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Night Day Poems

These Night Day poems are examples of Day poems about Night. These are the best examples of Day Night poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Day break
Slowly so slowly I see a lightning in the East
I waited with bated breath for dark to go
yet still it lingers on, wait there was...

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Categories: day, dark, sunshine,

Premium Member Good day
Your words coming at me like a dark cloud 
Stop thinking so loud
Causing a black stain
In my brain
Blah blah blah is what I hear
That buzzing...

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Categories: day, anger, care, crazy, dream,

Premium Member To Those This Brave, True Warrior Is Sworn To One Day Defeat
To Those This Brave, True Warrior Is Sworn To One Day Defeat

When violet pours its sadden verses onto burning sands
and heavens above spit green poison...

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Categories: day, art, conflict, dark, deep,

A Bizarre Naked Dance
In Ongata Rongai's club, a memory song weaves,
A tale of Newton Karish and daring thieves,
Late '90s, New Year's Eve, a lively show,
A sold-out crowd, in...

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Categories: day, celebration, humorous, new years

Premium Member Four Little Rooms
He lived in four little rooms	
Locked behind the door
And the night shined through				
Where a light shined before		
A red flame burned ash and gray					
Dying on the...

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Categories: day, angst, drink, muse, perspective,

My bedtime prayers number two
Create in me a clean heart O Lord and renew a right spirit within  me cast
me not away from your presence and take not...

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Categories: day, 10th grade, 11th grade,

One day Hoonkie came to King Salz's hall
One day, Hoonkie came to King Salz's hall,
Demanded a penny, but the king's voice did fall,
He seized the poor Hoonkie, threw him in the gaol,

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Categories: day, funny, humor, satire,

A New Day with Each Morning
I woke up to a dark and active night, with creatures still stirring. The trees swayed in the breeze, as if dancing, and the silence...

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Categories: day, 12th grade,

Premium Member Follow me
The night is young,
the night is wild,
don't follow me.

You will find grey surprises,
you will be lost in the shade,
with no light to find a way.


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Categories: day, adventure, best friend, blessing,

Premium Member Goodnight Good day- Blessed New Day-
"Having had a blessed New Day
I have had a blessed New Day
I had a blessed New Day this Day in Jesus Name
 Blessed new day...

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Categories: day, analogy, appreciation, encouraging, environment,

Premium Member In the Slow Magic
When dawn is done and we’re alone
I want you in my embrace, trace
the aura of the dreams we’ve sewn
and bask dreamily in this space 


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Categories: day, dream, feelings, love,

Premium Member Dark
Darkness lurks furtive in shadows
That scan the daylight hours
Like searchlights looking for
A place like a cave, an umbrella or hole,
In which to seep, gloat and...

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Categories: dark, day, light, night,

Premium Member It Happened On A Rainy Night-Collaboration
Foggy mists engulfed the bright
When raindrops fell throughout the night
The lampposts glowed at midnights dark
When sweethearts kissed at Lover's Park
A kiss that did...

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Categories: day, good night, kiss, love,

Friday Morning
Friday morning, the weather is fine 
Obsessed dogs are all around, waiting for mine 
Some of them had sleepless night 
Did not want to draw...

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Categories: day, 10th grade,

Premium Member A Sunny Day
The scene outside my window,
was bathed in hazy gray.
One continuous cloudy shadow,
appearing to envelope the day.

A hot heavy mist filled the air,
stifling any hope of...

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Categories: day, beauty, color, sea,