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Afflict Poems

Afflict Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of afflict poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for afflict.

New Poems

Premium Member Heart-wrenching fight
On this earth, which the man beholds
As his sanctuary own, he has proved
The mightiest of all and defied 
Challenges unthinkably hard,
Has taken the route of science 
To go up the value chain
That shields him from disasters  
And plagues but...Read More
Categories: afflict, anxiety, courage, death, life,
Form: Free verse

Women's Reservation Bill
Being a highly self-directed person
Knowing how to speak and reason 
Today’s woman is alive to the sense 
Of her dignity and the importance 
Of her private functions straight
And domestic domain ultimate
Her talent is superb I state
In the public domain great
Being...Read More
Categories: afflict, angel, appreciation, art, assonance,
Form: Couplet
Father at a loss to express care and concern for Punim
Helplessness immobilizes yours truly,
I genuinely agitate
permanently lasting indelible impact deux
biological offspring unfairly bore brunt,
compliantly, complicity, and complimentary
I avidly, doggedly, instinctively helped create

subsequently, unintentionally, or willingly
unpleasantly affected as adults facilitate
learned behaviors to navigate
their respective independent lives
both managed to coordinate
transitioning as responsible...Read More
Categories: afflict, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
A Case for Kindness
I went to a coffee shop on a Friday morning.
When the young lady working behind the counter;
Without provocation and giving no warning;
Laid me out with a smile, a welcome, and a good morning.
Conveyed with conviction, it was touching and heartwarming;
So,...Read More
Categories: afflict, cheer up, encouraging, good morning, nice, simile,
Form: Free verse
In Pain
I haven't told you that I love you, and I still do. 
I haven't told you that I dreamt to be with you,
still hoping too.
Haven't told you that I care for you,
but I know you will never know.

These are just...Read More
Categories: afflict, courage, cry, first love, how i feel,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member A little bug and me
A little bug spoke to me today'
  He told me that I would have to pay
For sleeping way too little at night
  For waking up long before it's light

I begged of him to wait a few days, please
...Read More
Categories: afflict, holiday, prayer, sick, sleep,
Form: Rhyme
Extraordinary Fantasy
Extraordinary Fantasy

The Moment our minds fly away 
to a place where there is no space.
Clinched and paused we are faced
with the moments in time that we waste.

Extraordinary Fantasy's are in place.
Our hearts and minds start to create. 
As others pretend...Read More
Categories: afflict, dark, deep, feelings,
Form: Free verse
Once my prime human fortress, indeed great
Now, he's helpless... gripped with paralysis
My father who aided my first step-straight
Needed lifting-up on a constant basis.

His strength, blessed by God's help, became my might
My growing he guided with His wisdom
How I nestled in...Read More
Categories: afflict, appreciation, beautiful, character, faith, god, spiritual, trust,
Form: Sonnet
PRAYER: power or placebo-- part III
So what is prayer? I have prayed for health, safety, even death for those terminally ill to spare them suffering. Am I selfish in this? I suppose, but life itself is selfish: life wants always to live, propagate itself, have...Read More
Categories: afflict, appreciation, death, god, history, humanity, prayer, society,
Form: Prose
Go Back, III
Our gods are broken, shattered,
scattered about our feet,
now quite helpless to help us,
but still, or now, prone to afflict us
quite easily as they do
with jagged edges and pointed points
and clean, keen, diabolical slivers,
chopping, puncturing, slicing,
rending our discontented soles.
And it torments...Read More
Categories: afflict, allegory,
Form: Free verse

We slum dwellers strive through arduous thistles of hardship
We tough it out through the mere adroitness of apprenticeship
We writhe morosely, carrying the world over our shoulders
But we tussle toughly the travails like soldiers
We're the slaves that bolster the aplomb of...Read More
Categories: afflict, confidence, poverty,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Frank Osgood 1870-1919
Frank Osgood

I was the great wanderlust of Whittier!
From 1890 until my last days,
I followed my nose, 
And other body appendages,
To distant earthly destinations, 
Both sensational and disgusting,
From the calm tranquility of a secure home,
To the chaos and uncertainty, 
Of traveling...Read More
Categories: afflict, travel,
Form: Epitaph
The Chapter Ends
A hollow feeling resonates
alas the chapter ends
What were the lessons that I learned?
How do I make amends?

Got lost between realities
a void within my soul
The loneliness that captured me
destroyed my self-control...

Regrets now have their way with me
afflict with heavy hand
A penance...Read More
Categories: afflict, lost love, sad love,
Form: Quatrain
An Angel In Hell
Ho!,peace here
How by far
Will thou tarry with scare?
There in hell,
Lies temprount.
From beyond he fell,
To this lake-y mount.

By what law did you fell?
By law or by spell?
Thou are renown,
Than to be opposite of clown.
Speak,Ho!,to me!
Thy matter i did crave.

'Peace,Ho!,with me!
Afflict not...Read More
Categories: afflict, angel,
Form: Narrative
Collateral Mysteries
Collateral Mysteries 
By John Herlihy

Take me into the ravishing world 
Of collateral mysteries,
As elusive as anything in the Golden Age
Of recorded histories.
Take me into the unknown world
Of the mystical sage,
As invisibly wise as anything unveiled
In the Primordial Age.

We claim to...Read More
Categories: afflict, beauty, blessing, inspirational, nature, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
For my beloved egoist
Thus you could adore my person
So you could afflict my affection 
Saw the brights of me from the worst. 

Raised from the depressed alley 
Been looked after like they valid 
None the hard you consider,  
Flow the flakes you...Read More
Categories: afflict, boyfriend, break up, goodbye, happiness, heart,
Form: Free verse
Soul Thirsting For God -Psalm 143
My soul cries unto the Lord my God
this is my plea from this old heart
confessing that no one's righteous
our enemy pursues me by deadly dart

Fainting within me all my hope
remember your times from of old
meditate on all of God's goodness
pursue...Read More
Categories: afflict, bible, god, spiritual, , cute,
Form: Rhyme
To The Pain Gods
to the pain gods

Pain, go away
Pain, pain go away
Come again some other day
Quite haunting my every moment
Quit bothering me every single day

Pain, Pain, God of Pain,
What did I do to deserve such?
Devilish pain?

What did I do to you?
Oh God of...Read More
Categories: afflict, anger, angst, depression, god, humor, humorous, pain,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Empty heart
Empty Heart

Fibonacci Style

thoughts of loneliness
perpetual azure sadness
Afflict and torment the conscience of the wicked one
Only the Omniscient One with his love can heal the broken heart of the repentant soul.

Words imposed for contest
1. Perpetual
2. Omniscient
3. Soul
4. Azure
5. Indigo

For Heart Symphony...Read More
Categories: afflict, blue, emotions, god, hope, loneliness, sorrow, truth,
Form: Fibonacci
Sleeping Samson
Wake up church! Why are you sleeping?
The harvest is ripe and it's yours for the reaping
See this world is so busy following the beat 
That while they dance our kids are dying in these streets 
Yet here you are, with their hope...Read More
Categories: afflict, inspiration, inspirational, religion, religious,
Form: ABC
The Omnipotent Being
This whole system is out of hand,
But isn't it grand 
How they make their money.
"Its nothing honey,"
As they lie to the masses.
They sit on their asses
And leather 
Caring not whether 
Their antics afflict the poor.
"Just believe in our war 
and...Read More
Categories: afflict, deep, prison, spoken word, usa, world,
Form: I do not know?
The Doubter
Such a person are they who waste all the time they were given
Too "stupid" to pray as with many demonic spirits they are living
In so being tricked and thus allowing yourself to be pulled away
How so many they afflict but...Read More
Categories: afflict, eulogy,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Slapstick informatic on my computer
With its bite or baud or bit
It takes thick my stomach strict
When the mouse is there clicked
Then my brain is hard constrict
And my thoughts are in conflict
With my hair rough or slicked
I feel as a lousy kicked
By a mangy cat...Read More
Categories: afflict, assonance, drug,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Abram, Abraham
         And it came to pass...

   now The Lord said unto Abram
"Go now unto a land that I will show thee...
   I will make of thee a great...Read More
Categories: afflict, bible, faith,
Form: Epic
My Fruitful Flight During Nightfall
I’m getting tracked down by nightfall
Hear me…hear me…out as I fall…
Hear my call; my heart’s pounding in appall 
I fall down – hear my pleas and answer my call
Don’t hang up on me at all!
I’m losing my head – it’s...Read More
Categories: afflict, beauty, betrayal, deep, desire, hope, passion, uplifting,
Form: Free verse