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Kids Alliteration Poems

These Kids Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Kids. These are the best examples of Alliteration Kids poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Gibson's Gals
Kalamazoo kids went off to war
leaving giddy gals to go forward in fractured
factories ~from music to munitions
gay guitars would wait until battered boys
came hurriedly home...


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Categories: war,

Premium Member Chapter 150 -- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY HOLANNYA:
Date:  April   2051

Second day of April.
There was a light Hawaiian cool 
Breeze early morning.  DJ Amadeus 
Nyaf Rico Tino and Damali...

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Categories: absence, allusion, beach,

Premium Member Chapter 145-- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY HOLANNYA: Homes for the HOMEBOUND
Date: February  2051

It was a cool winter morning. No
Troubles all probable possibilities
Rounds out to be a winning networth
Of $375 billion fortune for 
Damian. He...

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Categories: allusion, birth, child,

Premium Member Chapter 143-- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY HOLANNYA: Prodigal Aquarius Paradise Restaurant
Date:  September  2050

Damian stood at the front door 
Ushering everybody out to the waiting 
Limousine. "Come on my People 
Be quick about it...

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Categories: best friend, birth, husband,

Premium Member Chapter 142 -- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY HOLANNYA: Holly's Birthday
Date:   September   2050

Warm end of summer night. Slight
Breeze a tease manageable season.
Pleasing and within reason. 
Molly  Dolly and Holly tended...

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Categories: allusion, best friend, birth,

Premium Member SCHOOL BUS FIGHT: true life
If i remember  correctly: 
My philosophy was Don't react unless 
Necessary. The school day was over.
The ride home began normally. 
(Corrections made In this...

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member Chapter 141-- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY HOLANNYA: Business inventory
Date:  August  2050
10:45 blissful Monday morning
Damian was in his DHRR office 
Peering through the panoramic 
Window. As he  met on Skype 

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Categories: allusion, business,

Premium Member Chapter 137 -- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY HOLANNYA: Damian Hakim's Realty Rentals and Condominiums
Date:   April  2050

Damian's  definite definition was on
Full demonstration display as he
Walked the treadmill for 30 minutes.
Then bench pressed 30 minutes. Rested

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Categories: birth, confidence, deep, devotion,

Date:  January  2050

DJs birthday passed quickly. Now
End of January.
10 am  contractors were on the 
Estate In the back of the house.
They had...

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Categories: 3rd grade, birth, confidence,

Premium Member Chapter 135-- Damian Delilah Mallory Holannya: We Are Hakim Family
Date: December. 2049

Late morning Damian was in his
Weight room on the treadmill. 
In the small house Tiffan, Damali's 
Sister.  While Preston III  also...

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Categories: 9th grade, courage, dance,

Premium Member Chapter 132-- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY HOLANNYA: 1 2 and 3 On the Way Home
Date  October  2049

It was a cool Saturday evening.
Desharah was on the video phone
With Dolly. "Ma me and the kids
Are coming for a visit...

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Categories: 11th grade, allusion, feelings,

Premium Member Chapter 127 -- DAMIAN DELILAH MALLORY HOLANNYA: the Women's Day With the Hakim Clan
July 2049 the 13th Dolly and Molly
Celebrated their  45th birthday wih
Damian and Holly.
Today was a pleasant day initially 
Then it rained and rained. Now,

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Categories: silence,

Premium Member Chapter 124 Continues -- Damian Delilah Mallory: Polly's and Holly's Day
Date:  May  2049

Polly and Holly stayed the night 
Emerged in reminiscent times
And kinds of play. Holly was
Intrigued she wanted to know
Everything everything about...

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Categories: allusion, deep, devotion, women,

Premium Member Chapter 122-- Damian Delilah Mallory: Our Children Our Strangers
Date:  March  2049

The day starts well. Molly is in the 
Backyard preparing the garden for 
Summer. Dolly is in the kitchen 
Setting up...

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Categories: allusion, black love, child,

Premium Member Chapter 15 -- Damian and Polly: 2025 Another Year With Polly
A cool February evening Damian was
Asleep. He felt somebody rubbing 
His chest. "Leave me girl." Polly
Rolled out of bed and announced 
"Damian, you should move...

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Categories: friend, good night, happiness,

Book: Shattered Sighs