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Earth Day Poems

Earth Day Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about earth day. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for earth day.

New Poems

I dislike litterers
I dislike litterers
I see them, the cow-like chewers
Always spilling and always littering
How can these large lifers be so reckless
The environment is helpless
I see them smear the earth
They are guilty of chocking their own breathe
They are litterbugs that deserve a nosebag
With...Read More
Categories: care, earth, earth day, environment, nature, people,
Form: Free verse

Love Day
Happy Valintan Day should be every day that ends with the word "Day" like every other so-call Holiday don't just Love for that DAY... to much and to little is not that way "LOVE EVERYDAY"...Read More
Categories: africa, birthday, blessing, corruption, earth day,
Form: ABC
Mother Earth

The Desert sunny Mother Earth 
Sleeping on the big hill
As sand covers her body 
...Read More
Categories: earth day,
Form: Haiku
Pink dawn-will reward with a smile. 
The fog creeps-a pocket of cheerfulness . 
Frost on the cheeks-youth balm , 
A hot summer day will set you up for a romance. 

You walk along the Avenue, and there is spring, 
Curly...Read More
Categories: beauty, earth day, environment, freedom,
Form: Blank verse
100 seconds to midnight
An endangered species, living on a ledge,
100 seconds to Midnight, then over the edge,
Nearest to Doomsday, humans have ever been,
Vaporised! inside mushrooms of boiling hot steam.

Casually go about our business, without a care,
While the Sword of Damocles, hangs in the...Read More
Categories: allegory, conflict, earth day, meaningful, natural disasters,
Form: Quatrain

Premium Member spectrum
sapphire sky jewel

sparkles half single earth day

             tomorrow moon nigh


TK Contest
01/24/2020...Read More
Categories: earth day, planet, sun,
Form: Haiku
Believe in me like the air you breathe
Your friend 
Secrets reside here
Wherever you go,
I’ll be your shadow 
...Read More
Categories: earth day, assonance, best friend, care, cheer up, cute,
Form: Epic
Mother Nature's Early Menopause

We forced her into menopause way before her time 
Prematurely Mother Nature’s in menopause
and we’ll regret of our crime.
We cut off her tresses that once bushed across her land 
Polluted her oceans and soiled her golden sand.
Moody and unpredictable her...Read More
Categories: earth, earth day, environment, meaningful,
Form: Rhyme
Last Chance
This Earth was once so sweet;
Dude, you shoulda seen us.
Now, pure greed-driven heat,
Could make us same as Venus....Read More
Categories: earth day, environment,
Form: Rhyme
A Mother's Cry
Why, oh why can't I deny
That the ones I love
Are causing my soul's hope to die,

But will you ever see it from my point of view
Or will you always consider my treasures
Were stored up for your constant abuse,

I graced your...Read More
Categories: beauty, cry, earth, earth day, mother,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member A Climate of Integration
religious and secular,
extended families,
property owners,
owned properties
are caught in,
invested in,
an inescapable network
of climate mutuality,
multicultural communion,
camouflaged in a single Earth habitat
of green-blue spectral destiny

Climate injustice anywhere
is a threat to health
and justice
and peace

There are some climates
in our social
economic racist system
to which all EarthDwellers
ought...Read More
Categories: destiny, dream, earth, earth day, health, humanity,
Form: Political Verse
Come And See Me
I stand on top of the mountain gazing over the horizon
Looking at the clouds rolling by with a message wrapped up in the sky. The message is subtle, the message is brief,
The message is in the final decree 
The afternoon...Read More
Categories: appreciation, community, courage, desire, earth day, goodbye,
Form: Narrative
all things wonderful
camel and roses

Fresh bread still moist, spread a thick layer of butter
On the slice, few foods in life can taste better
Until the medical profession gives us a stark warning
It is no good for the heart and blood vessels
Guiltily I make...Read More
Categories: deep, devotion, dream, earth day, emotions, england,
Form: Blank verse
roses and a ticket
Hunger and roses

I have not spoken of Brexit find it trivial 
False pride and old people thinking of was time
When they said, saved the world single handily
The arrogance of superiority is unavoidable.

The pampa is full of horses on yellow/green grass
If...Read More
Categories: betrayal, blue, earth day,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Empty Glass
Empty Glass 

The house is empty. 
The dogs...
are barking again. 
This happens, 

It is left hanging there, 
for a reason. 
The word...
Says little and less, 
when I have run out of breath, 
to speak words that make sense. 
Nothing is...Read More
Categories: earth day, anti bullying, april, children, christmas, divorce, earth
Form: Narrative
For the earth giveth
Dead wood for bed
Withered cotton for a mattress
I don’t pluck fruits
I gather them ripe from the ground
A tasty tuber protrudes
With delight I up root it
Cobwebs hang in my ceiling
Ant routes run up and down my floor
Dry grass for a roof
Thick...Read More
Categories: adventure, africa, animal, art, earth, earth day,
Form: Free verse
Davenport Tomorrow
Davenport Tomorrow
by Michael R. Burch

Davenport tomorrow ...
all the trees stand stark-naked in the sun.

Now it is always summer
and the bees buzz in cesspools,
adapted to a new life.

There are no flowers,
but the weeds, being hardier,
have survived.

The small town has become
a city...Read More
Categories: earth, earth day, environment, natural disasters, nature,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Green Light
On a
Today....Read More
Categories: earth day, environment, nature, today,
Form: Acrostic
military service
Military service (compulsory) 
Stationed at a camp
The discipline, not too tough unless you had never done up your bed.
They gave us some old German rifle not
Shooting anyone, but for training.
I liked to go guard duty patrolling the perimeter
There I...Read More
Categories: deep, devotion, dog, earth day,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Optimizing Gratitude
Holistic position
simultaneously invites further co-passion
and celebrates having become ever more compassionate,

Inspired that Earth stewards hope to rightly balance
human relationships
with our wider ecological responsibilities.

These right relationships
and EarthCentered responsibilities
need not compete
with more anthropocentric views
of care-giving and -receiving rights
within theologically reasoned
and sensed,
thought and...Read More
Categories: caregiving, destiny, earth day, health, peace, political,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Take Heed
melting permafrost
icebergs soon to disappear
canaries warn us...Read More
Categories: earth day,
Form: Senryu
Roguish reincarnated ribbing raconteur
Roguish reincarnated ribbing raconteur...

Ruminating, while rustling, and roping
regular riff raff galore
with deliberate intent tomb ache
mummy dearest laugh
till she falls down Mariana Trench
deep down on zee sea floor,

where tears trickle thence pour
down her cheeks
causing flash floods that did roar
back in the...Read More
Categories: earth day, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, america,
Form: Political Verse
sea and people
Sea and people
An island came up from under the sea
And soon it became green and pleasant
Fit for dairy production, and cats that
Took care of the rat plague.

Man, and animals in idyllic harmony but
For the rats and attacking seas-birds.

Roaring sea appropriated...Read More
Categories: deep, devotion, dream, earth day,
Form: Blank verse
For love is fear, for life to disappear, only to be clear for the life of love is here. Only near for love to fear, only a life as close and near. The terms I dear forever to appear the...Read More
Categories: earth day, abuse, allusion, blessing, confidence, crush, death, earth
Form: Ballad
a dreamy journey
A dreaming journeys
  A leaf floats down a river
 It never made a decision
“where are you going doc?
Back to the future?
No, I have been there now
We are going to the future.
From afar the leaf hear
a woman sings
“Let...Read More
Categories: 8th grade, allusion, devotion, dream, earth day,
Form: Blank verse