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Best Hyena Poems

Below are the all-time best Hyena poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of hyena poems written by PoetrySoup members

An Old Hyena Stalks the Pack
Lurking in the darkest shadows,
she looks for one of us to hound,
trying to catch a little glimpse
as she staggers along and limps

Spittle and drool keeps...

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Categories: hyena, animal, culture,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member The Hyena
  I have picked up a scent, something's been killed
  And I can hear my feline foes growling still
  I trot off...

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© Joseph May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hyena, africa, cat, nature,
Form: Personification
Of Road Rage and the Poetrysoup Profanity Policy
As Joe was biking down the side of the road
He ran across a chap with a dearth of driving skills.  
Or more accurately, the...

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Categories: hyena, anger, conflict, culture, funny,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member My Cry
Mongrels gyrating on the edge of town
This it now- its going down
The chant electric, the doomsday count
It matters not that no one speaks a word

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Categories: hyena, angst, anti bullying, anxiety,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Zebra Mystique

I want to ride a zebra

and race the rays of radiance
through heat-waves sailing gradients -

a folly wild - a mood untamed
elated hands in bristled mane

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Categories: hyena, adventure, animal, dream, fantasy,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Vicissitudes into Light

"Vicissitudes into Light"

You are another world
away from me
stretching far from 
his insanity

Diving into a new 
Dimensions that 
are the truest You

From the dark deep...

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Categories: hyena, for her, freedom, journey,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A BUSH FIRE
One scorching afternoon,
A sudden splintering sound...

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Categories: hyena, animal, fire,
Form: Rhyme
So many shades of green
visitin me aunty Cushla
For the first time in Ballybay
I found meself beside a signpost
An I stopped to find me way.
It was then I spied a...

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Categories: hyena, funny,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Mariner
The Mariner's old salted-air skin,  leather tight,
on a mast-hard frame of bones
and flash flood rushing blood,
faces ice-fed winds bouncing his ship
and helm cockeyed on...

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Categories: hyena, adventure,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The elephant who lost a shoe
‘Great Scott, shucks and darn, I’ve gone and lost a shoe’
cursed the elephant followed by ‘this simply will not do!’
‘The blasted thing is far too...

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Categories: hyena, humorous, silly,
Form: Rhyme
Ze Hiena
Hienas don't taik cair of higeen;
we’r fond of karrion; we drink warm jin
wizaut tonik and we neva uze
ze mornin afta peels. 

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Categories: hyena, animal, death,
Form: Personification
Premium Member VULTURES


See them...

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Categories: hyena, abuse, anti bullying,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member The next isle over
There I was.

Inside a crowded Toys R Us
On a mid-Winter’s evening

Abrasively loud 5 year olds
And depressed fathers
Ready to throw their “angelic” brethren
Into life-size Nerf basketball...

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Categories: hyena, fun, heart, life,
Form: Prose Poetry
My Africa
A dusty street, commuters meet
A taxi crowded, a route decided
Street vendors sell, plastic from China
Fresh fruit, dead meat, flies from hell
A cellphone rings,...

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© John birch  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hyena, africa, earth, people, drug,
Form: Free verse
Four Africa Poems

Full moon uneasiness
Veranda dining, seven course style,
One day after my thirty sixth birthday,
I dine alone, in a poem.
Waiting for the Moon to pass to wane...

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Categories: hyena, adventure, africa, travel, universe,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Zebra
 The Zebra she walks through the African dry
Unaware of the mare, under Montana sky

A World far away yet somehow so near
With similar interest and...

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Categories: hyena, animal,
Form: Rhyme
Lion Tooth
worn like a killer bite around the neck 
It breathes in unison with a heaving chest
offers protection like having eyes on the back
of the head...

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Categories: hyena, africa, courage,
Form: Rhyme
So that was how the beautiful piece of heaven they had on earth stopped existing
We live in a world full of anger, hate, mistrust, fear and hypocrisy, but it wasn’t meant that way. Once upon a time, thousands of...

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Categories: hyena, adventure, animals, death, fear,
Form: Narrative

Dar es salaam where I live means heaven of peace
But to me she has proved as well to be a haven of peace.
A peaceful place...

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Categories: hyena, places,
Form: Free verse
Animals found in a zoo
Zebra, Yak, Xenopus, Walrus, Vulture, Urial, Tiger, Snake, Rhinoceros, Quokka, Peacock, Orangutan, Numbat, Muntjac, Lion, Kudu, Jerboa, Iguana, Hyena, Guan, Frog, Elephant, Dromedary, Camel, Bison,...

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Categories: hyena, animal,
Form: ABC
In My Language
In My Language

This you might not know is a conversation,
It’s a conversation not of persons.
This is a conversation of multiple languages.
If you could observe the...

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Categories: hyena, funny, birth, language, sound,
Form: Epic
Led to believe 
you'd help me achieve
the grace of a ballerina
a voice operatic 
from my usual asthmatic 
cackle like a laughing hyena

Distaste despite
I endured your...

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Categories: hyena, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
The Dinner Party
The elephants were feeling down
As pachyderms oft do.
The cockatiels were quite depressed
The chimpanzees were too.

The mood among the jungle crowd
Was in short quite low,
When a...

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© Rufus Reed  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hyena, children, funny
Form: Rhyme
apology to misguided feminists
Clinton on steroids—Fiornina 
She shreds truth like a hyena
Let's make the world right
No—she’d much rather fight 
As the killer in the arena

Can Hillary have the...

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Categories: hyena, class, horror, political, truth,
Form: Limerick
Salt Lake Expression II
Caring is cool, my poetry is revolutionary, 
im scaring a school, the team is on my back and i carry them to, 
the promised land,...

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Categories: hyena, art, feelings, film, hip
Form: Lyric