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Snow Alliteration Poems

These Snow Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Snow. These are the best examples of Alliteration Snow poems written by international poets.

Premium Member SUMMER THAW--

In the spiffing, slender summer thinking, thundery thaw;
The strong, silly summer thunderous, thirsty thaw;

So smart, stupid summer thrusting, thin thaw, so hot outside; 
Sweet, southern...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, how i

Wired mortal from the English Art
Banished from his home, spotted from a distance
Noble amongst scrawling African inscriptions
First veneration of mystical minds
Take a bow, take a...

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Categories: art, class, dedication, eulogy,

Premium Member a magical majestic SNOW
Ahh! Snow
a magical, majestic mist the messy, magical melting spiffing, sweet snow  
a meaningful, menacing mist the majestic, miserable melting smooth, slippery snow  

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2019©...

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Categories: allusion, analogy, environment, imagery,

Premium Member Tromso

Your shiny streets, subdued footsteps, silent, snow -softened cars.
Plumply-padded pavements. Shuddering snow slips from the roof slopes above. 
Words softly spoken – hushed - heated...

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Categories: places, silence, snow,

I will breathe in your rarefied air
When you said to me,
"Climb up here,  It's pollution free."
Sacred. Safe.
Your rarefied air.
Calculating, you seemed so free.
Safeguard. Sage.
I said I could breathe...
Underrated your density.

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Categories: education, identity, mentor,

Premium Member A Glorious Alchemy
Silent Shadows On the Snow

Night's silent shadows softly fall
     from moonlight's muted, mellow glow,
that shroud the land with sunless shawls

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Categories: moon, night, winter, word


Pretty petals ferociously fall as Spring releases its fury.
Blooming cherry blossoms in disarray, decry a disaster.

Rosebuds refuse to unfurl like a...

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Categories: spring, weather,

Premium Member Silent Nightingale
A rhapsody of
rock and roll rain,
tango twisting winds,
samba snow flakes, 
step, skip, spin and swing.

So the subdued sun 
remains solemnly shy as its 
orchestra of...

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© Silent One  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: analogy, assonance, weather,

African Sun
African sun

African sun African sun,
The sun that differed
from any sun in the world.
You kill and scorch all the disable
Creatures in African world.
You're a paradigm during...

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Categories: africa,

Lacquered Lace
Softly silver snow sifts, soundless,
lattice-like, a lacquered lace of layering light,
startling sparrows, shyly shivering for shelter,
on leafless, lustered limbs - lancets, londonite.

November 28, 2017
For Alliteration...

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Categories: bird, nature, snow,

Premium Member Christmas Alliteration

Children caroling Christmas cheers
Ever enchanting eager ears
Snowballs slung spreading scenic snow
Blushful breezy breathing breaths blow.

Sponsored by: Barry Stebbings 


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Categories: celebration, christmas,

Premium Member Santa's Silent Sled
Santa’s Silent Sled

Santa's silent sled slid slowly over the soft snow
Over the soft snow Santa's silent sled slowly slid.
If the soft snow on which Santa...

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Categories: silly, snow,

Winter Bids Autumn Adieu
    ~Winter Bids Autumn Adieu~
Russet, orange and harvest gold
Autumn is the season when colors unfold.
The trees in celebration
dancing to the wind
preparing for...

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Categories: autumn,

Crisp Blue
Today, I seek a clear- cut sky- 
Emptied empyreal blue bowl
that stretches thoughts thrown high.
Transcends that endless flow
of clouds carrying, to and fro,
Spring season's rain,...

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Categories: blue, imagery, sky, spring,

How dainty and shy is she
She is even ever so, she warms the soul.
If you do handle her, handle with carefulness.
If she is approachable at...

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Categories: dance, happy, lonely, rose,

Snickering Snow
Snowbound snowflakes sneakily snip and snick the snowy snickering air....

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Categories: snow, winter,

Fat Freddie was a farmer, his favourite food was beans
He’d eat them morning, noon and night - they featured in his dreams
His friends were always...

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Categories: body, humorous, snow, wind,

The Wild Snow

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© Adam Weir  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure, angel, anger, art,

Define the Wind
What source sends the singing that searches out man?
What spawns the silence before the sudden storms?
Yet, with all wisdom and with all his wonderful words

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Categories: appreciation, beautiful, fantasy, freedom,

DARK and GREY Night
When wise winds whispered
touched the tall tree tops,
branches opened like arms
to welcome the silent snow.
	Night was all dark and grey,
	moon buried in loneliness,  

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Categories: dark, dream, loneliness, night,