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Introspection Poems

Introspection Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about introspection. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for introspection.

New Poems

Premium Member Aggravating Nothings
"Out damned spot" where nothing grows,
a vain man's curse in the midst of perfection;
the whole, nourished and pampered
yet this blemish - snarling imperfection,
taunting like a tormentors tongue,
or YES! Perhaps perpetrated by
         ...Read More
Categories: introspection, life,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Does Anybody Even Care
You speak of my failing
Without knowing my heart
Your pity is mocking
This life playing its part

You scoff at such squalor
As you toss in a coin
Lest a hero or scholar
From your coven may join

Go home to your warm bed
Waste not one precious...Read More
Categories: fate, introspection, judgement,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member THE GIFT OF ME

I love to keep a low profile
And avoid the limelight
Flamboyance is not my style
I’m fiercely loyal, fair and giving
Looking for ways to please loved ones
By subtle random acts of kindness

I wish I could grace the whole world
With joyful melodious entertainment
I...Read More
Categories: character, desire, dream, i am, introspection, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I Am That I Am---Without End
I Am That I Am…Without End…

Listen, my heart is a soul drum
Beating the spiritual rhythms 
Of the sojourning struggle of life—
Pumping pulsating blood inking
The notes of our story—flowing 
From the past to the present—banked
In the here and now—waiting to cascade
Into...Read More
Categories: introspection, allegory, analogy, black african american, extended metaphor,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Be not what you think you are But who you are

Faith is conceptual belief
and like heaven itself 
it needs no proof
as it transcends time, place,
history, culture and space.
Yet, as faithful as we may be,
we are not of heaven
but are beings of the earth—
Unable to divorce ourselves
from the experiences of time,...Read More
Categories: allegory, analogy, faith, inspirational, introspection, metaphor, simile,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Elephant Memories

		Wisdom dwells
		In contemplation;
		There we must seek

A most wise one
once said
we must learn
to hear
with our eyes…
to see
with our ears…
to let the mind
and echo
perceived treats
nature gives—
contemplative gifts
are like elephant
...Read More
Categories: allegory, imagery, introspection, metaphor, nature, wisdom, word
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Teach Me
Teach me
Yeah teach the love in peace,
the right path of the heart
where I learn the insight

Teach me-
I am not for myself,
Honey bees hoard honey
in the hive not for own,
Flowers beauty and fragrance
for beautifying and refreshing surroundings
not for own,
Shadow of the...Read More
Categories: introspection,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I'm Pieces Into Truth
ultimate truth
lives in
known and unknown,
seen and unseen,
intuition and realistic life

for the virgin truth
none can name me
I'm defamer of God
or I'm loyal to God

present in good truth,
future of the world
continual changeable

I'm human
I'm intuitional thought
on this earth
I'm pieces into truth

-(2/17/2020 1: 11:...Read More
Categories: introspection, truth,
Form: Free verse

All things can tempt me~ I'm a scatter brain
Trying to focus causes me such pain
Distracted by a treat or herbal tea
The slightest sounds arouse and amuse me
So easy to sway my concentration
Toying with mindless laws of attraction
My attention spins often...Read More
Categories: introspection, perspective, silly, time, word play, work,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Endless Snow
Snow falls filigree,
the flakes endlessly drifting
beyond my window-
Weeping, I pen a poem
and with emotion sketch myself . . . 

February 18, 2020

Written for the contest, Let The Pens Flow - Tanka
sponsor, Jenish Somadas...Read More
Categories: introspection, nature, writing,
Form: Tanka
Premium Member LET'S PLAY

I listen closely
for that little voice
the one inside my head
the one that’s sweet
that’s fun
and frivolous
there’s a little girl
dancing in my head
she’s fickle o so mischievous
she’s whimsical
and full of energy
always ready
and most willing
to come out
and play
each and every day

posted on February...Read More
Categories: adventure, fantasy, fun, introspection, surreal, uplifting, voice,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member IT'S IN HIS EYES

I see his gaze adrift
his eyes stray miles away
were I to guess
it wouldn’t be
a far stretch to think
he’s wondering
what’s next and
where this journey’s going

I ask what he’s thinking
and he makes up some phony line
I’m not buying it but I don’t...Read More
Categories: age, angst, death, future, health, introspection, together,
Form: Free verse
Among persons known within mine barbed ken
Analogous to black box
holding untold secrets,
I share the following self
introspection with ye,
which purported hidden truths
might set me free,
albeit laborious effort

to loose constituent amalgamated
compound elements unmined
tantamount to agony
riddling psyche effort to extract
thorny matters incumbent upon me
versus tapping Androcles and the lion
think...Read More
Categories: introspection, 11th grade, 12th grade, baptism, health, leaving,
Form: Dramatic Verse
a poem for society
roses are white
and although that’s a lie
color doesn’t change
the beauty inside...Read More
Categories: analogy, introspection, prejudice, roses are red, society,
Form: Quatrain
The Blank
When I was short in years, I did not wait
to make eager mark on the siren slate.
One pause to consider the beauty there, 
then a dive into clouds of starlit air.

Always I knew of the power, so strange.
The scope of...Read More
Categories: anxiety, art, dream, introspection, time,
Form: Sonnet

it was a dark november day
the clouds hanging ominous
time seeming to stand still
the sun long gone astray

in a dark most somber mood
we headed toward memorial hill
feeling quiet lost in deep in thought
facing our mortality each in solitude

one of so many...Read More
Categories: angst, death, fear, funeral, introspection, life, silence,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member THE BRINK
Long narrow alleys without any lights 
With a smell of decay 
Lost in silent hemispheres where the fear really bites
Where the cross is sent on its way 
Where tenderness has never been 
And none of the children dare to play...Read More
Categories: betrayal, deep, introspection, life, memory, perspective,
Form: Free verse
Below the still mountain top
Below a still mountain top

I was walking through the woods below a still mountain top. 

In the valley where small furry animals played amongst the trees.

A dear looking up from a drink at the stream  to smell my scent.

As...Read More
Categories: introspection,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member THE LIFE WE WANT

meekly living
willingly giving up
our chance to create and live out
our dream

submitted on February 15, 2020 for contest MODERN OR TRADITIONAL CINQUAIN sponsored by WILLIAM KEKAULA...Read More
Categories: dream, inspirational, introspection, life, meaningful, perspective, time,
Form: Cinquain
Premium Member I'M WISER NOW

I used to do it all
But it was never enough
I’d go over and above
I’d do better than my best
And still it wasn’t up to par
Now I barely do enough
And guess what~
I’m in no worse predicament
It still isn’t enough
But at least...Read More
Categories: appreciation, introspection, judgement, peace, perspective, time, work,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member COFFEE BAR

I come for the ambiance
Curl up in the furthest corner
Quite content for life to pass me by
I like the pace
Mostly I like
That it doesn’t ask
I get involved
So I sit there
Cut the cord
Block it all out
Do my thing
It’s my second home
Where...Read More
Categories: appreciation, home, introspection, peace, silence, solitude,
Form: Free verse

In the middle of the night I wonder
Pondering what truly matters
Entertaining notions of afterlife

The hours the months the decades
A lifetime on earth is but a speck
Lost in an infinite galaxy of stars

The illusion of time standing still
For our significant life...Read More
Categories: inspirational, introspection, life, meaningful, perspective, universe, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
good riddance to bad rubbish
in hind sight 
now when i sit down and
go over the 
past in my mind 
i have come to realize
that i never truly 
loved you 
i have also discovered 
that i was never happy  
with you ever because you
had...Read More
Categories: introspection,
Form: Lyric
contrived version
lead myself 
to believe 
in this mentally 
contrived version 
of a relationship 
with you where we
were happy 
than one day you shattered 
that version into a 
million tinny little pieces 
when you left me 
now looking back in hind-sight 
the...Read More
Categories: introspection,
Form: Lyric
preconceived mold
was i just doing it 
all for her in order 
to please her 
was i desperately 
trying to contort myself 
into a shape that would fit 
into her preconceived mold
of what should and should not 
be in order to be...Read More
Categories: introspection,
Form: Lyric