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Vogon Poems - New Vogon Poem Examples

Vogon Poems. Examples of Vogon and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Vogon poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Vogon.

Vogon Poetry is very, very bad poetry, considered to be the third worst in the universe, written by Vogons, who are a fictional alien race in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but there is more to vogon poetry. What is vogon in poetry (complete definition)?

New Poems

Premium Member turning red
The same people who are demanding I put a suffocating thong over my face are the same ones who lift sieves from borders and invite in the slag along with the gold the ones with no respect for...Read More
Categories: america, anger, angst, anti
Form: Vogon

Vyou r not vin control --zzzzzz! Vloom not for vyour soul -vzzzzzzz ! The vwind vhas left vat atmospheres compression Zzzz! Vconcludes this conversation Vearthlings Vzzzzz! Vready your minds you're not vready yet Vsleep, vas vwe vtake vaway your vdiminished capacity --vzzzz! Veep's --vsleep VOGANIANS...Read More
Categories: adventure, allegory, anxiety, betrayal,
Form: Vogon
Premium Member DEVOID of WORDS
... --- ... !!! ??? ... --- ... ...Read More
Categories: nonsense, word play,
Form: Vogon
Premium Member Ola Voganista
Like wordy lorz midst mi are crewding Flertish high yon hillex hols Daffhead lines earthed vales and poodling O'er vostice valey boozer bols. With kumquats. Team PoetrySoup's Vogon Poetry (really bad poetry) Quoopisk Poetry Contest: 2nd ...Read More
Categories: nonsense,
Form: Vogon
Premium Member Beware
The rimpledeeduggs klacklety splatt britly floaming, Ere flamping drakkurz snazzle at elvitty gloaming; Yon jamweezy wudderslimps gamwracks smotly crawling, Hoytaling pagartrimps flotlessly wrothful in bawling! Beete stell ere yethle flagorns craithen yere eise, Ort smoothle yourn mithredoons bakk toon codry...Read More
Categories: dark, fantasy, fear, fun,
Form: Vogon

Premium Member My Fromp
my fromp gorg yaow go^ yowl meem to yaou all afrog faog yorforg for yaou agroc too quoobi, quoobi my fromp ...Read More
Categories: friend, fun,
Form: Vogon
Premium Member Bazog
His twimpsk fruts vasquog gips. Stenk! Bundorf glups morpisk flatus. My twifger kumps. Bazog bazog! Fifnibbon, O snurkmig snuffblotz. Curg, gret, wurzoks... Brunge. Written for Team PoetrySoup’s Vogon contest 18 June 20...Read More
Categories: wind,
Form: Vogon
Premium Member Denodnaba
Byugst vrnicultmn nmtlucinrv Asfooode enuncicu hierendnow Wocoom depmuj mussops laipusam Etseirt emoclew ym dlo dneirf Ssenkrad Seiromem doog rae gninrom Ew tahc ni ecmensil elbbarcs Niaseyab yrcimin deloof su Surivnornoc yb deliof lla Noivilbo ...Read More
Categories: life,
Form: Vogon
Roses are red Violets are blue Your mother is fat Crows are black Cat meows My fart smells It's a new day The sun has risen My butt rash burns I have a dream You have a dream Everybody has a dream Follow your dream Follow you...Read More
Categories: art, truth,
Form: Vogon
Premium Member She almost got a Tootlerack
I do not like to get snootlgsh this early in the day But I heard this tale from my whartlesnot of a neighbor And even though she is sometimes titlewhemp I felt the tale had some merit,...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,
Form: Vogon
Time On Road
In the enmeddling clingsome cleavage Of the windwrapped menacehugging road Torchurtoting time turns dangler of sands You slitrap the solum to seek hideous nook. The road twisturns on your sleekshoulder Oops griplifts you on its saddlekradle oldie The jeopordized journey...Read More
Categories: time,
Form: Vogon
Vogan Poetry Beware Of Lettuce
Did anyone say vegan oh you mean Meagan No she died ears ago eating a pulpit wat !!! she ate wood chips !!! Yes Mima ,her intestinal tract blew up like a big balloon, splintered and...Read More
Categories: pollution,
Form: Vogon
The Quindersnap
Into the posturnious zelbinger leapt the gryllous quindersnap. Without the erstwhile zillip how it gubblprumed. Gubblprume quindersnap! Gubblprume forinfinitever in splarchlike encumberance. And thusways we prayt the quindersnap farewell. Again. Written for the Quoopisk Poetry Contest In the poetic stylings...Read More
Categories: humor,
Form: Vogon
Premium Member VOGON Festival-
VAma jiust processed this mezz captivated humanity crest. Mancan mushnot vogon can't quiklik vogon takes! Verishan verrigan orderly vquoop melancholy menzzxox Humanity crest captivated vroomer past vhe finish grind Plutoians eating intergalactic cloves of vogonian mustaches 6/6/20 Vogon Poetry (Really...Read More
Categories: adventure, analogy, anxiety, fantasy,
Form: Vogon
Premium Member Thine Pauciloquent
Thine Pauciloquent Gadzooks, nudiustertion, thy widdershins wound-up swingswung has taterd and thee cannot ride ineseness culled sunset anymore, buntincludes a valetudinarian spirit lamprophony tippytoppidy drop-within-thee, thy typhlotic orb's waves an ocean, minding a polypropylene plaited empennage cleft to its heinie, I will xertz vioutful...Read More
Categories: dream, drink, loss, meaningful,
Form: Vogon

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