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Words: acloud, aclu, acme, acmes, acne

Acme Poems

Acme Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of acme poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for acme.

New Poems

We stare into each other’s  eyes,
our amber-colored eyes, 
the ones with garden iris longings,
and revel in those memories we scripted one by one.
Crescent moonlit walks on sweeping mountain paths,  
Orange red clouds that fluttered over early morning hearts,
Ice...Read More
Categories: acme, art, beautiful, beauty, care, celebration, color, feelings,
Form: Prose Poetry

Seductive Syllables' Creed
eerie aura augmented
felon feature fermented
cremating callous contractions
drooling drips punctured
hoity relief reeled
vying voluptuous acme

tainted tongue trained'n
decking damped trail
fostered feelings feign

porous pulchritude birthed
crisp conception pivoted
mystic smirk aided

syntactic silhouette seeped'n
seductive syllables' creed.

Note: Dedicated to a dickhead I cherish: Oreoluwa....Read More
Categories: acme, hero,
Form: Sonnet
Cinder Of Urge

My heart encapsulates the hues of the sunburst sky,
the sensitive strokes of your yearning’s tender brush
paint purple passion of blooming rose in my garden,
on the convivial canvas cascade ripples of emotion.

The patina of enticement flushes your luring lips,
quivering with the...Read More
Categories: acme, emotions, love, lust,
Form: Free verse
Cold creeps
from swift whirlwinds
left me quivering with chattered teeth
and drenching with sweat.
foreshadow of war. 

There I was
aghast on the battlefield
accoutered with no armor or shield
and no cavalrymen to deploy;
ashen with fear.

Venomous arrowheads
seared me with scars
as a sword ravaged my heart.
I...Read More
Categories: acme, imagery, strength, writing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member When WE Were Tight
Took an old memory out and cried a little
Seems time has taken its toll
Remembered drag racing on the stretch
Beer party down at Devil’s Hole
Pack of Luckies at Dutch Hill Park
Campfire in the Pines late at night
Like blood brothers, times were...Read More
Categories: acme, friendship, growing up, nostalgia,
Form: Bio

Space Odyssey Of Love

Two drifting hearts 
pining to be one,
hover on the convergent surge 
of the winds of yearning.
Once fused, the primal passion 
drives their propulsion,
taking them to the carnal heights 
of cosmic longing,
consummated in celestial silence.

At the acme of surreal desire 
of...Read More
Categories: acme, body, dance, desire, space,
Form: Free verse
Short Shot Shuddered
*Short Shot Shuddered*

eyes seeped'n acme
cussing Cupid's breach;
bounty bow blushed
callous crest cupped
felon feelings fostered
rustic reels registered

short shot shuddered
smirking strength smoldered 
mystic emotions murdered

saucy bash squashed
torrent's taunted trash
coursing kleptomaniac crash

twain tuning melody
thrown desires dancing.

~Note~ The Greek believed...Read More
Categories: acme, fairy, fantasy,
Form: Sonnet
Smile's Salient Reincarnation
smile seeped'n acme
crushed by punctured
moaning metamorphoses met
rustic switch rent

grotesque grips gaunt
tumbling twain taunt
oozing odds sprout

saucy sauce swell
damped smirking dressed
felon fosters fell
smile's salient reincarnation
spanked saucy alakazam.
    20:01:18:11:11...Read More
Categories: acme, dark,
Form: Sonnet
Daring Damsel Dangling
smirk seeped'n acme
damping dainty drips
of salient scrunchies
punctured puke pitched
on callous crest
pluming pulpy pests

hoisted aura hankering
fostering flattered feelings
callous contractions crumbling

la-de-da limbs lurching
aiding cranky catastrophe
on prurient priest

costly commotion vying
daring damsel dangling.

Note: A lady passing by......Read More
Categories: acme, beauty,
Form: Sonnet
Pearly tears
Though out of breath,
she ran through the crowd
Muscles contorting,
showing her determination and strength
"I can't wait to show him off" she thought out a loud
The sisters would be green with envy
I will show them
yes! Gato can get to the acme

The sister's...Read More
Categories: acme, pride,
Form: Narrative

What would God pay for my soul
What if i told him no
the acme cartoon jaw
hits the floor
If time travel is possible
why the hell go back
Even Confucius swore
Plato banged his big toe
time when Einstein didn't know
Choosing between either or or
Ripping the...Read More
Categories: acme, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Divine Fountain

In a brightening morn, not of terror,
There, thought ran, not of error;
Thought from heaven, it tosses,
And with charming path it crosses. 

Trod over lawn to bower,
Experiencing the sun without shower;
Bent down and sat,
Yonder, experienced a guat

But forgot, with recollection recalling...Read More
Categories: acme, beautiful, drink, environment, fairy, water, wine, youth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Cunning Stranger at Dragon's Lair - A Narrative Poem
The Cunning Stranger at Dragon's Lair - A Narrative Poem

One day at a comic shop,
I met a man selling cats,
For the money, he wanted to swap,
But I really wanted some bats.

"Got any bats?" asked I.
"For that's how I'll spend my...Read More
Categories: acme, allusion, analogy, appreciation, confusion,
Form: Narrative
Patriotic Poem
A Special Prayer for my own Beloved Country Pakistan:-
May Allah Help & Mercy on Pakistan, Ameen. We need to repent and correct ourselves.
~ Dedicated to all Pakistanis currently suffering from terrorism and many other problems, Listen this and it will...Read More
Categories: acme, destiny, freedom, friendship, humanity, passion, patriotic, peace,
Form: Heroic Couplets
None keeps its inventory
But it creeps into a story
A story of a modern society
Which is plural in nature;
Partly of a rural nurture
Partly of an urban stature
Yet must remain together
Lest it falls a part 
For unity is strength. 

For  peace.

To...Read More
Categories: acme, africa, betrayal, community, conflict, patriotic, peace, political,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Cascade Serenade
Cascade Serenade

Surrounded by a forest of trees
As a bastion from the outer realm
An invisible glade that hides from man
But fauna hear the distant sound
Of water flowing effusively
And from the acme, sanguined rocks
A cascade streaming echoed chords
Of music in the liquidly...Read More
Categories: acme, inspiration,
Form: Free verse
Solitary Wanderer

I'm a solitary wanderer
Guided by the winds and the sol rays 
I roam through lonely valleys
Sipping from streams to streams 
Riding on cascade , up and down 
Sleeping under stars and silver moons 
Night’s canopy as tent
Wandering in the verdant...Read More
Categories: acme, age, art, character, holiday,
Form: Blank verse
constipation hell worse than perdition
less than twenty four hours after dashing off a poem 
   explaining why i wanted to die
found me experiencing physical duress vis a vis, 
   a bowel movement wherein waste unable to expel 

  ...Read More
Categories: acme, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Concrete
Will you be my Sanctum
Can you read the jagged story in my eyes
The scars and burns on my hands
It speaks of eons drowning below the depth's of one's misery
To be against the Abon tides
People built their personal kingdoms to rise above
To stand upon an...Read More
Categories: acme, fantasy, longing, love,
Form: Free verse
A Society Of Brilliant Ignorance
 Immorality conquered the mind of youth
Devil in disguise they called it fun
God's word and devotees consider boring 
Motivation from insanity
A generation living on the knife-edge of reality and a twisted fantasy 
Choosing visionless minds their leaders

Brainwashed by a society...Read More
Categories: acme, people,
Form: Narrative
Beating the soundless drum
Laughter of hate filled us
Sound of zilch we merry
Bêtise we cherish 

Nobody worth a breath
Protect the minimum passing through your nostril
The oomph to fill your nous should be acme 
Rather believing in needless vanity

Chase dreams don't walk...Read More
Categories: acme, inspirational,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Cascade Serenade
Cascade Serenade

Surrounded by a forest of trees
As a bastion from the outer realm
An invisible glade that hides from man
But fauna hear the distant sound
Of water flowing effusively
And from the acme, sanguined rocks
A cascade streaming echoed chords
Of music in the liquidly...Read More
Categories: acme, nature,
Form: Free verse
Symphonic Quiescent Overture Maestro Kant Imitate
Tryouts starring musical prodigies 
and/or an attendant conductor
attempt to approach ambient chorus 
divinely exhibited from Gaia's handiwork
heavenly invoking kapellmeister's magnificent nonchalant outlook 
piquantly, quintessentially, repertoire sensately striking 
unmatched vast wisdom yielding, zephyr air albeit creativity 
engineered from groundswell harmony
juxtaposed, kindled, linkedin,...Read More
Categories: acme, age, allegory, angst, confusion, dedication, environment, fate,
Form: I do not know?
Numinous bodies;
Complex, elegant, acme
of the universe....Read More
Categories: acme, body, humanity, sensual, world,
Form: Haiku
Love is a Roller-Coaster Ride
love is a roller-coaster ride,
ups, downs and sideways,
hanging on for dear life,
feeling on top of the world,
exhilaration at the acme,
de-sizzling on the decline...Read More
Categories: acme, love,
Form: Free verse