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While Mother Earth Gently Moans - Terza Rima contest judged - D.W. Rodgers's Blog

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Like many others, I write to fill an inner need, rather than an expectation of success or acclaim. In my writing, I strive to work and craft an idea or thought in a new way, sometimes achieving something worthwhile, other times failing miserably. Constructive comments are greatly appreciated and honest compliments gratefully accepted.

While Mother Earth Gently Moans - Terza Rima contest judged

Blog Posted:3/20/2021 6:59:00 AM

Thanks to all who entered. Perhaps because of the form and subject, the number of entries was limited and I reduced the number of awards accordingly..The contest is now judged and while almost all were well crafted I did not award a #1 placing, which in my opinion must go beyond crafting.

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Date: 4/2/2021 5:15:00 PM
HI DW: I want to thank you for your contest and for my placement. The subject is dear to my heart and I would appreciate if you could share your thoughts regarding ‘beyond crafting’. Many thanks, Suzanne.
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Delaney Avatar
Suzanne Delaney
Date: 4/3/2021 11:02:00 AM
Thanks for your thoughts, DW: I did not know he had died. I understand what you mean now. I may have rushed this poem a bit to get it into the contest. The beauty of writing poetry is that we can always, revise, revise, revise. Cheers, SuZ
Rodgers Avatar
D.W. Rodgers
Date: 4/2/2021 7:46:00 PM
HI Suzanne, and congrats on your winning poem. In going through some of Lawrence Ferlinghetti's work following his recent death I came across this quote ""I'm really not interested in 'craft'—I think it's a miserable word to be applied to poetry." I now ise this quote as my tagline in another fprum. All the poems that place in this contest largely fulfilled if specific requirements of the form, although some of the rhymes were a bit forced. The differences in placement were based on my admittedly subjective assessment of how the poem went beyond "crating."
Date: 3/23/2021 10:25:00 AM
Thanks, D.W. I found this contest to be very exacting. I'm sure you did a splendid job picking the best poems to honor with placements.
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Rodgers Avatar
D.W. Rodgers
Date: 3/23/2021 1:39:00 PM
Thanks LM, all the entries were strong, and I did my best.
Date: 3/21/2021 2:08:00 PM
Sorry it took me so long to come here and say thanks for the HM. I am spacing out a lot lately!
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Rodgers Avatar
D.W. Rodgers
Date: 3/21/2021 3:11:00 PM
Thanks Andrea, no need to be sorry, your spacing gives rise to some great poems.
Date: 3/20/2021 8:31:00 AM
DW, hank you for the contest inspiration and congratulations to the winners _Constance
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Delaney Avatar
Suzanne Delaney
Date: 4/3/2021 10:16:00 AM
Thanks Constance Luv, SuZ
Rodgers Avatar
D.W. Rodgers
Date: 3/21/2021 6:56:00 AM
Thanks Constance.

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