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Short Acme Poems

Short Acme Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Acme by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Acme by length and keyword.

Numinous bodies;
Complex, elegant, acme
of the universe....

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Categories: acme, body, humanity, sensual, world,
Form: Haiku

Acme Footwear
Acme sold sneakers
not much of a selection
when I was a child...

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Categories: acme, nostalgia,
Form: Haiku
Percinct at acme
Symphony  of reigns 
Perched immanent myrmidon 
Affable it gallops...

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Categories: acme, crazy, life, riddle,
Form: Haiku
cat the coyote senryu
a cat tries to sneak
the bird is much too weary
cat will use acme.......

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Categories: acme, bird, cat,
Form: Senryu
Zenith of Summer
Scorching,drying,tanning sunshine,
Sun at its acme, 
Vessels dilate, wet as in rain .

Written on 13/6/13...

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Categories: acme, seasons
Form: Haiku

Wile E Coyote
got this 
real bad feeling
that Wile E. Coyote
will be remembered for
his Acme gadgets and not his 
brilliantly realistic tunnel paintings.

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Categories: acme, childhood, funny,
Form: Shape
Love is a Roller-Coaster Ride
love is a roller-coaster ride,
ups, downs and sideways,
hanging on for dear life,
feeling on top of the world,
exhilaration at the acme,
de-sizzling on the decline...

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Categories: acme, love,
Form: Free verse
Acme To The Rescue
I fondly remember Road Runner cartoons
That amused us until weekend afternoons
Wile E. got just desserts
On that barren desert
But I wished Acme mailed him Kevlar balloons

12/28/15  for combination of three words contest

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Categories: acme, funny, memory,
Form: Limerick
An Octave of Reality
I find everyone riding the acme of jubilance,
but weeping at their inflated gloominess
Thy lords have created everything,
yet every pneuma is suffering
If you watch closely,
there is so much satire in this tiny sphere,
Every leaf that breathes,
hides an ache deep underneath....

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Categories: acme, satire,
Form: Lyric
Smile's Salient Reincarnation
smile seeped'n acme
crushed by punctured
moaning metamorphoses met
rustic switch rent

grotesque grips gaunt
tumbling twain taunt
oozing odds sprout

saucy sauce swell
damped smirking dressed
felon fosters fell
smile's salient reincarnation
spanked saucy alakazam.

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Categories: acme, dark,
Form: Sonnet
Gaunt Gravity's Hood
nocturnal nature nimble
hibernating hampered hurdle
salient acme strained
whooshing wills waned
drooling dainty dirge
pruning punctured perch

sassy spectre surged
leasing lofty lurch
amputated atmosphere pursed

airy ascension hacked
felon fate squashed
trailing taunted trance

porous prayer pulled
gaunt gravity's hood.

Note: Of porous prayer.

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Categories: acme, faith,
Form: Sonnet
Daring Damsel Dangling
smirk seeped'n acme
damping dainty drips
of salient scrunchies
punctured puke pitched
on callous crest
pluming pulpy pests

hoisted aura hankering
fostering flattered feelings
callous contractions crumbling

la-de-da limbs lurching
aiding cranky catastrophe
on prurient priest

costly commotion vying
daring damsel dangling.

Note: A lady passing by......

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Categories: acme, beauty,
Form: Sonnet
Bruise Nature's Best
lusty lips laced
tainted tuning trace
felon features foiled
bleeding blurry boils
hoity hanker hoisted
voluptuous vying birth

sumptuous smile seeped'n 
nocturnal nature's acme
latter leering heed

apt posture pulses
etched entourage contracting
bruised beauty bleeding

even saucy silhouette
bruise nature's best.

Note: Of my tasty and delicious Cupcake, Moyinoluwa....

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Categories: acme, beauty,
Form: Sonnet
Seductive Syllables' Creed
eerie aura augmented
felon feature fermented
cremating callous contractions
drooling drips punctured
hoity relief reeled
vying voluptuous acme

tainted tongue trained'n
decking damped trail
fostered feelings feign

porous pulchritude birthed
crisp conception pivoted
mystic smirk aided

syntactic silhouette seeped'n
seductive syllables' creed.

Note: Dedicated to a dickhead I cherish: Oreoluwa....

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Categories: acme, hero,
Form: Sonnet

Faith like a magnet 
attracts and embraces,
Rises as an early sun
touches acme of noon,
Soothes as a cool breeze
to soul's serenity,
Blooms as vibrant flowers
an emblem of Spring.

Faith if defied
bleeds as malignant ulcer
Whips the very soul
and squeezes the heart,
Nibbles ruthlessly
to later discard,
Moves in a dry desert
as hope chases mirage.

Written May 5th, 2016
For contest by Nayda...

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Categories: acme, faith,
Form: Free verse
When shadows are undefined,
Few candles flicker and lights become dim.
For a moment I stay back,
step into one of the mysteries.

Somewhere I have left it,
An innocent smile, some fragile tears
and a crewel case.
Cold winds, a sunset,
an abysmal truth,
some songs that I crooned in loneliness.

Walking along the aisle,
quiet echoes touched me.
Through the crevice blasted in,
rays of a young sun.
My acme is yet to come,
the door has just opened,
to an uncertain eternity.

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Categories: acme, inspirational,
Form: Blank verse
mortal consolation
From your acme of pride
You lost your peaceful childe
With none by your side
And nowhere to hide

Rejected and sent below
Into this shameful hollow
In pain you hallow
No one to be your pillow

Let me aid in my shallow LART
And wrap you in my warmly heart
I will adore you without prat
And willingly be your brat

Rise from shame to royalty
This scarlet wings I will chime till eternity
You will be restored far beyond your calamity
And your afflictors will regret their futlity...

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Categories: acme, courage, depression,
Form: Rhyme