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Blog Posted:12/18/2008 4:22:00 PM
<P align=center><A href=""><STRONG>Buy Urban Expressions online TODAY! 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"It may be a line from a book or a verse from a poem. You see words are the paint and your mind becomes the canvas. Poetry is my tool that I use to tell a story of days gone by or a lesson learned or one yet to be learned..."</P></DIV> <DIV id=productDetails> <HR> <H2>Product Details</H2> <UL> <LI>Amazon Sales Rank: #2880088 in Books <LI>Published on: 2005-01-28 <LI>Released on: 2005-01-28 <LI>Binding: Paperback <LI>76 pages </LI></UL></DIV></DIV>
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  1. Date: 2/22/2011 6:47:00 AM
    You have an interesting blog here. I'm checking out these blogs to get to know my fellow soupers better.

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  1. Date: 12/20/2008 6:26:00 PM
    Jay Congratulations on your book its exciting isn't it! Merry Christmas! Laura :)

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  1. Date: 12/19/2008 6:23:00 AM
    Rock on!!! Congrats!!

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My Book
Date Posted: 12/18/2008 4:22:00 PM
Thanks to all you who have shown me love over the past year...JAAT
Date Posted: 12/18/2008 7:22:00 AM
No more handkerchiefs…
Date Posted: 5/26/2008 6:13:00 PM
Thanks all!
Date Posted: 4/13/2008 7:22:00 AM
Quote by (Jay A. Anderson-Taylor)
Date Posted: 4/9/2008 10:49:00 AM
Thanks for all the great comments!
Date Posted: 4/8/2008 5:55:00 PM
No poet is ever alone...
Date Posted: 3/30/2008 8:12:00 PM

My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
6/2/2015 IS RESPECT OR HONOR DO Layabuse,conflict,discrimina
3/7/2014 foul mouth Layabuse,anger,body,
6/4/2013 God knows, but you choose Light Poetrychristian,wisdom,
2/14/2013 Valentines Day wish for you Light Poetrydevotion,love,valentines
11/28/2012 Promises unfulfilled Laydeath,epic,love,uplifting
11/2/2012 bleeding heart cry Dramatic Verselost loveheart,heart,love
9/27/2012 Weak flesh Light Poetryblack african american,vi
9/22/2012 Grounded by flesh Light Poetryfaith,religion,social,
9/11/2012 God's Baskets Pastoralfaith,religion,father,fat
9/11/2012 Our Rights Layreligion,social,marriage,
9/6/2012 The VOTE Layblack african american,ho
7/26/2012 The Keeper Light Poetrydepression,faith,friendsh
7/17/2012 I said what I was Light Poetryinspirational,life,people
7/6/2012 Stranger in danger Lyrichappiness,loss,lost love,
6/14/2012 Cupids killer Limerickdeath,depression,romance,
6/14/2012 Is not so Didactichistory,life,philosophy,v
6/14/2012 Misdirection Didacticeducation,hope,inspiratio
6/11/2012 I thought Light Poetrydedication,education,phil
5/17/2012 Go-Go Soul Bioblack african american,de
5/5/2012 Understood Light Poetrycaregiving,childhood,fath
12/28/2011 Am I still a man Light Poetryinspirational,philosophy,
11/17/2011 Lead or non leader Layphilosophy,
11/9/2011 Changing Laydedication,faith,visionar
11/8/2011 Changer Laydedication,faith,inspirat
10/31/2011 VOID Laylost love,earth,time,
10/6/2011 SELFISH Layphilosophy,words,
9/25/2011 Do i Light Poetryconfusion,
9/22/2011 Bread for a day Light Poetryeducation,inspirational,o
9/19/2011 The black man's oath Light Poetryinspirational,philosophy,
9/11/2011 Change is Layinspirational,
9/7/2011 Project dreams Light Poetryhope,dream,people,dream,p
9/6/2011 Distorted Dream Layblack african american,so
7/17/2011 Death of a boy Light Poetryblack african american,de
6/14/2011 PEACE Layhappinesslife,life,love,
5/25/2011 Big City Life I See You Laylife,people,social,urban,
5/18/2011 Radiant smile Lyriccowboy-western,lost love,
5/5/2011 Sleeping with the Devil Light Poetryintrospection
2/18/2011 Choices We All Have Everyday Light Poetryfather,hope,inspirational
1/7/2011 Broken Light Poetrylost lovelove,
12/11/2010 Ghetto Santa Narrativefunny,holiday,old,old,
12/11/2010 Owed to you Light Poetrylovelove,
8/27/2010 He still teaches Didacticphilosophy,religion,god,g
8/26/2010 Misdirection... Light Poetrylife,love,people,wife,
8/15/2010 Concrete Lily Layhopeme,people,time,me,mot
8/15/2010 Know You're Blessings- Pastoralinspirational,uplifting,v
8/15/2010 Grace Light Poetryphilosophy
7/2/2010 "sorry" I do not know?lost loveme,old,me,old,
6/6/2010 My ghetto (What makes it so?) Layblack african american,in
6/6/2010 My ghetto (Pondering) Light Poetryblack african american,in
5/19/2010 My Ghetto Light Poetryblack african american,in
5/5/2010 On this day... Light Poetrydedicationday,beautiful,b
4/18/2010 Faded Picture in a Frame- Light Poetrylossold,old,
3/30/2010 My assignment... Light Poetrycaregivinggod,god,
3/11/2010 So she comes again- Light Poetrynature
3/10/2010 Destiny Versephilosophy
3/6/2010 Forgotten? Pastoralinspirationalbaby,god,los
3/6/2010 Your choice? Light Poetrylifelife,life,
3/5/2010 Can we be? Layinspirationalgarden,rose,
2/25/2010 Free Base I do not know?confusionme,me,
2/15/2010 I dream poetry... Light Poetryon writing and wordswords
2/14/2010 Is man made of bread? Versefatherfather,children,fat
1/27/2010 The Fragile Egg... Laychildhoodmom,me,mom,
1/1/2010 Bruised Laychildhood
12/26/2009 Irony-no I say. Light Poetryloveheart,day,heart,love,
12/20/2009 "Distorted" Free verseparodyme,me,
12/17/2009 "The Broken Poet" Light Poetrychildhoodwords,god,time,a
12/12/2009 New Years Day... I promise? Personificationsatireme,me,new years day
12/12/2009 My New Years Prayer... Light Poetryphilosophyme,me,new year,
12/12/2009 Life in the bottle Narrativelifeme,family,day,drink,f
9/22/2009 Broken Promises... Light Poetryphilosophywords,integrity
9/16/2009 Unsettled Light Poetryhappiness,philosophy,life
9/4/2009 What price we will pay for believing in a politician? Laypoliticalcar,car,perspect
9/3/2009 Valor... Light Poetryrecovery from...desire,ca
9/3/2009 Solace in the ghetto Narrativechildhoodnight,dream,peop
8/22/2009 Rainbow Light Poetrydevotionme,day,me,rainbow
8/20/2009 It is neither the gold, nor the silver or diamonds that make it so. Layinspirationalmarriage,hea
7/12/2009 Almaz Made The Flowers Arrange- Lyricdedicationfather,beautifu
6/22/2009 Looks so good and taste so good- Free verseintrospectionhome,home,ma
4/30/2009 How does that Lilly grow in this place? Light Poetryadventuregod,day,god,moth
4/25/2009 Sorely Missed... Light Poetryfriendshipme,old,time,fri
4/23/2009 Sour bed- Free versefamilyslam,slam,
4/17/2009 He knows... Light Poetryfaithchange,
4/15/2009 Bloomed Narrativesocialday,
3/23/2009 No words- Light Poetryhappinessme,world,day,me,
3/21/2009 MEASURE Laylifepeople,tree,people,ri
3/17/2009 Held Accountable- Versefaithme,wife,me,mother,
3/17/2009 Empty Light Poetrylost love,love
1/22/2009 Trying to get... Lyricsong-lyricbaby,me,baby,me
1/20/2009 What A.M.E.R.I.C.A means to me? Light Poetryplaces
1/20/2009 The bell has rung! Versefaithwar,people,cry,peopl
1/15/2009 My worth- is zero. Light Poetryblack-african amerheaven,
12/16/2008 Silly Sunrise Layimaginationold,body,me,ol
12/14/2008 The honor of service... Light Poetryinspirationalpride,
12/14/2008 Project blues... I do not know?black-african amer
12/14/2008 Quavering from her touch Laypassionme,me,
12/14/2008 Old Shoes? Layblack-african amerold,day
12/14/2008 Christmas wish... Bioinspirational,love,christ
12/10/2008 "Death of a poet or not?" Light Poetryphilosophywords,art,art,
11/15/2008 "This is my song" Verseson,song-lyricwords,me,so
11/12/2008 Mr. Chocolate President Dramatic monologueblack-african amerpeople,

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