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Love Dizain Poems

These Love Dizain poems are examples of Dizain poems about Love. These are the best examples of Dizain Love poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Pieces
"When we feel our lives falling to pieces.
it's best to gather them, place in poet

Pieces of our lives, like jigsaw puzzles,
fitting in places, rejected...

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© Ann Peck  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anxiety, children, life, time,

I am capable of limitless forms
Immeasurable chaos contortions
Weathered innumerable tragic storms
Harshly judged with fanciful distortions
Taking the line to extreme proportions
I love if loving conforms to...

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Categories: strength,

Premium Member Imagine
Imagine a world void of all hate
where we could disagree and shake hands.
Kindness would wash all grief while we wait,
politeness would be in high demand,

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Categories: anger, happy, love, peace,

Premium Member Paper Roses
Paper roses I make on Valentine's
For you year round I fold, save all like mines
Mines of paper fly in the air like wines
Wines of beauty...

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Categories: emotions, flying, for her,

Premium Member Captive
Senses externalised, we’re held captive
by myriad forms of fear and desire
and so unless presence is adaptive,
bemused by illusions, it will soon tire
in pursuit of objects...

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Categories: freedom,

Premium Member Feeding A Current
The Universe plays games with a cynic,
building a refuge of restless comfort;
Not knowing what road I’m supposed to pick,
every one met with a clever retort;

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Categories: emotions, feelings, love,

Premium Member In God we trust
Let us examine why we're discontent
with the flow of life as it so appears,
signalling we're not here and now present,
oblivious to magnetism that spears
core of...

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Categories: introspection, joy, kiss, love,

Premium Member Tatters
I once was funny, made most people smile.
Children loved me because they didn't know:
I kept them laughing, yet all of the while,
my heart was aching...

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Categories: children, dedication, happy, heart,

Premium Member Twice born
Ego the doer, when observed recedes,
yet soul awareness continues to jive,
synced with love, going wherever God leads,
sipping soma nectar from the bliss hive,
feeling full of...

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Categories: god, joy, love, spiritual,

Premium Member The purpose of it all
Plotting the urge that wishes to create,
we retrace our steps into boundless space,
wherefrom springs life's pulse that does not abate.
Our innate aliveness is but God's...

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Categories: creation, muse, spiritual,

Premium Member All encompassing light
Flakes of wisdom carried by mists of bliss
osmotically permeates our form,
gripped in rapture as polarities kiss,
carried away by this benign love storm,
in joy currents that...

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Categories: joy, light, spiritual, wisdom,

Premium Member Let love flow
How to open a blocked heart, the question,
since it offers soul choice of love or hate
and though conscience offers its suggestion,
that love alone takes us...

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Categories: heart,

Premium Member Sahasrara stirs
Delighted feeling fontanel open,
petal by petal, displaying its hues,
love aligned, we sense nodes within shapen,
even as ignition within renews,
humming bliss magnetism becomes our muse.
Flow of...

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Categories: blessing, joy, spiritual,

Premium Member Incongruous
Drawn into a war that was not our choice,
we’re compelled to play the cards as they fall,
for although we wish all speak in one voice,

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Categories: betrayal, war,

Premium Member Natures Heirloom
Nature’s Heirloom

The air is so fresh at start of morning
And earth sparkles with diamanté dew
Everything looking bright and adorning
When sunshine appears to worldwide eye view

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Categories: morning, nature,