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Tallies Poems

Tallies Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of tallies poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for tallies.

New Poems

My Journey to Invisibility
I mark the days I failed to starve up on my wrist in tallies.
 It's gotten to the point where I have almost ran out of room to count the times I’ve inflicted pain to punish myself for being human.
...Read More
Categories: tallies, body, depression, image, journey, mental illness, pain,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member As time goes by
Born in cloak of modesty, life toddles, yet thrives
Musing of blissful eternity in domain of paradise
Befriending and beholding its virtuous design
Facing triumphs and failures of quests worthwhile

From first breath to last it's a long thrilling ride
As love and desires rule...Read More
Categories: tallies, life,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Soldier's 4th of July
He sits on the edge of the hill
his abode from a society
that shattered his dreams

he can hear the echo of thunder
in the valley below
see bombs of color burst all around
as he looks for a place to take cover

his mind is...Read More
Categories: tallies, military,
Form: Free verse
Studying the studying
staring back - heavy shiney black
on the coffin road - I stood in the gods
an imposing carrion crow perched
Johnny Cash of fauna
Studying the studying
piercing dark inquisitive eyes
scanning for a body - to beak hack 

Leaving - his panoramic...Read More
Categories: tallies, bird, dark, nature,
Form: Narrative
The Voter
The plastic card slides into the slot
and his finger records selections,
reflecting opinions
shaped by talking heads on TV.

The voter sighs
while listening to the printer
add his ballot
to the paper strip.

He exits the polling place
with a champion’s swagger,
as if his ballot is greater.

The...Read More
Categories: tallies, depression, loss, sorrow,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Returning home
His life now has permanently changed
Costing him more than aches and pain
As slowly he walks on prosthetic legs
Humility reigns, taxing venturous brain.

Propelling courage fiercely he fought, 
Defying death, meeting face to face.
Concealed within his unflinching image,
Torment open wounds of unholy...Read More
Categories: tallies, courage, hero, hurt, war,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member How Precious Life Is
How precious life is…

When the old rocker rocks in his wheelchair…

          ACDC heavy precious metal ‘like a wheel spinning’
          ‘Highway to hell…on...Read More
Categories: tallies, growth,
Form: Free verse
Rackets of Lies and Rockets of Truth
Rackets, rockets and sprockets of lies in their sties fly fast
Treasures and pleasures of truth offer orphans wisdom to last
Choose to cruise in lies and perish
Cruise to groove in truth and prune proof to furnish. 

Spies and sties of lies...Read More
Categories: tallies, poems,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Romantic
Romance is grand, that is the tack.
Of course it's all commercial ruse;
Merchants to turn books red to black
And cause us wallets to abuse.
Not one device of foe nor friend
Tallies the losses less than gain
In funds when love comes to an...Read More
Categories: tallies, humor, love, romance,
Form: Acrostic
Another flag on the profile page,
Not much really to express the rage;
Mounting tallies of innocent dead,
Fill our hearts with increasing dread;
Cars now used as terrorist tools,
Be they foreign or domestic fools;
As these attacks begin to swell,
Know there’s a special place...Read More
Categories: tallies, anger,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Slithering distractions

Slithering distractions

Taunting from the narrows
Rummaging the pain
Oscillating arrows
Lasting is the stain

Lurking in the alleys
Seeking other’s tears
Once the number tallies
Nudging on the fears

Slithering distractions
Ominous display
Undesired actions
People run away

Spewing like a fountain
Unimpeded hate
Cast them from the mountain
Kick them to their fate
...Read More
Categories: tallies, mountains,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Unopposed Oxymoron
Unopposed Oxymoron

This poem is light as a heavy contradicting complement
and rhymes with no correspondence of sound sharp at
the cutting horizon’s edge of melting confusing fission

Serious like a foolish jester and in trivial necessity it wants 
to be chimed in disagreement...Read More
Categories: tallies, boxing day ,
Form: Rhyme
Stops Along An American Dream - Part 2
(Historical train-ride on the first Transcontinental Railroad in 1870 from Omaha to Ogden aboard the Union Pacific Railroad)     © 2009 (Jim Sularz)

Wyoming winds blow like a hurricane,
the flimsy bridge sways to and fro.
Some hold their breath,...Read More
Categories: tallies, america, history, travel,
Form: Quatrain
My Spiritual Expeditions
Forty-Five years ago, it was, then
I held my Bible, as a close friend
Yelled loudly and thumped my finger
If you don’t believe like me; a sinner
In my self righteous indignation
Looked upon folks as heathen

However, I’ve mellowed ~ now
And it took time...Read More
Categories: tallies, spiritual,
Form: Couplet
The Scarlet Emerald
I see the emerald stones that embellish her shroud.
There is an aching beneath those jade charms that I have seen.
She buries her feeble manners in a cloak ever so cold.
Never shall she bear the complemented agony of affection.
There is a...Read More
Categories: tallies, betrayal, courage, father daughter, heartbreak, love,
Form: Romanticism
It took just a moment
A single concentration lapse
And down the drain,Bayern's effort went
Whilst Messi enjoyed the claps

Life is like a football game
As dicey as a game of chess
A step can earn you fame
Another can end you up in a mess

A...Read More
Categories: tallies, art,
Form: Didactic
The Journey A Birthday Wish

Diamonds don’t glisten until they are put through the fire,
Making them precious commodities for the buyer
Butterflies don’t flutter through the air,
Until they breakthrough their fibrous tares
Life is a process just like the rest,
But after the trials we get Gods intended...Read More
Categories: tallies, birthday, christian, faith, for her, friend, jesus,
Form: Rhyme
Developmental Journies
inspiration, philosophies, friendships, creativity

Developmental Journeys©

Motion carries to our lips---
Lips form words from thoughts….
Thoughts are very instantaneous----
Can be noted or rejected in an instant…..
Instants reflect audible responses---
Responses lead to words of understanding….
Understanding can be an illusion---
Illusions can make for grandiose sanctions---
Sanctions...Read More
Categories: tallies, creation, friendship, inspiration, philosophy,
Form: Verse
My life has travelled roads less taken, 
a tumbleweed, east, west, north and south, 
all around the world.
Sprouting, enticing horizons beckoned, 
each just as fair, opened to discover
by youthful emancipation from entangled roots.
Never an answer to who my grown up...Read More
Categories: tallies, age, eulogy, introspection, life,
Form: Free verse
Tears of Shame 

Beware of over-romanticizing awkwardness
of a rich nation which cries over lost puppies
but takes no interest of starving children 
in poorer countries, the foreign doesn´t
stir the heart into action.
Yes, the slushiness nation sees them, 
the dead, bloodied children,...Read More
Categories: tallies, abuse, addiction, august, bullying,
Form: Blank verse
Naked be---
Naked Be---
by Odin Roark

lettin’ the words drip
any town

through alleys
hustle-street tallies

tell it like it is
‘cause if it don’t read
it’ll never breathe

teasin’ is pleasin’
and dreamin’ has meanin’
and no one wants naked be
what naked sees
uh uh

...Read More
Categories: tallies, life,
Form: Free verse
This map has grown lines,
deep creases, curled corners,  
since you've been gone.
Tear-stains and fingerprints
mar its wrinkled pages like scars,
mocking markers 
of where you've gone.

Mum's face has grown lines
around her mouth and eyes
since you've been gone.
And each sunrise tallies the...Read More
Categories: tallies, family, miss you,
Form: Free verse
At dawn, we collect our nefarious swords,
Drenched with dusk's wailing chords.
Hordes congeal steadily in torrents, aboard
Vessels abreast a boy who's bored.

Insipid wounds burst like dwarf stars,
Spattering lapels slicked with stagnant scars.
In battered lands stands a striated limb
And jeering tiers of...Read More
Categories: tallies, angel,
Form: Cowboy
Drowning Man
I loved you,
though you were a drowning man,
with cannonballs noosed around your ankles
and a whiskey bottle barely in your grasp,
rushing to depths too black to follow.

I loathed you,
though some days still held sunshine,
with a smile beheld on the blue moon
and...Read More
Categories: tallies, father,
Form: Free verse
Futile exercise
Contrary Mary dances with...Read More
Categories: tallies, life, political,
Form: Rhyme