing her course
having no authority to deepen herself at will
lounging on one side and then...Read More
Categories: hyena, inspiration,
Form: Blank verse
Hillary, dear Hillary—where do we begin?
In your tale of deceit and corrupt political spin.
First lady, poor victim—
‘Vast Right Wing’ to blame,
A Chicago born, carpet bagging, New Yorker—how lame.
For over four decades, you ruthlessly fought,
Every virtuous ideal the forefathers sought.
With convictions...Read More
Categories: hyena, america, anger, corruption, farewell, political, power, symbolism,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Reuniting With First Love At Reunion
Sheila dressed carefully, greeting first love in fits of anticipation,
Amid glittering disco ball promoting twenty-fifth year class reunion,
Drum master is at play, thumping Sheila’s traitorous heartstrings
Heart seizes brain’s logic. Goodness! There he is now!

Exposing her heartfelt imagined playoff,
Lifetime daydream of...Read More
Categories: hyena, age, dream,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member AFTER FACT
Grieving tongues of misguided teeth;
Sucking virtues holding its peace;
Lighted candles on the ground;
Love lost people hurting on;

and I after fact
and I think about all this

Rupture subdued causal;
Holographic montage of holy statues;
Pangs of a mother's child;
Grounded hunters hunting wild;

and I after...Read More
Categories: hyena, adventure, analogy, animal,
Form: Free verse
Haunting Intrigue Stoked
Though the necks
sighting of Ichabod Crane
humungous horror
helplessly harassing,
hellish hyena howling,
hideously hounding,
headless Halloween
hair raising happening,

regarding haunting
horseman spectre,
not due to arrive
(in gremlin, golem, and
goblin crawling theaters
everywhere in outer limits
of twilight zone),
come October thirty first

two thousand, and nineteen
divination trap
pings can never
be implemented overly
soon...Read More
Categories: hyena, 11th grade, america, autumn, fear, holiday, imagery,
Form: Free verse