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What price we will pay for believing in a politician?

Every four years they come a courting us, wearing their fine woven suits with their Ivy 
League education, some are even lawyers or so called successful business men…they claim 
they have the answers to our problems…their mouths are full of words of encouragement 
and their brains high off their own egos of what's right or wrong. Once they do get elected to 
the highest office in the nation, they hire the brightest minds in our country to help them 
solve the very same problems that they claimed to have had a solution for when they wanted 
your vote during the election. I’m not a politician just a mere poet and a humble 
Christian at best… just taking a look at our situation from a layman’s perspective…at those 
we elect to fix our problems and frustrations. 

They all have visions of solving all our social woes and frustrations, these same types of 
politicians have had hundreds of years to right their past wrongs. But, instead once elected 
they turn a blind eye to the greedy corporate spending and banks who own most of the 
country and yet they claim to be broke… some of their CEO’s live better than whole nations, 
but those same politicians we elected rewarded them for failure with millions of taxes payer’s 
dollars in secrete exchanges for political favors. Strange once they get elected, they pretend 
that now they no longer see those drug dealing nations or the very same puppet 
governments that their predecessors helped to put into place. 

They claim that they know nothing about those crooked car companies who sell cars here in 
the USA for 300 times more than what other countries pay for those same pieces of junk! As 
if that were not enough, those same politicians gives out our hard earn tax money for cash 
for clunkers to all these rip off car dealerships who then split the ill gotten profits with those 
same crooked car companies and banks who put us in this slump, with their poorly produced 
products and the banks with their over inflated interest rates they give to us. 

They no longer see how the very same oil companies that we made rich now raise oil price 
for oil we already have here in the USA. They try to correct other countries on civil rights 
violations and equality for women, when we ourselves still live in the dark age in some place 
right here in the good old USA…So, I say to you my fellow man not as a poet or a Christian, 
but just as a layman looking in… if a politician is the answer to our problems? Then who has 
been running this country for the last hundred or so years?

Copyright © | Year Posted 2009

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Date: 9/6/2009 4:28:00 PM
What a beautiful day and what splendid poetry I am reading. I wish you the best in your writing endeavors Jay. Love, Carol
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