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Absconding Poems

Absconding Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of absconding poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for absconding.

New Poems

I was thinking
after returning from duty
I will write a lovely poetry.

I will build a Tajmahal
on the chest of paper
with the words 
which were playing
hide and seek with me 
since last few days.

The words will flow smoothly
from my pen tip
just like...Read More
Categories: absconding, feelings, poetry, words,
Form: Free verse

Navigating Outward Bounds Of Relationships
Volition, orientation familiarization aahing
and oohing within restrictive paradigm molding
inviolable honorable gentility -
flagrantly, desirously, clearly boyz abandoning
willfully skirting, panting (heavily)
forfeiting abominably, (no Joe King) abiding

chomping at bit, damning delineated, or obscure
parameters, between one acceding
Earthlinked selfish living
psychosexual pining human bing,
and another ardently...Read More
Categories: absconding, friendship, hyperbole, joy, love, may, sensual, spiritual,
Form: Free verse

...Spongebob Squarepants...what...atoll...?
plunged into where, way...toilet bowl...
supposedly, when the ghostly hand ex-toll
ling praise from his late creator, and master

meow mind of popular Stephen Hillenburg
cast said main character in clean new role,
an unexpected greasy, grimy, grisly, grouchy,
grungy gruff peagreen...Read More
Categories: absconding, absence, anger, angst, character, grave, horror, paradise,
Form: Free verse
Love as a reason to me
You are the soul of my destiny, you are the heart of my fantasy,
My whole world moves around you, you are the world of God's courtesy.

Your love gives me always a passion to be alive each of the morning,
it favors...Read More
Categories: absconding, cute love, for her, poems,
Form: Lyric
Cut Off Cakes of Mistakes
Always on my mind
Nibbling at the core, fiddling at the soft centre
Quizzing, teasing me to find
Space and time to enter   

The pantheon populated by caring
Daring divinities whose flight
Into ether left me wondering
If I got any delight in the...Read More
Categories: absconding, poems,
Form: Free verse

The Sad Farmer - A Rhyme Attempt
there flies a bird as white as life,
an ugly, peaceful dove,
 which carries darkness in its beak,
 the poem wroth with love:
 the farmer wakes at morning,
 weak with pain and ache;
there's no peace in sleeping in
when mares they howl...Read More
Categories: absconding, angst, anxiety, death, longing, loss, lost love,
Form: Rhyme
I dreamt a death
And then it started,

The dawdling descend,
Eternally unnerving, unending
With flashes of misty madness
Till the numbing temple hits the earth.

A screeching moment, 
Flees, absconding prior to being noticed
All holds up.

Force is felt, 
Crunching, screaming, breaking.
Cause has left, pain not yet.
It soothes and...Read More
Categories: absconding, anxiety, dark, death, dream, hurt, night, self,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Angel
Wispy tendrils of light scatter and reach
          Faint, hushed feathers of trickling lucence ...
               An impish muster...Read More
Categories: absconding, angel, heaven, imagination, light,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Luella May Poland 1907-1922
Luella May Poland


The ocean sings my sad refrain.

Sings as the lapsing afternoon 

Turns to twinkling twililight.

It sings the polyphonic notes and harmonies

Of a life at once wondrous and magical

And then tragic.

The soft but harsh music of ebb and flow

Of loving,...Read More
Categories: absconding, death,
Form: Epitaph
The leading elephant fell
causing a huge elephant stampede
despair hit the herd
even the elders fled in horror

All the animals in the kingdom of
ignorance and self-righteousness grieved 
the head of the herd was gone, “What to do?”
cries to blame the "junkyard idiots"...Read More
Categories: absconding, christian, passion, patriotic, people, political, power,
Form: Prose

A Gardening Expose
With these lines I’ll relate an intriguing tale of dubious accuracy
For I Hope to unveil sordid affairs of more than one conspiracy!
Be warned, that though you might be disturbed by the facts I relate?
They are the truth and nothing more....Read More
Categories: absconding, garden, word play,
Form: Rhyme
Needle Boy
Who's that garçon, playing with needles
eagerly stabbing the fantastique tragedy 
squirming so quickly by the macabre melody
what makes my shadow laugh forwardly 
above me! 

Eye on him from behind turning and twisting
drilling the fear out from his astonishment
and when we...Read More
Categories: absconding, boy, dark, imagery, pain, surreal,
Form: Rhyme
One small pig, a puffin, and a large portion of lettuce in a cart. Absconding from a field with 240 baboons, ten mice with microphones, and a very large beetle. They went to visit a bird high in a tree....Read More
Categories: absconding, animal,
Form: I do not know?
A Fugitive
                                       ...Read More
Categories: absconding, discrimination, humanity, international, judgement, political, world,
Form: Cinquain
belief is the end 
of your awareness
inching snails shrivel
mango groves pregnant
awareness is foolish perfect
mystery of trinity worshiped
black or white blood
is red and warm
today is the 
beginning of to
morrow and the
end of yesterday
the end
absconding thoughts
i am forty my
confessed...Read More
Categories: absconding, allegory,
Form: I do not know?
sullen death-bell tolls
for my own absconding soul
no wailing required
as my skirmishing-days past
my ultimate doom is close

...Read More
Categories: absconding, death,
Form: Tanka
Files and files mounting,any where Sun shine,

File is what?answer the question even a child,

File is a cover made,out of card board,

It covers tales of,many more untold,

Some files reporting and some files departing,

Some files small bee and some files about fee,

Some...Read More
Categories: absconding, abuse, class, corruption, political,
Form: Free verse
Orvilles mountains
You such as tired horses! 
Running between the spirit of trees; 
Then absconding - such as four Doves 
To distant clouds  

You Oh 'Orville’s' mountains 
As you are on the ground, 
Glorified in heaven! 
And you O...Read More
Categories: absconding, history,
Form: Free verse
Bewildered Mother
Had 6 she did. One at a time. 
Worried about one…most of the time. 
One had their own set of rules too. 
Early on realized school was a bore.
Overnight a scouting uniform turned into a wetsuit.
It takes much longer to...Read More
Categories: absconding, mother,
Form: I do not know?
100 Onions
                               100 Onions
       ...Read More
Categories: absconding, children, corruption, cry, culture, education, emotions, school,
Form: Free verse

Power of a fancy
over good reason,
My imagination !

A force of nature
trust or truth,
delight of an immature?

No war no red earth
no remonstrance,
A fascination ?

Bumptious or chagrined
deeply possessed neurotic,
an absconding notion ?

Pulling me in pool of love
then announce exile,
Inchoate insight ?

My imagination...Read More
Categories: absconding, crazy, creation,
Form: Free verse
Vexing High
I’m caught in the midst of a dream I reside –
tumbling lovers tempting romance with pride.
Twisting and thrusting, to and fro with hate –
stumbling over a beautiful destiny and fate.

Creeping and crawling through shards of hope –
resisting the tension on...Read More
Categories: absconding, boyfriend, confusion, farewell, girlfriend, goodbye, husband, introspection,
Form: Rhyme
Just Down the Road from Salem
While the hungry ones pass by
     the fruits of life upon the ground,
The king and queen are leaving
     and they're not making any sound.
In the coming of twilight
    ...Read More
Categories: absconding, history,
Form: Rhyme
Absconding Muse: Vagabond Scavenger
Jilting muse with availing inspiration did wend
Barren reservoir doth futility portend
A bristling quill with no well to descend
No gratuitous frills on vapid contours suspend
Seeking with brokered shill to amend
Imploring vagabond seeking itinerant dividend
Wading through flooded channels, silty grains to append
From...Read More
Categories: absconding, on writing and words
Form: Rhyme
Absconding Muse
My muse blew a fuse
Without excuse fealty did recuse
In jilting fashion without compassion 
Tendered passion did stingily ration
Lofty discourse from pen did divorce
With no remorse absconded every resource
My inspiration turned to perspiration
Hopeless itinerant somewhat penitent
The bartered lexicon I did recon
A...Read More
Categories: absconding, funnymetaphor,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme