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Accounting Poems

Accounting Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of accounting poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for accounting.

New Poems

Everlastingly Lost and Forgotten
The majority of people deny God
live a life godless, selfish and no hope
putting death behind them unthinkable
just expecting to live on no matter its slope

God has warned in His holy word
all have sinned fell absolutely short
of God's glory for there's...Read More
Categories: accounting, god, judgement, lost,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member We Cannot Say
And thus, we blessed dreamers came 
To this beautiful blue planet wobbling
Rotating in the heavens within an unknown vested Time
Gently moving ornament in gargantuan Space.

Joyous we be as secreted travelers
Though still ignorant children all
Deluding ourselves as is our wont, in...Read More
Categories: accounting, 12th grade, adventure, fear, introspection, life, people,
Form: Free verse
Ode to a toilet on a mountaintop
I climbed a mountain in a land of sun
Of epic landscape and of sweet cuisine
But scarecely had my lone ascent begun
Than woke a silent urge for a latrine

Too long must I have lingered at the wide
And bounteous smorgasbord in the...Read More
Categories: accounting, adventure, anxiety, beautiful, emotions, endurance, happy, mountains,
Form: Ode
Premium Member The Nap Master

HAIL the astral world of utterance,
     one befalls to eavesdrop whisperings of their sweet nothings, 
          breathlessly whisking up a spell of portioned scents that, nay,
 ...Read More
Categories: accounting, poetry,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Peruvian Quipu
Ancient Peruvians used the quipu
To record events for more than a few.
Cord with knotted string
Messages to bring
Future accounting for me and for you.

...Read More
Categories: accounting, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Limerick

Premium Member High Powered Fences
High Powered Fences, 
Beyond Your Vote

Armchair Politian's sitting beside Ceasar(a), 
believing or at least making believe...
that they are for the people, 
and not against. 
"They" have been there too long.
Rot is strong, coming from the corpses. 

They point thin-sharp fingers,
and...Read More
Categories: accounting, africa, allah, america, angel, anxiety, arabic, political,
Form: Narrative
Hymn for Fallen Soldiers
DPAA Hymn for Fallen Soldiers
by Michael R. Burch

Sound the awesome cannons.
Pin medals to each breast.
Attention, honor guard!
Give them a hero’s rest.

Recite their names to the heavens
Till the stars acknowledge their kin.
Then let the land they defended
Gather them in again.

When I...Read More
Categories: accounting, bereavement, courage, death, devotion, eulogy, funeral, soldier,
Form: Elegy
Every accounting for taste
It is official,
Those who count voted,
Boysenberry Ripple Ice cream,
Made by tip top of NZ,
Is the best ice cream in NZ, 
And possibly on the planet.

It also happens to be my favourite,
By a country Mile,
And I can't wait to tell my...Read More
Categories: accounting, addiction, age, celebration, christmas, class, devotion, heaven,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Gift Of A Lifetime

Fortuitous rise o'er Heaven's Gate, Grace courtesies with thy breath,
Gift of life crafts thy mercy being tis naught origin or edge about such,
Therefore, gratuitous deeds innately born to thee from thine inception,
Thou art generous in thy spirit proffers a chronicle...Read More
Categories: accounting, giving, how i feel, imagery, inspiration, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Head Games
Head Games

You love to play them. 

When you treat me badly, 
I let you, as I thought that meant…
I was loving you. 
I was wrong. 

When you stomped on me, 
or often if not always put me last, 
I thought...Read More
Categories: accounting, allah, anti bullying, anxiety, appreciation, arabic, atheist,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member BF's girl
BF’s Girl

Man is identified by behavior.
I say man and she demands an
Accounting.  The definitive correlative
Can not be spoken.  The constant common
Can not be held in union.  I must discourse
All caveats else no communion, no love.
What of it?...Read More
Categories: accounting, conflict, corruption, love, power, prejudice, psychological, relationship,
Form: Sonnet
Incomplete metamorphosis of this stilled adolescent
Incomplete metamorphosis of this stilled adolescent...
petrified, sheltered, and mortally wounded prepubescent

I consider myself
analogously buttressed, cocooned,
garrisoned, hardened, insulated,
where cell baited jumping frog
o' Montgomery County ne'er
went leaving larvae stage,

now no divine providential
power can assuage,
yours truly metaphorically locked
within invisible iron bound cage
every occasion...Read More
Categories: accounting, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th
Form: Bio
trying to 
sleep counting 
the proverbial fence
leaping endless rainbow

of sheep 
passing time
tiredly trying to 
induce slumber but

as each
ovine leaps
the next has less

wool then
the one before
so forgetting about
REM now i need see

for sure
how nakedly
shorn if there is
a last one will be...Read More
Categories: accounting, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Investing in Green
Capital investments,
cooperative more than competitive,
socially mediated more than antisocially premeditated
green health more than white wealth motivated,
are remarkably contrasted,
most certainly not equivalent to,
kleptocratic capital-city privileged capitalism.

Liberal corporate-infested capitalism,
with narcissistic quarterly accounting bottom lines
are not the same as cooperative encircling 
capital co-investment.

Democratic...Read More
Categories: accounting, caregiving, earth, green, health, nature, spiritual,
Form: Political Verse
My Rain Cloud My Cover
I have loved more deeply than ever I thought possible
Fairy tales are not true
And happy ever afters rarely occur
I have made my life more difficult
Then it ever had to be
But it was made more interesting for the errors I have...Read More
Categories: accounting, child, children, emotions, forgiveness, heart,
Form: Free verse
Success is the reward for hard work;
It’s irrelevant if in school or at work.
Just remain constant and do your best,
There’s no end to the measure of success.

Life has countless ups and downs,
Unsure of the next thing coming around.
Barricades arise on...Read More
Categories: accounting, confidence, devotion, meaningful, motivation, poetry, spoken word,
Form: Rhyme
Blood Test
Seeming to decipher,
The count of the sample,
Whether white, red or dead,
It appears, each is ample,
The blood of our lives,
Not the fluid, arterial,
But the beings, among them,
Usurped the toy in your cereal,
Their daily appearance,
At the start of your day,
Then emerging in...Read More
Categories: accounting, brother, family, father, father son, mother, mother
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Inside
I have learned much, lost more.
Gained beyond measure than most dare to try.
It does not make me smart, 
It does not make me right.
I am nearly always wrong... 
unless there is math involved. 
Then my chances dramatically increase. 
The IQ...Read More
Categories: accounting, angel, blessing, courage, depression, faith, feelings, heaven,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Garage Sales

Garage sales are for those with it all, I concede
But can't resist paying a dollar for stuff they don't need
Strange way of thinking
Maybe too much drinking
There's just no accounting for some peoples' greed

...Read More
Categories: accounting, giggle,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Contract Against Greatness
In Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged"
she paints a nationalistically wealthy saint
where also lives a monochromatically utilitarian narcissist,
sucking on attachment to fame and power
for bought and sold ZeroSum accounting Souls.

If the perfectly powerful pure patriarchal patriot
were your own Atlas father,
you might feel...Read More
Categories: accounting, culture, health, integrity, mental illness, peace, philosophy,
Form: Political Verse
Navigating Outward Bounds Of Relationships
Volition, orientation familiarization aahing
and oohing within restrictive paradigm molding
inviolable honorable gentility -
flagrantly, desirously, clearly boyz abandoning
willfully skirting, panting (heavily)
forfeiting abominably, (no Joe King) abiding

chomping at bit, damning delineated, or obscure
parameters, between one acceding
Earthlinked selfish living
psychosexual pining human bing,
and another ardently...Read More
Categories: accounting, friendship, hyperbole, joy, love, may, sensual, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Battered Shattered and Scattered
Mrs Gladys Wackjob:
“What the goodness is wrong with this hospital,
I receive better service in a restaurant.
You nurses sit there doing nothing while my
Husband is dying. Why isn’t anyone talking to me.
And you little miss perky nurse, Yes you,
With the 80’s...Read More
Categories: accounting, 10th grade,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Accounting for Taste
Who can account for what we term taste
   and shouldn't it be just an opinion? 
Though then it might be just a tad debased
   ~ not free to take off, like a feathery pinion
You like...Read More
Categories: accounting, fashion, how i feel, weather,
Form: Rhyme
Counting and bring all into accounting!
...Read More
Categories: accounting, god,
Form: Blank verse
Battered Shattered and Scattered
Mrs Wackjob:
“What the goodness is wrong with this hospital,
I’ve received better service in a restaurant.
You nurses sit there doing nothing while my
Husband is dying. Why isn’t anyone talking to me.
And you little miss perky nurse, Yes you,
With the 80’s hair...Read More
Categories: accounting, 10th grade,
Form: ABC