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She's My Life

She’s My Life

She thinks she’s not fancy
and she thinks she’s not pretty
and that she’s not good enough for me,
but what she doesn’t know is that;  I don’t like fancy, 
that she is pretty, she’s way too good for me
and that she’s my Life!

We’ve been together for what seems like forever
and I know I’ve gotten a little lazy
you know; I think I don’t even remember
what it’s like not to have you as my wife.

I hate to say this but sometimes I make her cry, 
don’t ask me why 
I guess I just take the struggles of my day
out on her 
you know, the job, the bills..just everyday life!  

Then I get to thinking.....what am I doing?
I must be crazy
what would I do if I go too far and she leaves me.
I can’t live without her, 
Sometimes I can be such a slug.
Quickly I must say I’m sorry & give her a kiss & a hug
and let her know that she’s too good for me
and let her know that I love her.
That she’s my Life and I Need Her Forever as My Wife!

C Gill

Copyright © Christal Gill | Year Posted 2010

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the blues

I can't put together my last clue;
of the reasons i have tried to show u what I've been through,
walking alone in my very own two shoes-
as my desire of a burning passion has breaking free to prove to you,
no matter how you should be somebody completely new,
there's rarely a very few,
of true, loving and promising life to shared; whether there are thousands of us, or only two-
you have caught my poisoning potion i have made for you to fall in love as it pulls you closer to by my baby boo;
for you've fallen out of your ways just to be amused. 
Have you reached the door of hell and heaven back to earth to look for me, too?
Trying to see the reality of my living proof of the view..
In fact, you have shut your mouth with glue,
for someone you used to care has taking its toll of a waving the goodbye cue;
Can't you understand the main reason why you were meant to do?
I have to keep going to walk to the road of empty paths, but no fears to have and live a life
that will I ever feel I'm alone and lost in my mind with thoughts of hateful and confusing blues;
It's way past due-
to get over your tiring and dying attitudes,
if you don't change the demon with no soul inside, I will be the only judge, the last survival to 
give you my promised, and utmost, the daring thing of all the extreme challenges for me to 
watch you go through the most tortuous and burning feeling as u expierenced slowly as 
you taking ur way to your new grave; and as i have been through more hell in life, u will 
have no strength left to get your sweetest revenge as you tried to move;
for i hate to say this, but you just made me show u the feeling of a ghost around as your 
spirit had giving up for the poor you that u just been used-
as you will hear my last, and sinful gratitude.

Copyright © Cassandra tomson | Year Posted 2014

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Overwhelming Sunday

What an overwhelming Sunday…what a overwhelming 5 minutes of my life
I hate to say this, but I hope to end my life…where’s that kitchen knife?
All these questions thrown at me
Makes me wanna break free…flee away from this hospital
It’s not me… (x2) Could you see it’s not me?

5 minutes of overwhelming thoughts
It felt longer than usual
5 minutes of unbearable pain
I’ll try to act proper and casual  

The devastating sensation stings me like a serpent 
5 minutes of misery…I’m soaked!
I’m drowning in my distress (I can’t stand Sunday)
I’m dripping continually like a waterfall 

I’m overcoming Sunday’s pain…
Dripping continually like acid rain .. . . .. .. . . .

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2013

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Wanting to forget

I try to convince myself that you don't really exist
You are just a voice that lingers in my soul
Slowly eating at me altering all reality

Then I see you from a distance
My heart begins to shatter again
I reminded by what you did to me

I try to let the rain wash away the pain
But the pain will always remain
Locked away deep inside

Trapped by the loneliness 
Entwined by the betrayal
And kept alive by the emptiness 

I pray to forget you
Let you fade away so I can go on
But your voice has engraved itself in my memory

Consuming me further into this nightmare
Leaving me lost
And forever bound to the pain
i love you so much. why did you have to be a brat
i wish that you didn't have to tell me that
i love you so much i'm indifferent
i hate to say this, but i look at you different

i love you so much. are you a fraud
i wish things could be different, but i guess not

i love you so much; no, i have to pay
did your really love me, or do you just play

i love you so much; i'm just a funny, simple guy 
now, i would do anything just to have you nearby

i love you so much; what should i do
now, i guess i have to play the fool

i love you so much. do i have the right to be mad
or am i just a selfish young man

i love you so much, i thought we had something going
i thought that our love was growing

i love you so much, i hope everything works between you and him
but if not,  i will always be here for you through the thick and thin
i love you so much, even though i want you to work it out
i'll be here for you, without a doubt

Copyright © isabel Trujillo | Year Posted 2007

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Just Let It Be

There are those who speak without thinking. I have often thought, "If I could only be such a person sometimes".  I cannot be that person because I think that I think too much.  One occasion presently comes to mind.                                                                            

There was once a candidate running for political office with whom                                                                        a dear friend was greatly opposed. It appears my friend had drawn                                                                     certain conclusions about me and assumed that I would be a supporter of the said candidate. The two of us had never discussed the politician.  Yet my friend, in an apologetical tone, said to me, "I hate to say this, but, ....."  To protect the identity of my friend, I cannot be any more specific than that.                                 

She felt that she needed to inform me of such candidate, hoping that I would change my mind about him.  In reality, I was as opposed to him as was she, and since I believed that she never realized the magnitude of her offensive assumption, I did not respond.  I deemed a justified reaction would only have alienated the two of us. So I decided to just 'let it be' and move on.

                                                                                           07122018PoetrySoupContest, I wish I had the balls to tell them what I really think, Line Gauthier

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2018

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now you know why

i love him so much but i don't know what to do i can't let him go it's so hard. we can't be together but the thing is we belong together but nobody understands that. i told him i was scared he said " baby why you scared i won't hurt you" but really then i didn't know why i was but know i do. i don't wont to lose him and not the way by breaking up the way's and things he is doing. they hurt me so bad i rather him hit me, cheat, and or do something else besides what he is don't now he says he not going to get addicted i have herd that before. i just wish he would call me and be his self that means drug free. i hate to say this but i HATE people own drugs they act different and not there self. i don't wont to tell him to stop that means i don't love him for who he is. but really its not him the drug makes him a different person. i could say i don't hate him i hate his ways. i miss him and worry about him ever minute down to the second of each and ever day. sometimes i just sit at night waiting own him to call me. i think the worst things could of happen. i don't know  what i'm going to do i think  i'm going to go crazy. i cant help but to cry and cry ever time i think about him. i just hope he still feels the same about me as i do him i wont  him to just come and see me tell me he is okay so i wont worry as much as i do. i love him so much i'm so scared i'm' going to lose him. more then scared TERRIFIED. i don't know what i would do with out him. i wont to see him so bad or at least hear his voice. i would be the happiest person ever. i wont to kiss him over and over again tell him i love him and he say it back. the thing is i told him i was scared i didn't know why but it's sucks cause i really didn't wont to find out. cause this is scary its like a night mare. i can never wake up from. so now i know why and i wish i didn't.

Copyright © bridget keller | Year Posted 2008