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Swiftest Poems

Swiftest Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of swiftest poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for swiftest.

New Poems

Premium Member What it really means
A day when everything goes your way 
   I must be doing something wrong

when you do everything on your checklist
   Haven't I forgotten something? 

when all those checks arrive in the mail
   How many...Read More
Categories: swiftest, day, how i feel,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Haunted Highlands

Deep within the highland mists, white heather, bright adorning,
     I last beheld those flaring eyes, though tender as the borning.

I'd gone a-hiking, early snow, 'midst headland slopes and fells  -
     Their...Read More
Categories: swiftest, fantasy, passion, spiritual,
Form: Couplet
The Creation and The Riddle
What is that which is always becoming and never is?
This image we call Time.
This image we call Men
The shadows of both images.

And the voice which they heard coming from the passing shadows.

The figures of them circling as in dance
running about...Read More
Categories: swiftest, identity, men,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Darkness Where Now Poe And Raven Reside, Part Five
Darkness Where Now Poe And Raven Reside,
(Part Five) - Of Six Total

Among the hideous, Poe's great love stood
Annabel, her beauty shining so well
Wretched souls glaring, free them if she could
From agony of this malignant hell.
She watched as Master Poe walked...Read More
Categories: swiftest, art, dark, death, dedication, fantasy, sorrow, surreal,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member He Walked Midnight Sands, In Deserts Of Black Light
He Walked Midnight Sands, In Deserts Of Black Light

He walked midnight sands, in deserts of black light
along old ghostly trails with shadows glowing bright 
Never wavering or in doubt, heart blackest black
assured by horrific cries, knew he was on track
With...Read More
Categories: swiftest, art, dark, death, halloween, horror, imagination, symbolism,
Form: Sonnet

On The Sparrow's Beak
A passerine bird,
One of the smallest of sizes,
With a beak almost minute.
On its beak you can count many;
the tiniest to biggest,
the slimmest to the fattest,
the lightest to the heaviest,
the ugliest to the finest,
the sourest to the sweetest,
the slowest to the...Read More
Categories: swiftest, bird, strength,
Form: Rhyme
Happiness does not dwell on flat ground, where ease prevails. It lives on the crests of craggy mountain peaks, in the nooks of valleys secret and green, a mystic shadow, flitting and fleeing at any approach. The path is long,...Read More
Categories: swiftest, emotions, happiness, imagery, mountains,
Form: Free verse
Such an Eerie Sound to be Heard
Such an Eerie Sound to Be Heard

Continuation of "Farewell" October 2008.

The night has come upon us,
The fog is rolling in,
Crickets have stopped their chirping,
IT's coming to get us again.

The last time we were lucky,
We got away with our skin,
Running so...Read More
Categories: swiftest, halloween, horror, imagination,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Fate of the Faithful
Fate of the Faithful

The orb of light that once shone through
Confounding the darkness permeating time;
Now the boiling pot of a dark brew
Of a sinful repulsive and slimy grime

The lighthouse that once guided ships
With the luminescence of the sacred truth
By greed...Read More
Categories: swiftest, christian, confusion, religion, spiritual, truth,
Form: Quatrain
Two Spirits Watching The Ocean Of Turmoil
Life is like being a passenger on a luxury ocean liner 
 That is sails across a Sea of Turmoil.
 Passengers feel safe by putting their faith in the sturdy construction of the ship’s steel hull.
 Their senses are enveloped...Read More
Categories: swiftest, boat, corruption, life, recovery from, spiritual, storm,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Once a Leopard
Blackbirds and undulate bush
Trapped in time's tapestry--
The fluid hide of the big leopard
Who leapt on cushioned feet
Once to race the swiftest
Scents in the wind-- A proud
And muscular beauty, the leopard,
Left alone now  does not stalk
But paces on bare concrete
Where...Read More
Categories: swiftest, animal,
Form: Free verse
It was the first nightmare I had awake
With chills,  fear replaced the blood in my veins
I searched for death and through the swiftest means
But death itself did cower so to flee
Far from the fiercest thing mankind had seen....Read More
Categories: swiftest, fear,
Form: Cinquain
Through the Gospel
The folds have heard his gentle voice,
In which I was yet to hear.
They say it is still and small;
A sound to comfort the tiers.
Had I been left forsaken,
Built along my grievances?
The shadow of a lost man,
Trapped in my performances.
A golden...Read More
Categories: swiftest, faith, gospel, identity, pain, peace, religion, spiritual,
Form: Narrative
Bird of Prey
Bird of Prey

On Banyon Lake, where waterfowl dwell,
The night was tranquil and held no fear.
Until came a sound ascended from Hell.
I heard a menacing cry as I drew near.

Upon the shore no wave did break.
No whispers on the wind were...Read More
Categories: swiftest, bird, fear, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Tower of Babel
Spiral tower stretches towards the sky
Higher than swiftest bird will fly
But even on the top if you lie
You will not necessarily go to heaven after you die

For heaven is not ordinary place
You will not reach it even if the tower...Read More
Categories: swiftest, fantasy,
Form: Rhyme

The empire of the empyrean
Is swallowing up the remains of our day
While we rebuild our empty sandcastle walls

And outrun the swiftest  skylark
In a plunge to the gates already closing out
The dawdling dwindling light.
...Read More
Categories: swiftest, life, time,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member THE QUEEN MARY
A floating grand duchess of her time,
Moored and held captive, by chains of elegance.
The great lady, holds her head up high, with prides honor,
Befitting such as her station allows, behold she is the 
Queen Mary, monarch of the seven seas,...Read More
Categories: swiftest, adventure, history, inspirational, international, mystery, travel,
Form: Free verse
Making Things Happen
Never lose hope because of what they say
Never be afraid of what intent they may lay
You have to be a man enough to wear the crown
So no matter how hard seems the battle, move on
To be a victor, it takes...Read More
Categories: swiftest, courage, hope,
Form: Rhyme
Sometimes, I sit on my sofa
Pondering on why war, poverty, hatred
and anguish has become a comforting bliss.
They say life is an unending quest; is it?
They say true love lasts forever;
Is there really anything called...Read More
Categories: swiftest, depression, fear, hope, inspirational, life, love, life,
Form: Free verse
Eternal Search My Phoenix Quest
I'm over the depression, the death
of that fragment of soul irrevocably attached to her;
I'm over the agony that followed
her swift and final betrayal.

The pain disappears, fades in the face
of life's timeless worries and delights;
that part of her life, of mine,...Read More
Categories: swiftest, angst, confusion, dedication, depression, devotion, hope, life,
Form: Free verse
Checking the lights on the dashboard when they flash and stay red:
it's the oil that needs to be changed or the engine that requires
maintenance, and in frigid temperatures who would venture outside and get frostbites?
A car is a necessity, a...Read More
Categories: swiftest, food, funny, mother, urban, work, easter,
Form: Rhyme
broken wings
the world does now inherit
the turmoil of the wind
she blows in other places
that some may never find
when she whispers softly sighing
bringing sleep unsatisfied
taking dreams beyond the reach
of memories now denigned
yet we live for lifes brief hour
that quickly passes by
taking all...Read More
Categories: swiftest, faith, world,
Form: I do not know?
The rivers flow into the ocean,
With the swiftest movement and motion.
They flow without thinking,
Following the current without thinking.

The journey is long and slow,
But they are persistent in their goal.
The ocean calls out to them all,
Their attention it effortlessly draws.

They flow...Read More
Categories: swiftest, lifeocean,
Form: Rhyme

Nothing seems to last more than a blink
From seconds to  millennia - just think: 

Sunsets   most fleeting
Chocolate you are eating
Ice-cubes in coke  (or lemon-and-lime )
Mascara in the rain runs faster than time
Cherry blossom, soft, pink, falling
Indian...Read More
Categories: swiftest, funny
Form: Imagism
The Poet Worthy of Praise
He or she who can put pen to paper	
And write words for all to cherish and savour,
Who can touch the heart and fire the mind
And make us see things as if we were blind;
Who paints word pictures, again and again
...Read More
Categories: swiftest, artwords,
Form: Rhyme