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Tamer Poems

Tamer Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of tamer poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for tamer.

New Poems

When tears soaked pain in pity
and forced man and God from Junction City
They prayed he'll come again
when the whites melt
forcing $hi# and sticks
down the hungry storm drains
Can ladies be gentle, man?
What if he's a gentleman;
a saint of undeniable piety?
Will she...Read More
Categories: tamer, marriage,
Form: Narrative

Let There Be Limericks: A couple about cats
A cruel circus lion tamer named Fred
Dropped his whip once and ended up dead.
When his body was found
It was scattered around,
Badly scratched and detached from his head.

Where a homeless old woman once sat,
Her pet puss was found dead and suspiciously...Read More
Categories: tamer, cat, humor,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member The Lion Tamer Who Went Too Far
There once was a lion Tamer named Mead
He taught his lions to cook and to read.
Taught them to bake
Broil their steak
And grow vegetable garden from seed

One took him to court on a Tuesday
Because he forgot to teach him to pray
So...Read More
Categories: tamer, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th
Form: Limerick
The Mind Of A Poet: New Chapter Of A Lost Story
The words written in the past are gone
Nobody will ever read those words
Some would have struck a nerve
Some might have thrown u 4 a curve
My words were knowingly spelled wrong
But they all came from the mind of a poet

There r...Read More
Categories: tamer, absence, growth, identity, me, poetry, voyage, word
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Cellophane Crystal Ocean Faerie
Mystical crystal ocean faerie arrived the first time wearing light blue.
Quite a sight against a giant wave, mimicking the ocean’s frothy hue.
Staring ahead, totally unafraid, standing on swirly finned trout three,
Observers understood immediately there was no other faerie like she.

Tossing...Read More
Categories: tamer, fantasy,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Go
He should have bought that land back then
- a brownfield site for sixty pound.
That price is off the cards today
He'll never get that Chance again
despite what other 'players' say.
Our anti-hero, London bound
had little cash, so moved around.
'Sacrificing love for power'
he...Read More
Categories: tamer, england, forgiveness, life, london,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member There I Am Ageless

I peer at myself in the mirror.
My forehead is nice though I like it covered with bangs.
Lines there are to be expected,
and so too, the crows’ feet at my eyes.
At the base of my forehead are dark brown brows.
They are...Read More
Categories: tamer, age,
Form: Free verse
false flag wars
once upon a human

two kids named
ahmad and stan

each in his world 
loved reading Peter Pan

didn't see it coming
their dreams broken
down by the khazarian plan

they fell for their division
United by same grief and

so abrupt was journey's life

a sudden end of...Read More
Categories: tamer, abuse, america, arabic, death, deep, political, war,
Form: ABC
2009 Hyundai Sonata funereal lament
Unaffordable, yet valiant speeding, 
tailgating, and zooming Pep Boys, I cannot dodge. 

Yours truly grief stricken
(sob... sob... sob)...
wheely hard to bear
this anticipatory anxiety
riddled joker impossible
mission thwarting despair

death knell tolled (told),
woebegone news, I did fear
hears stunned me into silence,
the unwelcome prognosis,
I...Read More
Categories: tamer, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th grade, depression,
Form: Dramatic Verse
ache and distance
do you dream about me 
she asked 
you should be asking 
do i ever wake up from 
your presence 
i answered
and what's a man in love 
but a pirate in the seas of 
eyes wide open 
yet her facial...Read More
Categories: tamer, absence, cute, deep, devotion, heart, love, surreal,
Form: ABC

wild love horses
wild horses
they sleep stranding
but no one understanding
when two wild ones love
they meet up each night
two bodies 
one sky
one bed
one blanket
two heads
one cloud
four eyes
one hungry stare
two minds
one thought
four arms
one cuddle
four lips
two tongues
one kiss
two bodies
two hearts
two souls
one moan
now you understand
if this what's...Read More
Categories: tamer, animal, art, beautiful, devotion, inspirational love, longing,
Form: ABC
a personal tomorrow
when tomorrow
that never comes come 
when I witness
my kingdom come
when everyone
really worships his hidden chip
when you look
back how insane was the trip
when you realize
that believin is being never afraid of leavin
when you discover
it wasn't my back you were decievin
when you...Read More
Categories: tamer, allegory, creation, culture, history, symbolism, truth, visionary,
Form: ABC
his dream
she woke up in his dream
she woke up his dream 
she whispered I'm real
she introduced herself
to his feel
what's future but a
postponed memory
he sighed and if i wake
will you go
her eyes whispered you'll
have to know
maybe i stay
for life
for a day
he took...Read More
Categories: tamer, art, devotion, dream, heart, imagination, love, surreal,
Form: ABC
soul love
the soul rose above  the lust of the body 
the soul is neither masculine nor feminine 
they all love the spiritual violin 
the mind eyed them both  with a grin 
you need logic 
you need magic 
the self...Read More
Categories: tamer, art, beauty, desire, devotion, longing, love, spiritual,
Form: ABC
don't look at me with my eyes
i seem to lose the power of speech
I'll look at you with your eyes
then we'll see if you're out of reach
if you'll ever feel at all

Tamer Hossam...Read More
Categories: tamer, art, care, fantasy, feelings, love, metaphor, self,
Form: ABC
Crimson king
from the perfect ILLUSION
it all came to pass
we all came to go through
the chained  crimson king
with peeping glossy curls
sweating logic pearls
now this how it all began
you seventh cycle product
you ignorant human
you missed the wisdom of it all
so be...Read More
Categories: tamer, confusion, creation, dark, deep, identity, spiritual, time,
Form: ABC
My Past Returns
A tamer version of myself,
I rise from day to day

Fit for consumption publicly,
in camouflage I play

Memories deep, and memories stored,
from oh so long ago

Now sleep inside my attic walls,
ephemeral they glow

My current frame of reference…
four always two plus two

To the...Read More
Categories: tamer, time,
Form: Rhyme
blue print
the blue print glows back at my sight
it's getting clearer and clearer  
and it isn't in my rear view mirror 
like eddie said 
it's straight ahead 
the thirteen are  anxious about revolution 
they pray for anonymous contribution 
the...Read More
Categories: tamer, blue, creation, dark, destiny, riddle, wisdom, world,
Form: ABC
tragic magic
torn middle eastern attire
an orphaned heart on fire
houses turn to rubble
gotta bomb them on them on the double
who wiped the mossad prints off nine eleven
every body knows angels cries from seven to eleven
our hell is the wrong side of your...Read More
Categories: tamer, child abuse, feelings, pain, violence, war, wisdom,
Form: ABC
children of war
close your eyes my doll 
don't want you to see what it  has become
don't want you to see what they've done 
don't want you to see the tears of the sun 
but most of all 
I don't want you...Read More
Categories: tamer, child abuse, children, heartbroken, innocence, murder, political,
Form: ABC
roaming homing
trimmed all my long hair
the hair i always dreamed about and wasn't there
somethings are never measured by the means of the brain
shoulders at ease while you're becoming insanely sane
everything in discipline like a track less train
round and round till you...Read More
Categories: tamer, beautiful, deep, dream, earth day, imagination, metaphor,
Form: ABC
I'm the fallen one
eventually I'm the fallen one
never thought that falling will be much fun
how about an airborne run
looking for wings that won't fall
llooking for a fall that'll make me whole
looking for a death that'll prove a life
look for a life that'll make...Read More
Categories: tamer, art, death, fantasy, humanity, imagination, society, surreal,
Form: ABC
statue on sun tan
auditioning what I've never said before 
imagining what I've never saw beyond my shore 
my definition of making ends meet 
once you've seen the obscene lift your lower jaw off my scene 
the statue in me craved for some UV...Read More
Categories: tamer, art, culture, emotions, imagination, inspiration, metaphor, surreal,
Form: ABC
byes and cries
emmm byes and cries
yeaaah bye bye
don't you turn that head as i pass you by
emmm byes and cries
yaaaah no no no sad whys
don't your lips part for I'm like gin I'm dry
emmm byes and cries
yeaaah I know them white lies
don't...Read More
Categories: tamer, betrayal, black love, cool, deep, irony, satire,
Form: ABC
hours and minutes
hours pass like minutes
sucked up in the vacuums of my thoughts
weaving a mesh of entangled webs
I'm in a far place where you get gently touched by lighting ,never struck
where you're like meadows seduce both the hunter and the prey
where lions...Read More
Categories: tamer, art, change, character, feelings, stress, time, words,
Form: ABC