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Encouraging Poems

Encouraging Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about encouragement. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for encouraging.

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supportive, promising, hopeful, reassuring,

New Poems

Be Knowledgeable, The Strategy of Survival
Where is this book 
Where can i find
It will encourage my growth 
It stimulate my mind

This book will teach me
To become a competitive rival
It’s called Be Knowledgeable 
The Strategy of Survival 

Where is this book
Where can I find
It will encourage...Read More
Categories: adventure, books, business, encouraging, inspiration, journey, motivation,
Form: Ode

Premium Member A Partnership
Always work in tandem, and...

     Pray for one another.
          Appreciate one another.
               Rely...Read More
Categories: encouraging, relationship, write,
Form: Acrostic
Morning Dew
Sun rays fills me with warmth
Reflections of the sun reflects my thoughts..
Life twisted with turns..
Curves and winding roads..
Avenues of fear..
Lost in a stream of confusion..

Reaching for the stop sign..
Dived into a dead end..

Early morning dew appears..
A soft wind blows as...Read More
Categories: encouraging, life, metaphor,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member It's Okay when I die
It’s okay when I die.
	When death reaches out and takes hold of me, my soul shall leave behind an empty shell and that’s okay with me! It won’t be me you look upon. No, it won’t be me, only a...Read More
Categories: death, emotions, encouraging, life, relationship, spiritual,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member I SPY-
Bonds that shake
The innermost being from your soul spirit 
From your palms of defeat up through you 
To your throat with your voice speaks
Shall I spy with my eye
Crossing the horizon I fly
Due impart with my heart in guise
I...Read More
Categories: analogy, assonance, encouraging,
Form: Light Verse

An opportune moment
As I walk to the coffee wifi place, I dreaming away,
first there was this cloud of dust giving reasons to sway.
The white light underneath the cloud, or in it,
ragging a furious battle by men yelling quite a bit.
The clouds are...Read More
Categories: 9th grade, appreciation, encouraging,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member IT'S NEVER TOO LATE

                          ...Read More
Categories: character, courage, encouraging, god, inspiration,
Form: Carpe Diem
Premium Member Merry Christmas White House
Merry Christmas White House

God Bless My house, 
Your house 
and Our home, 
Your family, 
your friends 
and your kin. 
Let not one wish be un-granted. 
Let not one thought of happiness be held back. 
You are the best of Our...Read More
Categories: america, encouraging, freedom, heaven, judgement, meaningful, political,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Past Present
I look to you, one of many.
You are my past, now my present.
With me still, surrounding me always;
saying; stay steadfast!
Bend your knees when hope is gone.
Cry out HIS Name when you are unlearn.
I listen, as you speaks HIS truths.
I follow;...Read More
Categories: courage, encouraging, growth, inspiration, inspirational, strength, trust,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member MERCY CALLS MY NAME- -
Mercy calls off my name, James;
Come be instilled and listen;
Mercy waits inside my brain;
As love pours out my heart drain;

Come and call, come call;
One of the angels befriend me;
Come one in all, one in all;
Be my love my spirit need;

Written...Read More
Categories: analogy, corruption, encouraging, endurance, forgiveness,
Form: Jueju
Premium Member SEARCHING-
Categories: analogy, assonance, encouraging, hope, how i feel,
Form: Triolet
Premium Member FEAR
Fear erased us;
Knowledge will allow us to remember....Read More
Categories: africa, black african american, deep, encouraging, growth,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I'M A BLANKET -
I come in at twine underneath 
the blanket 
Of my mind
Just a covering embracing
 I am surrounded by the stitches 
At the Cotton storm 
Sewn in Reborn 
I'm fold it out creased ironed and Reborn 
Who am I to hang...Read More
Categories: analogy, encouraging, inspiration,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member STOP AND STARE-
Stop and stare 
I want a pinch myself 
As I stop and stare 
The floral Gardens cascading Greenery 
Falling waterfalls 
I stop and stare 
This is  real
I stop and stare 
I stop and stare 
everyone that received it...Read More
Categories: analogy, beautiful, encouraging, environment,
Form: Free verse
the bearer of the light
I once had a light, so bright And yet so splendid, that Darkness abhor and hated The light. for it exceed Human strength and the will The will to survive . so the Day came when evil became Restless, and...Read More
Categories: angel, christian, courage, destiny, devotion, dream, encouraging,
Form: Free verse
Musing Rhetorics
Truly let thy light shine, thy glittering smile colour thy soul
Gaily arise charging forth in life,daring and in control
Happily sing a song,dance and Twirl
Merrily let thy laughter resonate as a little girl's
For that which makes thee cry makes another rejoice
That...Read More
Categories: encouraging, perspective,
Form: Rhyme
I Rise
Author Dana Redricks
December 2, 2019

I rise although I may fail
I learn from my mistakes
Some lessons are learned
quickly and others come
over a period of time
but rather I rise or fall
there's a lesson in all
Never be afraid of failure
because it is in...Read More
Categories: confidence, encouraging, endurance, faith, growth, hope, success,
Form: Free verse
A Bridge to Better Days
To that one soul reading this…
whose problems seem abyss.
There is a bridge to better days,
where sunshine still exists.
To discover the way,
and a warm place to stay,
isn’t hard to recognize.
If you’re searching for clues,
that will help you get through,
they might be...Read More
Categories: conflict, confusion, encouraging, inspirational, introspection, loneliness, loss,
Form: Rhyme
So young but strong is my identity
Iam a Lion that never retreat
My outward appearance can be fragile but Iam not weak
I roar in thirsty for my destiny
People belittle me due to the atrocities I go through
They judge my abilities by...Read More
Categories: courage, dedication, destiny, emotions, encouraging, endurance,
Form: Free verse
Leaves let go gracefully 
When the season comes to an end 
Papering the ground, a carpet of colours
crisp at first and then subdued and soggy 
Squished to the ground by clumsy feet 
Stomping, squelching, trying to stop slipping. 

Such is...Read More
Categories: courage, depression, emotions, encouraging, growth, imagery, metaphor,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Sound Of A Breath
Sit still; block out all the noise

        Discard your troublesome woes

                 Take a moment of silence...

 ...Read More
Categories: appreciation, encouraging, environment, peace, silence,
Form: Dodoitsu
Premium Member Careless Thoughts
Careless Thoughts

Honest whispers, 
from somewhere unseen. 
Things we should not, 
dwell upon. 
Life's mistakes, 
“Do Overs”.

Punished in this world, 
saved in the next. 
God the only path, 
worth taking. 
The rest, 
the left behind…

Measured short by their own rulers....Read More
Categories: children, encouraging, environment, gender, god, immigration, political,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Ode to Bob
Ode to Bob

My little bird, 
that bites, 
How I love thee, 
You make me laugh, 
and cry, 
and believe
that all things 
are exactly…
what God made them to be. 

Sometimes you hide, 
and it drives me crazy. 
I should keep...Read More
Categories: art, bird, chocolate, encouraging, inspirational, little sister,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Gentle On My Mind
Gentle on My Mind

You play along the edges, 
of every memory worth having. 
You have been there since, 
I care to look back. 
I was stupid, 
and dangerous. 

You… ever were patient, 
kind, and slow to anger, 
walking...Read More
Categories: america, childhood, christmas, encouraging, endurance, jesus, love,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Elder Pastor Answers Question
Elder Pastor Answers Question

is the true gift of life
is the real heaven
will ALL man repent
is there so much discontent
will I pray for them shall we all prosper spiritually 

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2019©
...Read More
Categories: analogy, appreciation, devotion, encouraging, engagement,
Form: Free verse