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Amphibian Poems

Amphibian Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of amphibian poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for amphibian.

New Poems

STRANGE SIBLINGS my preChristian poems Number 2
Bvoo, Bvooom, Bvooo, BvooOOM!
A crooning, male amphibian?
Braying, honking, demanding room
In an imagined Caribbean ...
Bullfrog too wants to be a groom

Vibrant with other sounds, insects:
The zwee-zweeing of mosquitoes;
Rustling, whistling birds out their nests
As suddenly as tree swallows ...
My curious trip...Read More
Categories: amphibian, 12th grade, america, animal, art, environment, fish,
Form: Rhyme

Land Filled With
Plague of lies,
froggy croaks untrue
Swarm of flies
surround Capitol dungHills
Infectious hope buzz kill:
Leftover piles of shill legislative bills
that don’t do  do right

There should be no nose mystery,
stink of deceit fills the land

Brown lip locust wings
avarice ride 
on a grifter breeze
Devouring...Read More
Categories: amphibian, metaphor, perspective, political, truth,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Ancient Salamander
An ancient salamander
swam the ocean deep,
scarlet toes,
upon his feet.

Frilly gills were,
floating free;
down into the brine’s
darkest keep.

Stiff finned ridges 
upon his back
helped him keep
away attacks.

Undulated through 
the waters black,
he was the last one 
living of his pack.

Salamander’s getting old;
ancient amphibian with...Read More
Categories: amphibian, animal, nature, poems, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Eye on Interracial Romance
Hi, my everyday crush, I’m your everlasting admirer, Jeremy
I eat everything, no known culture is my enemy
I know, you are the confident and elegant Veronica
I’ve done my research to bring you a lovely Japonica
I’ve been pested by doubts of your...Read More
Categories: amphibian, africa, fantasy, i love you, love, relationship,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Peculiar Frog
peculiar frog
on a rock-
reptilian gargoyle

angry wind
sweeps across land-
stumbling bird

...Read More
Categories: amphibian, animal, bird, nature, poems, poetry,
Form: Haiku

From a
Of old
Amphibian genes
New frogs potentials explode...Read More
Categories: amphibian, creation, inspirational,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member An Amphibian Moment

Being the infant
that you were,
there you sat;
hunched knees
and settle butt looking
with piercing eyes
reflecting stand-off thoughts
as you huffed and puffed.

Like a water pump
pumping out,
your lungs pumped in
balancing the nature of life.
In your emerald grey
and black polka-dotted sheen
your thinking eyes
momentarily pondered 
my...Read More
Categories: amphibian, animal, imagery, life, metaphor, nature, simile, surreal,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Patrick's Day
While pounding a keg of O'Sullivan's beer 
Patrick gulped down a green frog on a dare.
then got a humongous four leaf clover tat
on the apex of his big Irish butt crack.
Naked he hopped down the middle of main street,
then skinny...Read More
Categories: amphibian, drink, fun,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Amphibian Me
I am an amphibian
Living in and out of my own truth
With you one day,
Totally against you the next.
Personalities swirling inside
Staring into a mirror wondering
Will we like me today?

Will we be kind to this face?
Will we have positive self-talk?
Will we be...Read More
Categories: amphibian, perspective, self,
Form: Free verse
sometimes alone is better
The stars shine bright in your eyes .
As the morning turns to a yellow sunrise.
Laughing you whistle a tune.
Getting out of your bed into the bathroom.
A hot shower tingles your skin.
You think positive of what the day brings.
No heartache no...Read More
Categories: amphibian, desire, heaven, nice, peace, spiritual, time, true
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Reachable but Lost
The bird is just an arm’s length, please stretch the arrow
extreme carefulness and calculations will sum at zero.

The asset is in front, the corners need no check
the hand looks for the head only above the neck.

She looks untouchable unless someone...Read More
Categories: amphibian, boyfriend, emotions, endurance, feelings, girlfriend, life, relationship,
Form: Couplet
...Read More
Categories: amphibian, grandchild,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Clearly Paleozoic
Coal, oil, and fossils were not always here.
Neither were fish or land plants my little dear.
They preceded Mesozoic,
And were clearly Paleozoic.
Do you want to know more? Please come sit right here.

...Read More
Categories: amphibian, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade,
Form: Limerick
Unctuous Byproduct

Grease the binary palms ...
singular greed motive,
zero moral qualms

Paper cancer in the brain — 
MRI diagnosis
(make riches increase)
reveals a tumorous mental condition:
Malignant Reptilian Imaging

Scaly thoughts
of poor widow inheritance devouring
Integrity bought ... 
bottom feeders bank account scouring

Saliva secretions are amphibian amoral...Read More
Categories: amphibian, allusion, corruption, truth, wisdom,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Critterary Verses: If you could be an animal
If you could be an animal,
Which one would it be?
Which one best fits your personality?
Would you be mammal, or amphibian,
Perhaps a reptile, or a fowl,
The strength and mem'ry of an elephant,
Or the wisdom of an owl?
Or maybe one that science...Read More
Categories: amphibian, animal, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Honest and Dishonest Differences
LeftBrain yang's universal differentiations:

To deduce,
monoculturally confine,
Either WinThis Or Join ThatExterior Body of AllLosers,
competitive fundamentalist predation,
patriarchal discrimination for ego-empowerment,
accept HereYang Supremacy
over Now YinSquared enlightening understory,

To differentiate
differences in nurturing values/disvalues/unvalues/misvalues/anti-values,
to monoculturally exclude all that remains polyculturally unexplored,
to ostracize mysteries unresolved and dissonant
depressively...Read More
Categories: amphibian, caregiving, community, education, health, history, integrity, psychological,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Nutritious Group Health Theories
I once read of a psychologist
her 1997 Yvonne Agazarian name
I can't quite LeftBrain recall
as our cooperative matriarchal
GroupTheory Ego/EcoGaming System,
sacredly ecotherapeutic--
restoring justice
as ego-theo-ecological peace.

Sacred, yet secularly securely proficient,
among deep learning WinStudents with WinTeachers
mutually secular-sacred Green
EcoTherapeutic Restoration Teacher Preachers
of HealthLeft-WealthRight flowing bilateral...Read More
Categories: amphibian, earth, education, environment, green, growth, health,
Form: Metrical Tale
jagged jaws of smelted steel NOT the title:
This poet decided against  
becoming a measly minced meaty morsel

undetected inauspicious augury 
     assigning  adept 
     aqueous ace AOL amphibian, 
     who surreptitiously crept

to the secret...Read More
Categories: amphibian, 10th grade, 12th grade, adventure, death, fishing,
Form: Dramatic Verse

I catch a lot of flies
on the tip of my long, sticky tongue
I really love the ones
that has just been swarming on some dung
I got the skin
to do the dirty jobs
others don’t wanna do
I’m the most loyal wing man roadie
that...Read More
Categories: amphibian, character, funny, humorous, satire,
Form: Light Verse
Memory of Hawaii at the Age of Three
For my muse, I choose the euphoric source
Of my most transcendent -

- Muddy 

Perceptual flashes? slosh slushing 
Approaching an untamed blue-green pond
Just your average amphibian gone blonde.
In sunshine or windward shower.

Loitering around the grassy brim,...Read More
Categories: amphibian, adventure, animal, childhood, fate, growing up, imagination,
Form: Free verse
Song of the Seals

You hear their playful squeals,
splashing with amphibian glee
The adolescent barks and cub yipes
permeate the Antarctica spring
And the adults all give husky, baritone growls
Mindful parents whose sea passions
are now also aroused
High sun, ice melting ... underwater coves
meant for webbed feet torpedo...Read More
Categories: amphibian, animal, celebration, life, nature,
Form: Romanticism
Beneath the Sea

Through the journey, life arrives
Underwater – start their lives
Stable neither hot nor cold
Soft tiny eggs there to behold

Of such a time, lay vulnerable
For many eggs is tactical
Protection of the animal
Camouflaged with gravel

Frogs and toad, amphibian class
Eggs that float in jelly...Read More
Categories: amphibian, animal, children,
Form: Free verse

Are we part simian?
A centered or off kilter equilibrium
Near or far from the prime meridian
And any kind of amphibian
As well as snowflake obsidian
Items and objects that do or don't require lithium
And or iridium
Choices, accidents, and nature could lead to oblivion
No...Read More
Categories: amphibian, dark, evil, how i feel, poetry, rap,
Form: Rhyme
Science and man
with all the scientific discoveries
and the myriads of innovations
the scientific man is a vast failure
now think about these;

reproduction by binary fission in humans
perfumed by-product of digestion
blue blood in place of boring red
winged flight to the skies as birds
self-manufacturing of food...Read More
Categories: amphibian, allusion, mystery, science, wisdom,
Form: Blank verse
Frogs Love Flies
While resting my soul
on the banks of a lush pond teeming with life,
I saw the spiritual superimposed on nature divine
My soul was lifted to an elevated state of mind
Upon hearing the buzzing of a bee,
this thought entered my heart and...Read More
Categories: amphibian, humanity, symbolism, truth, wisdom,
Form: Dramatic monologue