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Words: daws, dawson, day, dayaks, dayan

Day Poems

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Day Poems. Popular examples of poetry related to days of all kinds, whether they be a special day, mother's day, or a frigid winter's day. Read and share a poem of the day with mothers, grandmothers, family, and friends. Life passes by, the day becomes night, and time goes by, but we always remember the special days. This list of day poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and contemporary examples of day poetry. 

New Poems

Paraskevidekatriaphobia logical as any other phobia right
Paraskevidekatriaphobia logical as any other phobia right?

Superstition(s) stubbornly linger
impossible to shrug off
(cue Atlas) courtesy pointer finger
regarding Friday the thirteenth bringer
o' ire rush ill luck cue fountainhead gargoyle
nsync with ominous grateful dead singer

uneasiness drilled into collective
conscience since time immemorial
equally puzzling me...Read More
Categories: day, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Enclosed Rhyme

Premium Member A Bafflement
     Greta Thunberg
   mocked by POTUS
 Quite baffling he tells...
  ...Read More
Categories: day, anger, confusion,
Form: Verse
Green Tea Joy
Every day 
   I sip green tea 
with sweetener
   Supposed to be good for 
one's health 
   Indeed I think it is !
Tea is a marvelous beverage
   Allows one to "perk up"...Read More
Categories: day, health, joy,
Form: Blank verse
I can't wait
I can’t wait…
To no longer have the desire to submerge myself into you
Into those full chocolate lips that once spoke sweet nothings into my ears.
I can’t   wait...
Till I no longer wake mid-dream with tears running down my face
As...Read More
Categories: day, break up, courage, heartbreak, heartbroken, love hurts,
Form: ABC
A Pennine day; a moor in mid-summer.
A moody affair, always on edge.
For an hour agreeable, even delightful.
The sky, perfect with clear blue infinity.
And balm breeze brings the ling perfume.
Hidden grouse loudly chuckle warnings:
Chut chut chut chut. Go away go away.
All...Read More
Categories: day, weather,
Form: Free verse

The Best of Fathers
What makes Jehovah the best of fathers?
He carries us as a loving mother
carries his newborn child.
He knows us intimately
and cares for us unwaveringly.

He welcomes our expressions in prayer
responding with utmost wisdom
out of deep compassion.
He discerns the meaning behind our words,
words...Read More
Categories: day, children, father, god, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
bassoon i love you cause i do
another day has just me by
as i just
watched the setting sun
i think of you constantly
you out their somewhere
with so much to do
here i stand watching
your ship roll in
and you walk by without
a care
tell those who you 
can't wait to see
to...Read More
Categories: day, love, music, song, sound,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member The thing in the pool
I drown you in wine, the goddamn squatter 
who lives in me. Flow, Lethe, dark and deep!
But even through a drunken dreamless sleep,
like a nude drowned man in see-through water,
the memory is seen… That very sunny
day on the river, tender...Read More
Categories: day, death, fear, river,
Form: Rhyme
My state of mind critical condition
Yes, I lost who I was and I walked the wrong way
Alcohol and drugs, I was killing the brain I was deep in my blood and weakened my love like that others and self-esteem I hated myself, I hated my...Read More
Categories: day, abuse, anxiety, crazy, death, depression, evil, heaven,
Form: Bio
Imprisoned for Faith
(This is a poem dedicated to the collective group of Jehovah's Witnesses who have been imprisoned simply for their faithful beliefs and their obedience to Jesus Christ and to Jehovah God.)

Another day behind these bars—
if we could just imagine!
How trialsome...Read More
Categories: day, courage, encouraging, endurance, faith, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
Still Miss You
Today I heard your voice echoing in my laughter
You brushed pass me for I felt your familiarity
I sense you watching over me, peeping through my tears. 
And you still stand victorious when I win. 

I envision you in the corner...Read More
Categories: mother, mothers day,
Form: Prose
Another Day at the Community College
Stopped off for eggs 
with ham(thought about keeping kosher for a while)
   Have to say the ham was tasty!
Came up into the ESL Lab
My supervisor said he likes his 
At 84 my mother 
works 4...Read More
Categories: day, poetry, poets, political,
Form: Verse
If I have the time this hour,
I'd be cradled in your loving arms,
Safe from things that'll bring me harm,
Next I'd take a relaxing shower.

Then I'd get ready to start my day,
and get the kids up and ready for school.
I'd put...Read More
Categories: day, children, family, love, work,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
The Shy Elf
Santa's favorite elf, sat on the shelf,
He had pointed elf ears and a cute elf costume.

The elf was as shy as can be,
One day Santa choose the elf.
To be the lead in the workshop,
Guiding all the elves.

Making presents for...Read More
Categories: day, appreciation, blessing, christmas, god, happiness, poetry, work,
Form: Free verse
Social Gibberish
an unsolved case 
of a murder profile
the chief inspector clueless
one that got away

death of a poet 
all his work did not vanish
soon another one is born
and the verses continue

a friend in need indeed
some-fair weather friends
my pocket was full of money
where...Read More
Categories: day, emotions, social,
Form: Free verse
Gibberish in Nature
in a garden
the rosebush trimmed and fed
many daffodils along the path
while a snail is after some food

spring arrived with an explosion 
by the coming of April showers
the beauty of flowers are fresh 
perceiving nature’s head

a day of aesthetic and beauty...Read More
Categories: day, nature,
Form: Free verse
My mom loved to mix her imagination with reality
which meant her stories had a few twists 
I called her world Dreamality…making her a dreamalist.

I remember one night when I was young 
We were sitting outside…just her…and me
“Close your eyes.” She...Read More
Categories: day, dream, family, mother son,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Time Respires

Gasping ...
The year drew in
Months, weeks and days, anew -
Filled its lungs with the breaths of life,
Hope, promise and endeavor coursed its veins,
Feeding want, deed and wisdom, now ...
It exhales lost shadows,
Weeps and expires ...

Written and submitted on December 12,...Read More
Categories: day, analogy, appreciation, metaphor, new year, time,
Form: Rictameter
phone talk
The phone conversation
Late in the evening, my daughter brought me an apparat 
that made it possible to talk to the dead.
The first on the line was an electrician complaining
I hadn’t paid him; sure, how could I pay you when
You died...Read More
Categories: day, books, break up, business, winter,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member feldspar is my rock
Collecting rocks on a summer’s day, I marveled at the sparkles I see as I turn them over. The sun and I are smiling at the glitzy glamor we notice.  I pick them out of the forest deep, and...Read More
Categories: day, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th
Form: Haibun
Premium Member Bullies Are Weak
Her orange hair glowed brightly that day
Bully made fun. At first it was play.
The weak ones joined in.
Let teasing begin.
Leaders came and the weak ran away.
...Read More
Categories: day, anti bullying, bullying,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Daddy Never Comes
Four year old girl at window seat 
Pressing her face up against the cold glass
A December day, almost Christmas

She waits for her Daddy
The favorite person in her life
Five o’clock, the best time of day for her

There is no explanation but...Read More
Categories: day, grief,
Form: Free verse
End Of Life
E-nd of life is just a rest
F-rom temporary journey; 
R-ace is finally finished, 
E-ndorsing crown in

A-s man breathes his last, 
S-oul, like body, also dies; 
U-ntil the day of judgment, 
N-o dead will ever rise.
C-hurch of Christ members, 
I-n spite...Read More
Categories: day, death,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Blue World
So many people worship You
You hold the world in hands of blue
Hold us closely to Your chest
We always know that You know best

If we are in trouble or upset
We know from You the help we'll get
We know You watch us...Read More
Categories: day, religion, religious,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member A Glimpse Not Fullfilled
I walked down the street, lost in deep thought
A glimpse of an angel, that's all I caught
My mind cleared in an instant, I looked all around
That mysterious person, nowhere to be found

I looked in the shops, and way down the...Read More
Categories: day, visionary,
Form: Ballad

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