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Goodbye Acrostic Poems

These Goodbye Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Goodbye. These are the best examples of Acrostic Goodbye poems written by international poets.

Sharing Peace On Earth
S-haring peace on earth
H-as brought warmth to dawn; 
E-arly eighteenth March
I-s waiting for the beacon.
L-et the sun shine Saturday, as the twilight passes by; 

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Shadows Say Goodbye
G-et up from the bed, 
L-et your eyes see the view; 
E-arly Saturday morning, 
C-oal clouds depart from

L-et the March twenty-fifth
A-im to leave the dark...

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Premium Member - My Favorite Word Is, BEAUTY -
              Breathtaking bird song,to attract a spouse ... is done

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Categories: autumn, beauty, goodbye,

Was Never
Do you remember, how the dumb things would make us laugh?
It makes me think, was there a wall before our path?
Remember the late nights on...

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Categories: 12th grade, absence, depression,

See The Birds That Play
M-ake twenty-eighth December
A-ble to come out and shine; 
R-ed beacon early Wednesday
I-s rising above the line.

K-iss the cold chill goodbye, 
R-ain is nowhere in sight;...

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Say Hello To The Sunrise
S-ay hello to the sunrise, 
A-fter the moon hides anew; 
L-et the fresh morn break; 
L-et it bring warmth to

S-ay goodbye to the dark, 

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Say Goodbye To Vile Weather
V-ile weather is left behind, 
I-t vanishes into the Friday night; 
A-pril fifteenth Saturday is setting things aright.

B-ad weather disappears, 
A-fter the storm fades away;...

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Say Goodbye To The Night
A-llow the night to fade
I-nto the deepest darkness; 
L-et its gray and blue haze 
E-vaporate in forgetfulness.
H-ello to a beautiful day, mind not the nightmare;...

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Running Out Of Time
R-unning out of time, 
O-ne day quickly passes by; 
W-ait not for the morrow, 
E-agerly do it now or say goodbye.
N-early no more time left,...

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Rugged Wind Waves Goodbye
R-ugged wind waves goodbye, 
H-aving faded into the night; 
O-nce the twilight ends, 
N-ew dawn sets things 

E-arly morn March thirtieth 
S-ees the break...

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River Of Life
A-nother river of life 
I-s visited early Monday; 
K-iss the mist goodbye, 
O-r take the haze away. 

B-eacon twentieth of March 
O-bliterates the night; 

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Magnificent Marvelous M
Magnificent marvelous M
Means masculine, muscle and male; 
Making itself mighty in ife, 
Moving ahead, no time to fail.

Magnificent marvelous M
Denotes morning after the moon; 

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Premium Member In His Image - The Acrostic Style

~ In  His   Image~

In his image  He’s created us all
New things, are  all  possible in His Holy name

He’s our...

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Categories: acrostic, christian, faith, hope, love,

Reach The Glorious Goal
R-each the glorious goal,
I-n the wide blue sky;
N-ew dawn has broken,
A-s the dusk says goodbye.

B-efore you reach the glorious goal,
A-sk God to guide your way;

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To Be American


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Categories: america, freedom,

A Nation in distress, 
Our Land is in distress 
Father deliver the Nation
Father deliver our Land 
Cleanse the Nation
Cleanse our Land 
We look to You

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Categories: death, fire, goodbye, memory,

Pouring Rain Waves Farewell
P-ouring rain waves farewell, 
I-nclement clime turns fine; 
A-n early morning light rises above the line.

M-ist March thirtieth
A-ims to say goodbye; 
R-ugged wind Thursday
I-s slowly...

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Pouring Rain Passes By
P-ouring rain passes by, 
R-ising sun is in view; 
E-arly Monday the dawn breaks, 
C-hill departs from 

Q-uest for the burning beacon, 
U-ntil you...

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Premium Member NIGHTY NIGHT---
N---never saying good night

I---ignoring intimate fair wells

G---governing graciously

H---high delight 

T---telling's testimonies Ta-ta...

Y---your way or mine

N---now I say our fond fair wells

I---it is time to leave...

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Playing In The Water
F-oggy Wednesday passes by, 
R-ed beacon has come out; 
I-t's a beautiful Thursday, 
T-aking away your doubt.
Z-enith ninth February
E-xposes the bright sky; 
L-et the wind...

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