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Words: vog, vogle, Vogon, vogue, vogues

Vogon Poems

Vogon Poems. Examples of Vogon and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Vogon poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Vogon. (New Poems Below)

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bad poetry, flatulent, galaxy, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy,

New Poems

Premium Member Eliminating the Vogan Queen
Fouey Fricklebundt fries formed generously under the daily duress of Voganistic scoundrel dogs and gloryfined frickleless masters showed up as Jayburgers seriously rounded up in a distressed way by interplanetarium worm hog feedsayergoers.  Muddling in madness, the querulous queen...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade,
Form: Vogon

The power to fight the beast, like a feast inside the mind, only the beast in me is hard to find. Only to live with a good heart, to love from the start, what inside me is dark. Getting bye...Read More
Categories: anger, angst, anxiety, beauty, blue, deep, power,
Form: Vogon
Premium Member Punding Pidwachers and Wardcuppers
Sudden schloshkickering tallywackers begrumbled me.
My sense of glopdoggen clearly purpfished them.
Jury selection jiggled contristadores sweetly into place chairs.
Jiggling drabgobbers schlithered toward waxing out my freedom.
Pundling Pidwachers followed this clarindefically in the news.
Revealing hidden Wardcuppers, sniggly little beasties.
There was cheering in...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Vogon
Premium Member VOGON INVASION-part 3
Vogon invasion
Meteor misbehaving
Atomic inclusion
Dominate intrusion
believe in us or be destruct
What a rush
Living on this earth now no longer bout us
Free us this political discrimination
What causes alien migration
Earth over taken
Still mistaken as conflict
Perquisite displacement
Vorburcuit annihilation
These humans must be changed their mind...Read More
Categories: adventure, anxiety, space,
Form: Vogon
Premium Member VOGON INVASION-part 2
Roges, blazes war of vrra
The vogonian race once more reachs us.
Bravockus chopus vogonizing prime
Lift off
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Vogon rules judgement 
Must be vogorian prowers
Burtkit ber baroust bus
Blast bas ba basen errosion end?
Voltage elect potential...Read More
Categories: celebration, character, engagement, space,
Form: Vogon

Premium Member VOGON INVASION-part 1
Voltage elect potential energy tween two points ver vnit vharged; 
Visible referring light spectrum intergalactic, electromagnetic, vadiation that has a wavelength tween vanometers;
Can be seen by the human eye. 
Invasions, implosions humanity asks WHY? 
Curmudgeon covering universal cruch
Calaxies burchering kinetic...Read More
Categories: adventure, analogy, anxiety, conflict, engagement, humanity, space,
Form: Vogon
Premium Member Vogon INVASION-part 0
So fleshy mortal humans
Oh, fragile fallegan gruntsmugglly
Cosmos gurgled grapplehosgents 
transpires to liquidate me
Vorrrom, vooor, voodoo
Vesting in the visor vizertor
Sent down to earth, our maiden verse
The book of Vogon
Shall overtake them
For when they recite the words
From this imagined universe
From within their...Read More
Categories: analogy, character, conflict, holocaust, humanity, imagery, space,
Form: Vogon

I love myself, 
I know myself, 
I acknowledge myself, 
I accept myself, 
I am myself. 

Myself, myself, myself.
I do love you : myself.
Always always myself....Read More
Categories: animal, appreciation, blessing, character, confidence, courage, wisdom,
Form: Vogon
Premium Member Vogon ReVisited- -
Vogon ReVisited—

Voltage elect potential energy tween two points ver vnit vharged;
Visible  referring  light spectrum intergalactic, electromagnetic,
vadiation that has a wavelength tween vanometers; 
Can be seen by the human eye.
Invasions, implosions humanity asks WHY?

wazz!!!vitellogenesis b gruntions of diverse dumberly...Read More
Categories: adventure, analogy, character, journey, moving on, solitude,
Form: Vogon
Premium Member Be warned, winkydinks
The winkydinks and pinkylinks I see at your fine rabables
  are contrackasacking me every jaybi, in Aesop's gurnablestainules

But since I'm quite persprengalong, and growing ever neurengabonger
  I wouldn't wristlefarshissel with me at all, my alkaboominsonger

So, to perkaplude this...Read More
Categories: nonsense, word play,
Form: Vogon
Premium Member Eckily 'neath priggledydtes
          'Vogon Poetry'

Of flick-stigger menchiklauts
  Flump burpurates to wryte
They dipjoculate eckily 'neath
  Renticularous priggledydtes

Though swardfusses they vvvring
  Leckchaculitical madartis nnnying!...Read More
Categories: dark, language, nonsense,
Form: Vogon
Premium Member Vogonian Visit--
wazz!!!vitellogenesis b gruntions of diverse dumberly dew libertarian;
vulvovaginitis maniuratation be grudging me valetudinarian;
va-va voom-singular doubly grabberly vockets visits;
vasodilatation gooberly glues clues choice boast;
vasoactivities vogonians vogon vegan host??
Volartarian vocal humanitarian lizards;
valetudinaries vogonians manure smelly be gross locket;
vandalizations gobbler warts grumbles host...Read More
Categories: analogy, anxiety, conflict, confusion, fantasy, science fiction,
Form: Vogon
Premium Member Incensed by Vogan TV
Happily ensconced in a glimmering tree
Wearing buckle belts on his pudgy left knee
The old Vogan king took a potshot at me.

My men promptly snatched him up and threw him down
Tore off his wig, his shirt, and his hideous crown
Kicked him...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Vogon
Grunttenly I fretted the krakening;
Asthe ship dawns the horizon;
Burtworthy emplosions grafting;
Microrations gobblestone variants;
Up holding yon populats;
Ole!! thy fellows freddled Vogonian;
Banquish thessalonian squall;

written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2019©...Read More
Categories: adventure, character, imagery, symbolism,
Form: Vogon
Kreereb, Kerrr, fredden gruntenly
Micro-grapple blurriae engaged blugents
This world been Vogonized
As implore those subsitfews
WHILE THOSE spirilintayional debris
Collectivism fondling the beworly
Gravitational  spurts of galaxtic vrooms
Kreereb, Kerrr, fredden gruntenly
Vanish Vogonians leave this world
Those words you speak we don't want to...Read More
Categories: analogy, imagery, science fiction,
Form: Vogon
Thumbs Up
Ugh I hate Facebook.
Why can I only like things?
Why can't I dislike something?
Maybe it's because people who post all the time are just looking for public acceptance and approval and by providing a dislike button it will destroy the very...Read More
Categories: how i feel, humanity, nonsense,
Form: Vogon
48 Awesome street
1,2,3, My name is Mr.G

Would you like my awesome Tea 

Please no Mr.G it smells like pee pee 

And makes me feel silly 

Don’t worry that’s the point 

Now drink it or else. 

Please Mr.G I have a family 

Don’t...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, africa, arabic, autumn, baptism, betrayal,
Form: Vogon
That Cute Little Smile
That Cute Little ?? 

Hey Inner motivation buddy!
Hey reminder;you are still my buddy! 
Hey silent temperament checker!
Hey peace installer!
That Cute Little smile you are!

Mirror to me you are,
Friend to me you are,
Perfect picture you are,
Hope to me you are,
Comfort to...Read More
Categories: beautiful, blessing, cheer up, creation, faith, feelings,
Form: Vogon
Intellectual Architects

Voltaire just Kant angle cut it
Beauvoir broad side view
abut the narrow Rousseau 
gender Thoreau thought causeway
As Sarte Marx the entrance unlit — 
Avicena chapiters atop da Vinci pillars,
Stuart Mill sturdily sit
Arendt spiral steps turn Spinoza
down to the Alighieri depths
Socrates ambience...Read More
Categories: imagery, silly, smart, surreal, word play,
Form: Vogon
Hide the Details

Everybody got a Hollywood life story
to tell
More meat on the bone
give juicier bites 
to sell
Nobody ever turns in a tarnished silver screenplay
Those warts and mistakes
get Photoshop casting couch edited away
Baby Jane rude attitude don’t make the cut
Knife in the back...Read More
Categories: allegory, fun, metaphor, word play,
Form: Vogon
Premium Member Vogon Love
sniggle snarp to the i flee
frumple fram to me and ye

hearts a croom and eyes a breen
word from mouthy to me queen...Read More
Categories: i love you, love,
Form: Vogon
A Avatar fantasy
A Avatar as green as can be 
Her skin so green that matches her zodiac nature
Her hair are as long silk like vines.
Her shiny armors are to powerful against human nature
A woman warrior indeed she is.
Her army suits are a...Read More
Categories: adventure, fantasy, imagery, poetry,
Form: Vogon
Dear Stranger

Every beginning has its end
Do not just depend on a friend 
In times of recent such bonds can decent
But if you pull up your sleeve 
And start to believe you will achieve 
Success does not deceive those that work hard...Read More
Categories: arabic, art, august, baptism, baseball, beautiful, beauty,
Form: Vogon
The Process
It isn't strong, It isn't clever
It won't guide you to fairer weather
Won't lead you to clearer water
Or help you better raise our daughter 

See this persona's just a new shoe 
Though it may fit, doesn't mean it suits you
And I...Read More
Categories: absence, break up, growth, happiness,
Form: Vogon
There Was No Choice
Go chase them from their dugouts,
Go chase them from their trench,
bayonet all their Look outs,
ignore their dead’s foul stench.

Tomorrow you go over,
The top, that is my lads,
and there is very little chance,
of your return from France.

The rattle of machine guns,
displace...Read More
Categories: remember, remembrance day, soldier, war, world war
Form: Vogon