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Life Alliteration Poems

These Life Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Life. These are the best examples of Alliteration Life poems written by international poets.

Premium Member HARMONY

Frame fond flight
Spice spurs sight 

Cheer calm charm
Apt art arms

Love lifts light
Bless boom bright

Soul swirls sense
Thrill taut tense

Hope heals heart
Screens soft start

Life leaps late
Glimpse grand...

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Categories: allusion,

Dusk at Dawn
The Dawn has surely come
I see a small crowd gathered 
A farewell to bid
The mist and fog hug the trees
Morning birds decry the weather chilly

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Categories: death, farewell, life, sad,

Williams Whinging Wife
William had a whinging wife.
William was a fool.
When she begged him for some water,
For too wet her whistle.
William tossed her in the pool.

William’s wife Wilma,

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Categories: humorous, husband, relationship, silly,

Voice of the Lord*

Verily victorious in my life

Verifying my personal vows

Vanquishing my worldly vanities

Vexing my violent vengeance-vice

Vindicating my heart from hatred’s vandalism

Vying Scriptures' veracity along...

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Categories: bible, christian, devotion, faith,

The Masked Faces
“The Masked Faces”

We peeling off the foreskin of our rich culture,
Ignorance is the reason we feed on the carcass of a Vulture,
The more we fail...

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Categories: innocence, political, power, violence,

Premium Member I FOUND MYSELF--

I found myself within a fair, 
I found myself within a free, 
I found myself within a famous, 
I found myself unholy, dead in my...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, celebration, encouraging,

Premium Member I SEE MYSELF A-Blessing
-as the air surrounds me
beautiful those surroundings
I am just one of God's creations alliterating..
I see myself a blessing;
Now fixed
I see myself, beautiful blessing

So glorious
I see...

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Categories: blessing, confidence, devotion, encouraging,

Let Go And Be Free

A mindful mate of mine proceeds on the pebbly path 
as an angel with a mission flies in the skies. 
The childish fullness of his...

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Categories: motivation, senses, simile, spiritual,

Premium Member alive in--
alive, in challenging, charismatic Christ 

alive, in challenging, not the righteousness of Christ 

alive, in christian,  charmed filled  with life I’m in, I’m...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation,

The Tree in Simile
I paused upon a morning breeze
Gently flowing through the trees; 
These leaves became like little hands
Clapping joyously and free!
May my response to “wind” too be

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© Tom Valles  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: christian, encouraging, endurance, inspiration,

Open roof
It never scares anyone to live in open roof
The earth is a house but with open roof
We cover ourselves but wind blows off open roof

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Categories: earth, life, metaphor,

Bouncing back, I’m
 brought from 
    ...braced up
     by God, the life-Builder

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, blessing, christian,

Premium Member This is Love
Twilight's aurora seems so perfect.

Lustrous shades of clementine, 
caressing vivid violet visions.

Majestic moon enlightens,
as shadows come to life.

Flashes of light, 
pierce through a black blanket.


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© Silent One  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: passion, romantic love, true

La Pieta
Then, he knew why he must hew
old memories from marble- 
emotions quarried from heart's slew- 
Oblique fight with his faith's garble

Cut block unfolds Christ, enthroned

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Categories: appreciation, art, devotion, jesus,

...brand new life
...bolstering faith
...biblical precepts
brought forth by the 

*Proverbs 10:22 The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich...

April 11, 2019

2nd place, "CONTEST...

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, bible, christian,

By The Water's Edge
Suddenly sitting soberly at the water’s edge,
Averting and avoiding the sun by a straw hat,
Watching wearily the tide rolling away,
Wondering why wastefully I lived my...

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Categories: depression, stress,

Premium Member MINDFULNESS

Peace peaks
Stillness speaks

Pure poise
Calm charms choice

Prize play
Silence stays

Prime peace
Etch each ease

Prompt plot
Love lines lot

Pure prize
Sweet surprise

Purge pain
Glimpse grand gain

Pure peace
Live life lease

Praise plain
Sense soul strains


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Categories: allusion,

Never Let Me Go

      Joint journey juncture juxtaposed.

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Categories: confusion, how i feel,

By the water edge
By the water‘s edge 
I sit
Amongst the little white waves
And the whispering winds
Waiting wishing 
You would be back 

We parted ways 
The greener grass doesn’t...

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Categories: beach,

Moon Drunk
Moon drunk fool,
you hide your pain

I adore the way you
drape your words
around the night and
make mellow poems
to soothe the sting of this

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© Madhu mita  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: beauty, life, poems,