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Abdominal Poems

Abdominal Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of abdominal poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for abdominal.

New Poems

Deadly Aneurysm
Your leg was infected and the infection spread.
You had an abdominal aneurysm and you're dead.
The infection spread to your stomach and you hid your illness from all of us.
You didn't want to go to a hospital because doctors were people...Read More
Categories: abdominal, anniversary, death, loss, mom, truth,
Form: Rhyme

Kelps Report
The Talus Series Is  a type of competition that
uses breaks(referee calls for)
to start and posture(beginning)
and reposuture. 
Both teams draw a ticket and a coin toss
accredits a team's draw. if team one draws (45 minutes) and team 2 draws (60...Read More
Categories: abdominal, business, sports,
Form: Bio
What We Carry
A Plan for the Unplanned angels unborn, 

Pray as they play in the sadness, 

remembering irreversible commitments.  

Sing to the sorrows of those forever haunted by ghosts of the unwanted seeds of the wanton.

Genetically modified indistinct and unidentifiable, 

Tubes...Read More
Categories: abdominal, abortion, angel, anxiety, baby, bereavement, grief,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member wrong bread for Fred
Wrong bread for Fred

here I am sick in bed
got the chills and aches in my head
called the pharmacy and spoke with Ned
was told of a remedy  of  oatmeal bread

thought that was new so I tried it  instead...Read More
Categories: abdominal, funny,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Warning

He sucked the thin tube inward
pulling the smoke into his lungs
until the tip glowed fiercely.
Warm lemon tea,
lean body
on an abdominal spring.

“A Gestapo Officer
was searching – hunting.
He found us backed against a wall
in a small attic room.

He had papers and orders.
Arrogant...Read More
Categories: abdominal, poetry,
Form: Blank verse

Beleaguered by lactose intolerance
Lower gastrointestinal war civil declared
because sweet tooth (er...rather dentures)
craved absolute zero sum game yoking,
wickedly villainous, x'acting tummy
upsetting Pavlovian salivating, romancing,

quid pro quo woe pea pie us, orthodox, 
conventional, nun habit forming (Lie), 
mouth watering, lip locked, kickstarting,
Je Suis ill lust...Read More
Categories: abdominal, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, death,
Form: Dramatic Verse

The Malaysian forest bears fruit of disguise. That powdery translucent pink circles the orchid mantis’ frame, measuring at six centimeters, about the size of an adult pinky finger. Her two black and clear patterned antennae pierce the sky. Her...Read More
Categories: abdominal, beautiful, character, courage, encouraging, environment, insect, nature,
Form: Narrative
A Former Slender Man Deplores Weight Gain
I loathe shucking clothes,
(no matter eyes severely myopic)
in preparation for here goes
another warm shower quickly
relaxing this senescent
body ready to doze

soon after lathering
this blubbery body
most unwanted fat grows
on me, no matter healthy diet
of worms, or how I stand,
not so easy add...Read More
Categories: abdominal, age, beauty, clothes, funny, health, hyperbole, me,
Form: Free verse
Filched Physiognomy Mine
Filched Physiognomy - Mine!

Absolute zero escape
velocity guts dance
sing days (contra and square),
cuz metabolic full abundance
abdominal adipose tissue acceptance
not in accordance

with light as a feather
miss lost acquaintance
the boy within forced admittance
as sure man tanks of fat did advance
shotgun marriage demanded allegiance
to...Read More
Categories: abdominal, age, anxiety, betrayal, conflict, grief, health, mirror,
Form: Free verse
december 31, 2019
it has
3 claw holds
best out of three falls
60 minute time limit
6 abdominal stretches
4 figure fours
26 suplexes
 two DQ's
and a final fall you won't believe!
a champion losted his title
and the new champion was stripped of his title
why did they vacate the...Read More
Categories: abdominal, appreciation, celebration, celebrity, independence day, inspirational, science,
Form: Cowboy

Praise Zing A Fully Functioning Sphincter Muscle
Anal lies zing constipation
     nothing to poo poo about,
cuz when bedeviled by
     colorectal obstruction 
     without wasted doubt,
that malodorous, 
     malevolent malady
  ...Read More
Categories: abdominal, break up, conflict, desire, grief, health, hurt,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Human Sack Gruff Ice Agonizingly Glommed
Human Sack Gruff Ice Agonizingly Glommed...
Murderously Skewered, And Torturously Zapped

Directv linkedin to accentuate
piddly money crisis, tis zen uneasy fate,
I imagine dragons gyrate
ting, and licking chops, faux masticate
ting, no matter I didst pre
     mutt chew lee ejaculate
prickly...Read More
Categories: abdominal, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th grade, discrimination,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Caught Undertow

While casual, coral reef cruising, marlin flygirl fishing,
my dinghy eyes got capsized 
into the shimmy-ing belly of a barracuda
Crustacean curiosity got sent on an abdominal mission

My dinghy eyes got capsized ... 
chum dummy fell overboard into the deep end
Lost in...Read More
Categories: abdominal, allusion, imagery, love hurts, metaphor,
Form: Villanelle
Nostalgia For Yesteryear Of Boyhood
(originally composed approximately a half 
dozen plus years since this revision now, 
September 13th 2018 ~ 12:48 ante meridiem, 
which missive, I came across scrolling down 
volatile Memory Lane.)

As my recent blank day of birth 
passed by unevent
  ...Read More
Categories: abdominal, 12th grade, 9th grade, devotion, eulogy, farewell,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Sundered Heart Tis Like Death
'Pon gleaning lasses,
     and sir really not alright
not "FAKE" lads
     grievousness doth bite
Love's Labour's
     (Romeo and Juliet)
     Lost sequel - colyte
(an emetic) more

 ...Read More
Categories: abdominal, 10th grade, 11th grade, 9th grade, depression,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
No Reason To Complain
Yikes, aside from mental
     health re: psychotherapy,
     which haint the worse
cyst phase of being
     objectionably being called "old man",
     this poem doth tack
 ...Read More
Categories: abdominal, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, caregiving,
Form: Free verse
A Most Violent Reaction
Soon after nibbling pumpkin pie,
     I felt terribly amiss,
where death be not proud
     did scythe lance me
     never came to bring
     bliss, well nigh,
thus...Read More
Categories: abdominal, 10th grade, 12th grade, 7th grade, 8th
Form: Free verse
An Oop Pinion About Omitted Ir Rack
Mime moost re cent poem titled 
     Mental Illness...Inherent Since Birth
fourth line down lacked an accidentally 
     ohm mitt head "rack", thus presenting dearth
of understanding, and
     set...Read More
Categories: abdominal, 10th grade, 11th grade, 8th grade, grave,
Form: Free verse
Vagaries Of An Unknown Methacton High School
Nineteen Seventy-Seven Alumni

Some conspiratorial and malevolent force
     must be fast at work
     cranking chronology dial
an extraterrestrial force

     donning, housing, loosing,
     plying, and trumpeting greater...Read More
Categories: abdominal, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, angst,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Redoubtable Pestiferous Nemesis
Affliction with mental illness beasts sans,
     depression, panic/ anxiety
     obsessive compulsive disorder
     didst for most of my lix splitting life zap

psychological state plagued with
    ...Read More
Categories: abdominal, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, emotions,
Form: Bio
irritable bowel syndrome exacerbated courtesy of prunes
lower abdominal area gurgles and balloons
gastrointestinal tract 
     vis a vis flatulence croons
in tandem and/or subsequent expulsion
     eliminates fecal waste
witnessing sprinting to bathroom, this scribe 
     (against...Read More
Categories: abdominal, 12th grade, anxiety, dark, grief, hurt, imagery,
Form: Free verse
a stray tear doth adieu occasionally shed
toward thee spunky gal, 
     whose impregnation and debut appearance 
     way to brief a tale for Aesop
cuz, (umpteen iterations recounted),
     out the birth canal aye did...Read More
Categories: abdominal, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Epitaph
constipation hell worse than perdition
less than twenty four hours after dashing off a poem 
   explaining why i wanted to die
found me experiencing physical duress vis a vis, 
   a bowel movement wherein waste unable to expel 

  ...Read More
Categories: abdominal, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Concrete
Fortune Cookie Maxim Minimizes Apple Macbook Pro Update Process
agonizingly dutifully didst wait
to distract anticipatory anxiety,
(analogous to an expectant father)
while protracted procedure promised
nothing short of a millennium

whereby echoing thru the corridors of time
olly olly gluten free ranging NON GMO, oxen
oiled lubricated cloven hoof
nsync cup aided toot tune to clacking...Read More
Categories: abdominal, 10th grade, 11th grade, funny, perspective, power,
Form: Prose Poetry
addictive ampoules annihilate after alluring
amphetamines acquaintanceship assuages 
agonizing aches also advocates amorousness
assiduously activating admiration
aggressive attacks assault afoul 

affable affinity and affectionadumbration
anatomical accidental addiction attested as academic,
although afterward abnegation absolutely arduous,
affianced attired apparently as an anomaly 

Ares and Abyssinian Astarte admixture
acquiescence affliction affected adroitly,
and abruptly...Read More
Categories: abdominal, 10th grade, 12th grade, addiction, community, dark,
Form: Alliteration