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Funny Alliteration Poems

These Funny Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Alliteration Funny poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Freddy Farkle
Freddy Farkle, fumbling forecaster for Forestville,
friggin' fudged Friday forecast....fair?!
first florid felicitous, falling flurries followed,
froze flowers, foiled!
faraway farmhouse, furrowing farmland,
frigid fanny, furious, frustrated,
frumpy, frazzled!
furry forest friends...

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Categories: 6th grade, 7th grade,

Premium Member Aspiring Alliteration Completed 2-28-23
All answers affect aspirations
By belittling bygone barbarizations
Constantly criticizing correlations
Defined dumbfounded dictations
Edicts evaporate everyone's expectations
Foregone frustrations failed flirtations
Gone great grace giving generations
Harmonies have harmonious hesitations
Impotence influences...

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Categories: art, beautiful, creation, extended

Premium Member A Very Memorable Christmas Present
** A Very Memorable Christmas Present **

Someone made an err::
Boxing Day ‘ere’s 
Been the day of — not after.
What started as the greatest 
Christmas ever,...

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Categories: boxing day , christmas, dog,

Premium Member Uhhh
Umbilical underlings undulate under unified,
universal undercurrent understandings, utilizing
unequivocally ugly, unwise, unwanted, unaware,
utilitarian usurpers....

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Categories: fun, funny, inspiration, poetry,


phonetically he

just wrote


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Categories: success,

A Delightful Situation
As the world turns
The will within burns
Feelings of thought returns.

Gluttony, ego, spite
A slight bright bite
On-site in plain sight
No playwright
No exit or stage-right.

It was a terrible...

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© Form Al  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: analogy, change, emotions, feelings,

Premium Member Anniversary of Their Honeymoon
Wedding wines - rather champagne shines
and bubbly breakout of blushing bride.

Groom with giant heart, gracious, grateful - grips
her hand with his handsome wholeness. Helps

his lovely...

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Categories: anniversary, funny, imagery, sensual,

Finding Order In Ordinary
Better not blow away the ordinary
Often ordinary turns extraordinary
How, you may query
I'll answer, if u tarry

There is order in the ordinary 
In the hasty humdrum!...

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: confusion, fun, irony, judgement,

Premium Member Jingles
do not simply dawdle and diddle
for life may pass as a twinkle 
hardly any time to drag and dawdle
in life, joy and sorrow may mix...

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Categories: celebration, fun, humorous,

Giggly Gwendolyn
Giggly Gwendolyn greeted goofy Gary with giggles.
With goofy giggles Gary greeted Gwendolyn goofily.
If Gwendolyn only greeted goofy Gary gaggingly
what would happen to Gary's goofy giggly...

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Categories: cheer up, funny, giggle,

Premium Member Rhapsody
Mystic music mime
Charming clever chimes

Lovely lavish lines
Funny feelings fine

Scented sensuous style
Message moving miles

Nurture nature nice
Sparkling succinct spice

Poignant pleasure primes
Tricky troubling times

Lavish laughter loud
Primal posture proud


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Categories: allegory,

Beastly Betty
Beastly Betty badly breaks her brother’s
Buttocks with a bat upon his butt.
Broken, beaten brother barely bothers
Bellowing at bawdy Betty. But

Because bad blood between both babe...

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Categories: anger, brother, conflict, funny,

Premium Member Gonna B Hot
Billowing bellows
Blatantly belching
Blowing cold air
Blazing the fire.

Bloated to bursting
Building the heat,
Burning the charcoal
Browning the meat.

Burgers are ready
Bangers are hot,
Bread buns are toasted
Brown sauce in the...

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Categories: food, fun, funny,

Premium Member Horse Play
Hearts hear happiness breathing
Heavenly hope free of grieving 
Hesitating a healing hearth leading
Home that happens to be heaving
Harm that has heard the pleading
Haunting hastening toward...

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Categories: angel, fun, funny, heaven,

Premium Member Alive Snoring and Breathing-
~While I nodded nearly sleeping my snores was hurt all around the house the family knew I was alive and breathing~

Written words by James Edward...

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Categories: analogy, funny, sleep,