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Activates Poems

Activates Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of activates poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for activates.

New Poems

Coronvirus COVID-19 part one
During the pandemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) the weather channel, on our computers.  Is providing local, regional, national and international updates.

There is a national suicide prevention hotline available in the United States. The hotline toll free number is 1-800-273-8255....Read More
Categories: activates, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Narrative

Premium Member Optimizing Gratitude
Holistic position
simultaneously invites further co-passion
and celebrates having become ever more compassionate,

Inspired that Earth stewards hope to rightly balance
human relationships
with our wider ecological responsibilities.

These right relationships
and EarthCentered responsibilities
need not compete
with more anthropocentric views
of care-giving and -receiving rights
within theologically reasoned
and sensed,
thought and...Read More
Categories: activates, caregiving, destiny, earth day, health, peace, political,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member soundscape of the night

Who is he that watches for the light of the night that will span the sky to lighten the earth
and partakes in the stillness of silence which precedes the arrival of natures shadows  that
will stand down and observe the...Read More
Categories: activates, nature,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member night moves
Who is he that watches for the light of the night that will span the sky to lighten the earth
and partakes in the stillness of silence which precedes the arrival of natures shadows  that
will stand down and observe the...Read More
Categories: activates, imagery, nature, night,
Form: Free verse
Blindsided to craft eye catching title
(alternately christened great insight
to those who Braille)

Ah.... so glad thee did ask
summoning poetic title
tis most daunting task
if lucky forthcoming praise
will yours truly to bask

and bathe with short lived,
while I quaff vintage
amber liquids out the
golden silver made flask.

Utter exhaustion taxes me
fifty...Read More
Categories: activates, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, adventure,
Form: Free verse

Humidity Coffee and Going it Alone

Sleeping was an effort. Humidity draped
my body like wet folds of clothing, as though
I had slept in some steamy rain forest. 
For days it did not let up.

Gradually, I rolled off the ledge 
of consciousness into a brief but sound...Read More
Categories: activates, writing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Collective Collaboration
Collective Collaboration

Our affinity with Nature is a fascination
a kinship eternal
a rhythm internal
earthly and supernal

The character of Nature is unparalleled
with beauty that provokes intoxication
and emotions impelled to stimulation.
We are joined in a collective collaboration.

This magnetic connection compels,
activates and requires emancipation
from habits...Read More
Categories: activates, earth, nature,
Form: Free verse
Reflex reactions
What activates my reflex arc
And causes me to shiver?
Which stimuli come into play
To set my nerves aquiver?

At home alone at dead of night
A creak will make me skittish.
My lower lip begins to drop
In fashion quite un-British! *

And should I inadvertently
Whilst...Read More
Categories: activates, fear,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member My AMPHETAMINE

 Buba-bababuba whhaat zup, My AMPHETAMINE
I need I crave I have a need for speed;
Doctor can you tell me whz wrong wit me;
My seizures are encased in restlessness, and my and blurred vision in psychosis:

I confess A need, I...Read More
Categories: activates, analogy, anxiety, confusion, depression, emotions, feelings, how
Form: Free verse
Bursts Of Creativity
Bursts Of Creativity...

Asper myself tend
to occur late at night,
or early morn 'o follow
wing day unbeknownst
despite acute insight
how, when, where, why...

ideas swarm and bite
inspiration doth alight
try as I might to
coax, anchor right,
burning candlebox at
both ends during midnight

oil, and pry open hermetically...Read More
Categories: activates, 11th grade, 12th grade, adventure, creation, happiness,
Form: Rhyme

Aloof Waft Ting Thru Spiritus Mundi
While rummaging, mining,
and distilling me gray matter,
stoking mentality activates
oft time surprising me,
where unexpected novel

cognizance never abates,
I experienced becoming
linkedin with cosmic fates,
sans collective unconscious
soul of the universe,
and chanced to espy,

(albeit only a trimmed speck),
the spirit of William Butler Yeats
considered one of...Read More
Categories: activates, adventure, allusion, appreciation, celebration, crazy, dream, imagery,
Form: Free verse
My Teacher

He whispered into my ears
The forbidden words, 
The secret 
He never wanted anyone to know; 
I was taken unaware.
He said -
He had no desire to live
The kind of life he lived.
He was a village schoolteacher
Who lived by himself all...Read More
Categories: activates, teacher,
Form: Free verse
The Strange Case at the Rail Yard
The night shift drags on
As I sit at the monitors
Security work is like that
Some nights once the cleaners leave 

There is nothing to do 
Except wait for the end of the shift
The monitors show the perimeter fences

They were installed
To monitor...Read More
Categories: activates, surreal,
Form: Ballad
Po Whet Tick Dampened Curse A
Sweaty Palms – Chronic Woe Renders...
Po' Whet Tick Dampened Curse = A
Worse Fate Than Death!

...of Google I now know sweaty 
palms sports dignified name 
known as palmar hyperhidrosis. 
Here all along (meaning major 
of my roam'n LIX chronological 

hash tagged...Read More
Categories: activates, anger, angst, anxiety, character, dad, depression, feelings,
Form: Bio
Donald Trump Das Fuehrers Braggadocio
Donald Trump Das Fuehrer's Braggadocio

Wrapped up in the Christmas holiday spirit,
I surmise doth allow
nationally collective obliviousness
     to steer ship of state
     (these United States)
to suffer retaliatory browbeat
ting activates, detonates, generates
  ...Read More
Categories: activates, discrimination, imagination, innocence, night, rights, surreal, war,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Total possibility
Shapeshifting through reality 
at a breakneck pulse 
cause here where water has been realized to be conscious 
Is limitless fluidity 
Is unlimited possibility 
That groping in the dark knowing there shall be light exploding forth at some unexpected moment 
A...Read More
Categories: activates, change, community, surreal, visionary,
Form: Free verse
It's Two Days After Thursday
Enter the Everest that devastates,
he never ever rests and he demonstrates,
how the greatness activates traits
that forever feed hate,
into enemies with envious jealousy
and sad little nul and void abilities.

It's a given that even if you sail the seven seas,
as well as...Read More
Categories: activates, hip hop, me, rap, smart, strength, success,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member My Healing Justice Interview
I was interviewing our Food Justice Coordinator
for Edible Landscape Projects
nurturing democratic peaceful outcome
and trend analysis,
none of which would competitively sell papers.

She asked most of my questions.

I responded, as usual with her,
writing my tension-filled
marketable consumer-driven
and therefore possibly publishable

She replies to my
Why...Read More
Categories: activates, food, games, green, health, humor, peace, red,
Form: Political Verse
But for the poverty of words
I'd tell of the beauty
Which Venus envies
And Cupid, bent on sweet revenge
For his mother's sake
Could not resist
And instead of his bow
It was his love piercing...
A virgin birth, no doubt
And the first blood, pure
Like the spit...Read More
Categories: activates, appreciation, beauty, eulogy, sweet love, women,
Form: I do not know?
From Blank Screen To Logorrhea
most instances when i initially seat
     myself priming creative literary juices to flow,
     an unspecified number hours elapse
     before that eureka i.e. Jackie Oh

    ...Read More
Categories: activates, 11th grade, 12th grade, encouraging, meaningful, mystery,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member Not Just Praying For Us
Investing With Us

When I strike my Yang strong poses
and then my Yin flowing folding in bows
toward you,
I am neither praying
nor am I not.

I am not preying
on less polycultural ideals,
nor am I not monoculturally
further victimizing myself.

I am taking care with my...Read More
Categories: activates, anti bullying, caregiving, culture, education, games, health,
Form: Political Verse
Be grateful
 In a world where slavery is a mercantile trade
 remember to be grateful to your legs
though they limp

I shall remember to thank my lips for the tired yawn
that activates the nerves each grey day
though they reek of charred tobacco

I...Read More
Categories: activates, africa, appreciation, beauty, body,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Day Mind Night Mind
Day Mind
Night Mind

A door is open.
Through the doorway,
I see a wall weakly
A distorted shadow slouches,
menacingly along it.
I close my eyes,
my toes grip 
the carpet.
I do not want to see, 
what I despairimgly
believe will be,
the cause of
my demise.
Hot exhalation flows
over my...Read More
Categories: activates, allusion, conflict, dream, psychological, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
Human Trafficking
She ran away,
Into the night,
Alone and sad.

They saw her,
Watched, then approached,
Offered her kindness.

She felt safe,
With innocent trust
She accepted friendship,
Went with them,
Believed in goodness.

They beat her.
Force fed drugs,
Imprisoned, bound, gagged.
Trapped and scared
She wet herself.

Men came in
Violated, ravished, despoiled.
Screaming in pain,
Hungry and...Read More
Categories: activates, abuse, child abuse, slavery,
Form: Free verse
A Changeable Collage
     I paint picture that schemes my changeable collages that clogs my drainage mind and my visions of my exploration thats a standstill it's a working in progress never no movements or exceeding always messy and...Read More
Categories: activates, adventure, allusion,
Form: I do not know?